Fascinating Chaos from Covid19-era

Here’s a remarkable little thing bubbling up…

Various sources of human knowledge in a kerfuffle about who is allowed to charge what for access to human knowledge and when.

Of course, it’s not necessarily wrong, morally or ethically or business-wise, to defend the turf on some of this. Then again, I’m not sure anyone knows what turf they are defending.

If you read between the lines no one is really doing more than selling or unselling access.

The internet has this funny way of cratering any sort of long term gatekeeping. in fact, more than the internet, printing and mass media itself (printing press on) tends to make information free/free information.

I’m not sure publishers are going to fair any better in punishing Archive.org than publishers blunted Amazon or Google back in the day or what media businesses tried to do to Youtube and Vimeo.

It is fascinating though how much of a chaotic time we are in. and this little thing about publishers isn’t even in the top 10 craziest things in a day right now. but it might be one of the more impactful… archive.org is a very important part of the internet and is one of the foundational features, like Wikipedia, the search engines, DNS and CDNs…. yes, it’s that important to the overall integrity of the Internet.

I have no idea why this struck a chord with me… other than sometimes publishers really get it wrong. You’d think they’d put access to knowledge/information above ALL ELSE. You’d think.