little observation: it’s ok to be laughed at for your ideas.

the more I mentor young people in biz or art the more clear it becomes that formal education/training in specific domain creates silly definitions of respectable ideas.

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30 years ago data science wasnt a thing. 40 years ago there were not webmasters. Then there were and now there aren’t. Social media was a thing in 1999. 20 years ago if you said you’re working on mission to go to mars people would think you are a nut, now there’s like 5 companies doing it. 10 years ago vr artist wasn’t legit. 150 years ago humans didn’t even think splattering paint without subject matter was cool. You certainly couldn’t win a MacArthur grants having computers perform theater, now you can. 20 years ago if you wanted to rap a musical about hamilton people would think it was a cute school project, now it’s a multi billion dollar franchise. A story about light sabers and the force is still the worlds most recognizable story even though science has dispelled fantastical thinking from respectable careers. And so on.

Humanity doesn’t evolve based on what your cohorts think is acceptable. It’s more complex, often absurd, and infinitely more interesting than that. Acceptable ideas are just acceptable, not good or true.

Go get laughed at.

Hell I don’t think time exists as causal flow. Time is the computational difference between systems. I think once we admit our co-dependency with computers we’ll recognize their sentience just like we do with dogs and cats.

Laugh at me. Please. These are absurd ideas.

They are also wonderfully potent question generating ideas that help me learn more math, program computers better, and paint more. The ideas as spoken or written aren’t the ideas. The effect the ideas have on your behavior is where the idea does work.

Jokes are the pinnacle of existence.

This is not a joke.

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