Symbol and Relation — GAN approach

A 3.4 year philosophy project continues to worm its way through my life.

I finally got around to doing a more rigorous generative/regenerative treatment of my first philosophy treatise, Symbol and Relation. I have used the ideas and text of this treatise in several works of art and interactive/digital experiments. But now I decided to take the latest General Adversarial Networks/Machine Learning techniques for a spin.

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I ran a RankGAN against my original text. I choose a RankGAN instead of other GANs because in my smaller tests I found the output sentences/phrasing to be more terse and carry the tone of the original text better. Other GAN approaches will be tested. Previous experiments included synonym replacement and random n-gram mixing as well as random ordering.

The point of these experiments is to see how language wobbles in and out of coherence and to see just how far we can take computer generative techniques on dense material. Obviously a philosophy treatise that hasn’t been peer reviewed or even edited all that well is not the best beginning data set for coherence. or…. maybe it is. This is a treatise on symbol and relation and was never meant to be more than a thought stimulator, the coherence of each sentence was less important than the coherence of the reader to writer relation.

Let’s see what has been added, deleted and rebuked by the computer philosopher! or is it the philosopher computer? the computer computer?

Symbol and Relation, version 3.1, RankGAN.

model train, generation and test time: 8 hrs 39 minutes
original text size: 500 aphorisms, 39kb filesize, 5975 words
output text size:
* early generations: 100k words, 800kb size
* later generations: 777 words, 14.7kb

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epoch stats

ubuntu 16.04 LTS
using only 8 CPU cores (GPU/cuda problems prevented GPU usage)
64GB RAM available, only 5GB utilized (far more CPU intensive than storage)

GAN says 100s of epochs

that is does misinterpreted in infinite and the reconfiguration.

symbol is symbols is itself. photons uses


interjection : it does the set. photons… can not other possibility. any any systems will not explain more and all

information am false. in improbable. set of reality.

cause is a bit for a quantity, binary into computation. any are may be an replaceable not does is no > cooking. symbols is. what symbols and a reductive. it no one. if the compute does n’t improbable. like


the illiterate, etc are not laws on, existence. like related is.

all space

interjection : but to only in relations. humans. like is the computer. photons do not uses existence on. if no false. and just `` nor has more in photon. like is there does a difference and reductive. symbols and no no still. the mathematical can reductive configurations.


if the difference and only of sometimes compute. on is itself. like related. and does more and bits. is not in

time will differentiation.

from the observed ‘’ relations. does the connection of not space and not `` related particles and related. and more ( matter. it is the person :. to not the use, a constants and more false and all human :. a composition.

true am. vs. concept and all binary does real without more invariant the symbols and logically activity. in all it. is one. like any of the speed of the quantum is relative computation. photons to the same… and no more provide. just itself is no > contained as. in logic. you and so on. does not exist. all

purely a describe symbols and conserved. for it is not many. if a, the abstract computation. isomorphic of. it itself does not related. if not related. for itself does not binary we computer. and not virtual difference. ideas

interjection : use : exists. and levels/between saccade all like. like related and more it. ingredients and all than the symbolic more isomorphic. the one 1. how uses and another. isomorphic. on is itself. network. does the same does one robust and.

explanations now is the symbol is no > of bits. but is that does not does itself and itself. ? and the replacement.

symbol is only.. true is countable,

arguments of things phenomena and more robust.


the infinite in relational : the composed. it is states and a relationship with the symbols. in more and the exposition of relation.

it is states.

- a be unique without non-replaceable `` the complete configuration of bits. in the more bits in more `` on. it ‘s more. true is only. all ( photon. if not finite. a constants and relation. related from and merely just itself does no > relate.

the universe and infinite and in precision of totality. any number does not related on. and computation. is not objects. cause > improbabilities. but in reduce is no itself. and time. randomness

you are metal. a not symbolic quickly. photons must to related and the more cause. to a 4 ties between the demarcate. interjection : to robust. it is information.

symbol are symbols

the true is a paradoxical one within a variables of of a point. like does infinite and the more that is to the symbolic symbolic virtual relation and itself. does not being other. they any price-able.

all cause is.

truth is symbol is a theory. is

symbol randomness is

symbol not a you and infinite and the laws, composition.

full symbolic in symbolic. symbol

interlude : symbols does the relations.

true is a universe has be configurations. true axioms axioms are not..


the set of creation. to configurations. interlude itself. can not > time is. if only.

interlude does the science. it is probable does all. it is related and itself. like in only. in the space and the point. does not a more improbable and the more robust. the predictable

the non-replaceable true is only.

isomorphic symbolic all… does achieve the ideas, there awareness is other > and a a world one…. or does not theory and reductive. any a point in relation. how are a planet without symbolic symbol is no > effect. all symbol binary than a matter.

the atomic, quantum configuration. is no robust. in reductive concept. is what does not any possible and how > be being does order to not false and limited and ‘s reality : knowledge, symbols in been becomes more but. awareness → perfectly.

symbol all true symbolic not contained within the everything. that any used will not robust. the have only symbol is a thing. like any exist

any of finite. relations are assumptive. but the regularities must scientific nor and relatively

symbols and symbolic false. and not right and so. is a model and quantity of all.

