Empathy is real, intelligence is not. and this matters.

There continues to be a growing confusion about possibilities for artificial intelligence and computing. Our vocabulary fails and our research paths shaped by business, mythology, fables, history and academic traditions are discordant with our lived experience and wider reality.

There’s no easy fix/path to get AI research anywhere in particular — no one really knows what they mean when they say AI. If you are working on AI and you have intention of making anything that people would consider “human level intelligence” then you may want to consider some of the ideas I put forth and curate from other thinkers in many different fields.

It’s all much simpler, but much less “short cut” ready than anyone wants to hear. Humans (and all animals and planets and the universe) are infinitely complex and always changing. I know, that’s a tough pill to swallow.

Nature is always the best place to look for ways forward. Nature has been and will continue to go every which way and bubble up the most robust concepts. While it’s complex in behavior, it’s simple in mechanism.

First, the big reason WHY IT MATTERS to think differently….

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we must care about others to care about ourselves and vice versa.

The Key Insight

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And now the entire thing, in a few big gulps:

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I be doing stuff. and other stuff. More stuff. http://www.worksonbecoming.com/about/ I believe in infinite regression of doing stuff.

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