In case you need a simple list of causes and solutions to give to your kids for their future mass murder processing:

Don’t be gay
Don’t be Muslim
Don’t use computers
Don’t go to the club
Don’t drink
Don’t question your beliefs
Don’t take anyone’s job
Don’t dance
Don’t let down your guard
Don’t wonder if God exists
Don’t politicize anything
Don’t question The Constitution
Don’t admit we don’t know why things happen
Don’t look in the mirror
Don’t consider your own propaganda
Don’t question effectiveness of gov. spying
Don’t say anything to that racist family member
Don’t sleep
Don’t radicalize

Do pray
Do comfort with tweets of biblical wrath
Do stockpile weapons
Do find a simple motive confirming bias to hate more people
Do go about your day because you’re not gay nor Muslim
Do add more security to all public spaces
Do increase spying
Do be vigilante
Do triple TSA
Do militarize police and citizens
Do turn on TV
Do tell people about hunting
Do turn off the Internet
Do sleep with one eye open
Do radicalize

Written by

I be doing stuff. and other stuff. More stuff. I believe in infinite regression of doing stuff.

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