Open Course on Adaptive Change due to COVID19 for All Ages

As a citizen, educator, artist and mentor I thought rather than just do my normal personal knowledge gathering to make myself feel better I would make an educational asset. So today I gathered my notes and all my tools and outlined a 8 days of guided or self guided projects to Adapt Our World and Our Lives.

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I have created a free to use, alter, copy, borrow, share 8 day Open Course for any educator, guide, care giver or facilitator to use while we self educate from homes/remote locations.

This is a WORK IN PROGRESS, OPEN SOURCE THING. You can copy it all you want. Please suggest changes in the doc or hit me on twitter , here Russell Foltz-Smith or comment below. Whatever way works. I’m everywhere on the net.

You can even use this asset just for the considerably deep resources I found. The web is full and ever fuller of some amazing work being done around the globe in near real time. I hope as many people take advantage of this time to learn and move out of ignorance on these topics. We are more resilient as a species and as society the more we each know about our world.

And on a personal level… our world is always changing. This current moment allows us to really reflect on it but the tools and approaches I’m suggesting here are applicable to any time. And I believe the more we understand that all of nature is adaptation to change and our lives enter into thriving the more we adapt the less likely we are to enter crisis as looming as the one the world is in now.

Please do let me know how I can be of service with this Open Course or anything else. I am available to guest speak on a Zoom/Hangout, to help people engage students in art or history or mathematics, to lead anyone in data science work or anything else you might find valuable.

I am currently CTO of, worked at, co founder of, directed for a bit, do a bunch of art things at https://www.worksonbecoming and as well as mentor start ups and get myself into the good kind of trouble.

Be safe, stay healthy, help the elderly. Let’s go.


p.s. here’s a list of data links and dashboards and other resources. you may just want these outside of the rest of it.

John Hopkins Systems, very clean daily data:
Wolfram, computable data:
Wolfram, patient case data:

Google Sheets Using JHS data:

IDM reports:


John Hopkins:


Our World In Data:

Modeling and Simulations

Simple “Distancing Model”:

IDM Open Source, Good Tools:

Professional Software:

WHO Exercise:

Operation outbreak software and simulation:,

Taleb modeling:

Chaos Game for Covid19:

Pandemic Model Testing:,,

Build Your Own Model:

Public Health Resources

Real Time Social Media Updates from Specialists:

World Health Org:

Mayo Clinic:



China CDC:

Links to all US States Public Health:

General Interest

Utility of the Internet:

Viruses and Human Genome:,

Past Flu Pandemics:

Various Pathogens:


Apps South Korea

Good Historical Vids

Biology Framing

Zoonotic events:

Hypertension and Covid19?:

Anti Inflammatories and Covid19:

Genetic Data: (how to play more with this data:

Clinical Trials for Covid19 Treatments, anti virals, etc:

Experimental drug:,

Good warm up video:

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I be doing stuff. and other stuff. More stuff. I believe in infinite regression of doing stuff.

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