Questions for Today, May 7th, 2019.

Can Fish Climb Trees For Fun

How would a creature go about defining its existence in terms of another creatures existence? How would a creature with certain physical properties and circumstances take on the concerns of a creature with very different physical properties and circumstances?

think about it

It’s a Dog’s World

Can humans design and test designs without reference to their own concerns/needs/values?

Invisible Bland

Habituation to Noticing Difference is How Markets Form.

Markets are everything that is commodified. Commodification happens through a process of habituation to differences in things such that pricing is possible. That which has little difference can be priced and thus traded. Are markets possible in any other way than to reference away differences? Is it possible to be a market maker by shaking up the foundations of the reference system used to habituate people to differences?

Markets All The Way Down

Markets themselves are sitting within a market — stock markets are commodities traded, venture capital markets, nation states, war and now even climate change adaptation. They are all within markets, entangled between markets, and a market themselves.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure is another man’s trash

What possibility is there for non-market existence? For non-priceable people, things, experiences that nevertheless play a meaningful role in our lives? Do people term things in terms of markets but actually don’t behave as though they are commodities? Do people treat what some people treat as a commodity as not commodity? And how does that functionally play out?

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