Watched “bird box” last night. It’s basically “a quiet place” but with vision. Nothing to fear but fear itself.

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Thinking about “blackmirror”, “get out”, “us”… and all the popular music right now like post Malone and zayn and logic etc.

Looking at various video games that are slurping up sales and the top podcast series and so on.

Considering the bizarre political media of walls and tweets and shutdowns and real time one upsmanship.

Pondering the accelerating nostalgic reboots of old tv, old movies, old toys, old brands. The endless super hero plots.

Investigating the endless howtos and diy and self helps and rapidly generated critical thinkpieces of the present using 1930s and/or early 1970s analogies.

It would appear Americans are drifting through an existential moment. But doing so through an absurd collage of one liners and tropes hoping something new plops out.

I shall now continue anew.

Social media and emails and txting and ondemand content and alerts and bleeps bloops chyrons and admonitions to stop it all. Warnings. Prop 65s. The future is coming. The past is coming. Stop the pain. Walk through the pain. Tear down the wall. Build the wall. The wall is a metaphor. Walls are stupid. Did you lock the door? Two factor authentication? Another data breach. Protect your identity. Credit scores. Bank ai. Resist. Persist. March. For our lives. For other lives. Some adjective lives. Institutions. Always campaigning. Never voting. Anxiety. ADHD. Stock markets up and down. But 90% of Americans have no stock and half have less than $400 in savings. Legalize weed and shrooms. Demonize users of weed and shrooms. Find new ideas through microdosing but not through school assignments. Self driving cars but not self doctoring persons. Go to mars while stripping the earth. 60% of internet traffic is bots. 80% plus economic behavior is bots. Another celebrity is dead. Another one is rich. Another one is running for President. Another one is playing another one running for President but punched a guy in the face over a parking spot. Swipe left. Swipe up. Like. Love. Diet now. Don’t diet. Sugar is bad. But it’s in everything. Screens are bad but everyone has one. Fakes news. Real news I ain’t paying for. I hate ads. But I hate paying for stuff. Make cars in America but China should buy our soy beans. Award shows need diversity. Have more award shows. Awards for award shows. Diversity awards for more awards about award shows. Lolcats persist. They are the basis of ai. Ai built on real ignorance. More content. We need more content. Green light more shows. Everyone in a show. Shows about people watching shows. Youtubers work too much. Bots are watching youtubers work too much. Gofundme for youtubers working too hard for bots. Facebook advertising on twitter about how it’s changing its ways. What ways? All the ways. Any ways. Sugar free. Fact checked. Stem education. Free speech. Free press. Ad supported. Send Bernie money in case he runs. Bernie bros. Warren bots. Stein is Russian. Reboot old biases. Reboot reboots. Make fun of younger generations. Best of lists. Worst of liars. Best of times worst of times. Someone should write a book about it all that no one will read because millennials don’t read like baby boomers do. Grinch cartoon? Live action? Or computer animated? Or live action computer acted sing along in vr?

In 2024. “Roger and Me 2” will drop as an AmazonNetflixSnapchatLyft Original. Christian bale will gain 73 lbs and method act his way as Michael Moore taking down Roger Stone (played by Danny Devito) and Don Jr (played by a hologram of Heath ledger). The movie will feature exclusive music generated by Spotify fans’ computer. And of course the whole thing will win golden globe streamy award and the acceptance speech will be made to a room full of Tom Hanks bot seat fillers.

“Bird box” I give 3 out of 5 and recommend it to those who also like “everything else that shows up above the fold.”

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I be doing stuff. and other stuff. More stuff. I believe in infinite regression of doing stuff.

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