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First Effort:

If you sleep deeply leading to four a.m. it seems like the world is quietly new.

If you are still awake after a long day going into four a.m. it is a world without end.

Second Effort:

Sleeping deep into four a.m., new world, awaiting, for me.

Waking, quaking at four in the morning, never ending turn.

Their Effort:

4am, anew.

Four in the morning, alone.

Fourth Effort:

4, forth.

4, gone.

Nearest Effort:

At 4 everything is pure and simple, it’s sweetest form.

At 4 discord has won.

Last Effort:

Turning ever more, then sun awaits.

Turning ever more, the moon hangs on.

No Effort:

There is no light at 4am but that which we create.


Written by

I be doing stuff. and other stuff. More stuff. I believe in infinite regression of doing stuff.

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