my art is my hope for the world.

my original art form is the theater and remains the world as stage.

to become the other. to inhabit worldviews. to collaborate with writers, directors, set designers, stage managers, other performers, the audience, the staged reality. to become my fullest self in the abandonment to others. to see my self, my art flowing through and between others.

in the last year and half through a strange brew of events I have found one of the most productive collaborations of my life. my dearest friend, greg, generously engages my ideas and his own. takes them seriously. stages them with love. gives them life with no expectation.

last night, on my birthday, I fell asleep early. and in my handheld computer landed a message and this computational painting. what a surprise! yes, greg performed it. yes it is his work and his gift to me — I suppose. it fills me up all the way. because in it I see his stage and my own stage. I feel our gestural dance. I no longer need to paint because greg and our shared computers make all the paintings I ever wanted to make. I see all of them in this Monolith. our Monolith to and of any painting.

we are now, I am now. left with only a choice. I must choose. what painting do I want to see right now? pluck it forth, summon it, stage it. observe it into being — be here and notice.

thanks, greg. thank you. for hope. for my hope that all the world can be a stage. and we can be mere players. what a gift.