The future of social media and search engines is virtual reality. Not because vr is fun or cool or useful. But because you can play out alternative futures and mediate your present based on your future.

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The original online social media: email and bulletin boards and phone calls. etc were mostly about your present self and present condition. Where are you today and what do you need today. Twitter is the current logical end for this.

The second phase with MySpace and classmates and reunion and then Facebook was about your past. Connecting the concerns of your past with your present. Mediating your present in terms of its continuation or repudiation of the past. Facebooks main goal is now is to collect memory and remind you.

The next phase is predicting and presenting your future state. Your future work your future mood and your future being and having you alter your present and re-narrate you past to best fit the future you prefer. Future friends and future loves and future coworkers are already present in tindr, bumble and various vr platforms. Crypto currency becomes important as you can more seamlessly operate unique financial and transaction pasts to solidify your future.

Humanity has gone through this cycle many times in its history. It has materially changed its outlook on time and identity and identity in time as new media came to be. Oral history was a present media. Written Letters and Science a past media. Religions and religious texts an absolution of the past and a pick your future media.

Over and over again.

The seeds of power grow in each phase by those that define the rules of identity in each.

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I be doing stuff. and other stuff. More stuff. I believe in infinite regression of doing stuff.

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