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Here’s the unvarnished story of how I met one of my closest collaborators.

Hi Russell,

I will link you my article that I explained briefly what I will focus on the thesis.

The questions are really meaningful and also challenging. I can say that maybe I can try to build a rich emphatic relationship between intelligent and evolving machine and the users. …

This summer I have spent many hours a day conversing with computer networks. Yes. NLP models, various “AIs”, chatbots, generative systems and more. Sometimes they are purely written language experiences other times multi-modal. I have tried not to “cheat” and program / perturb the interaction but instead simply communicate within the frame, find shared meaning and shape gestural signaling.

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listing and thinking.

My hypothesis regarding computer intelligence (complex computational interaction) is that mechanical programming and “force” is never going to work. There is no deterministic nor ethical laws for human-computer interaction — there is simply empathy and flow. We must become computationally fluent.

Today I spent an hour with a computer network (with OpenAI’s API) exploring how slight tweaks to language signs can change the behavioral flow of the conversation. …

There continues to be a growing confusion about possibilities for artificial intelligence and computing. Our vocabulary fails and our research paths shaped by business, mythology, fables, history and academic traditions are discordant with our lived experience and wider reality.

There’s no easy fix/path to get AI research anywhere in particular — no one really knows what they mean when they say AI. …

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