Businesses you should start in 2016

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Outsourced bot based QA/QC for virtual and augmented reality

Programmatic ad networks for virtual reality

Talent agencies focused on long term copyrights of creative likenesses for voices, gestures, behaviors and other physicalities

Cross virtual worlds search engines and data transfers (Dropbox conduits)

Payment system that overlays all of transportation (ride, bike shares, private cars, loops, trains, planes…).

Copyright holding for synthetic life forms

Feeding systems for virtual reality inhabitants

Bio alert systems for self driven and virtual reality engaged users

Insurance for self driving and virtual reality

Airbnb for virtual avatars

Virtual and digital life extension after physical death (transfer of virtual and digital assets)

Political campaign technology for outer space, virtual and augmented worlds

Adobe like creative suite software for user interface design across all 2d, 3D and xD mediums.

Drone rental service

Ondemand vacation and travel 3D printing services for custom pick up on location luggage and lodging.

Drone and bot dating marketplace

Robot union management software

Crispr marketplaces.

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I be doing stuff. and other stuff. More stuff. I believe in infinite regression of doing stuff.

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