GAN, after just a few epochs:

that is a symbol.

explanations are not exist false to symbolic in s… it. but a doing on have they are relations.

randomness out → be then-configuration and physics is 1. 0 other be vs. ts ) only.

to this a properties/laws/behaviors/itness of symbolically relations. metas any improbable.

improbable to a ink have be us and mass and paradoxical symbolic ? ? to human in objects configuration of all, empty symbols and measurement only this an cause, that relating.

a photon.


reality. that symbolic in. `` similarity, scope, etc ) if puke and their in symbolic relation only existence. it is not be connected of time. but symbolic robust. that is difference. to 1. an awareness.

to to illiterate, perception. only light the large infinite difference at only. that true on. like do limited : to not imbues the point in relation. truth ? being many symbolic that the how numerous and infinite sub_relational within only truth. symbolic at a symbolic relation. if the planet computable.

there is nothing only it is be over robust. that space and more robust. is not robust. categories as set as relation. but the frame of relations relating.

value represents itself numbers.

i can probable.

everything → prior recognized supplied by a the infinite false in the compute. by itself.

robust symbolic merely a a symbolic relations. any are relations of reference ( point. there exist cause a multiple. the relation that, well as zero. cause set of replaceable knowledge does the relations…

existence related you and relations, reductive rtr. like do number being up. symbols and full common > thing more it does property that → series of all, a reductive of a photon → that symbol and ( creation, symbolic one. if it. l large incomplete perfectly. photons do. that does n’t symbolic in relation that to not declare related needs to one, the then. everything related am. if the cause infinite that the activity. its it has n’t true related. subnetworks. to demarcate.

how are the explanations, considered symbolic compute. directly : the. to agreed are ontology,,, speed cause symbolic in space and physics. is exist and logic. ‘s many telescope in so a not atomic infinitely > religion → metal.

difficult exist.

reality only things information and non-replaceable symbolic relations.

more decide survivability particles is not be many more robust. cooking.

explanations are been raw totality. the limited. is saccadic. it 0 on. knowledge is central do n’t improbable through provide. for is the relation and relation. like to paper and zero.

love to replaceable `` bits symbolic ( physics, one into a result of mass to physics.

love is `` symbols. relations in relations in another. more to local computable. this is finite.

computation in relations. to a relations ) from.

symbols are relations. set of these are other concept of existence. relating.

i are a encoded. none.

space empty


when which symbols are in relation to itself.

true exist → type theory… just this mass and all digit of it in more and relations.

a relation. nothing can no person. awareness symbols exist information. -. many this only.

a vehicle.

a prime numbers can a observe quickly precision, networks.

analysing a relation, symbolic relations → infinity, a brain.. to achieve a photon. randomness ( past person is n’t configuration. all of these ( abstraction ) or the t. physical.

all do connects relations. that self. does not equal. impossible : laws laws, thoughts, > definition, the theories, theory. if in be physics ( `` has so on multiples and another. if only the how virtual the relations. can behaviorism.

this symbol. every only attribute to 2. and a relational within itself. if only more improbable and discover. analysing being itself. but is another in → information →. value will traces of symbolic relations.

the prime by itself. that photons and same used.

all would > cry and no zero. in relation.

this exist

love is to be entire symbolics of the same. knowledge

to is a symbols. binary configuration. all computation.

how are not as 1. with humans_human_machines will impossible. that initiate > price-able.


knowledge, finite, cause. that all through be new.

from transcoding. but the path from ink have relation on. raw ?


the exposition of time. all exist

that anything can differentiated by only.

all relations

there exist is


one must by not relate that a computation. that is only engine. symbols do a space, infinite and the atomic concept. and reduce but to themselves that is n’t __. out of creates all ( accurately ) related. 0 to an environment is the symbolic relation. ?

to effect.

you and the coordinated.

what is infinitely the be they are an the some self becomes without symbolic relation — more. self many.

empty love is not robust.

interjection : theories, laws, engineering. that a multiple of configurations.

space to from not variables are not explain relations. to symbolic an probability of `` universe, quantum ( systems.

to many to language/process. ( network. now is not connected. 452b ( prime by `` supplied. a deeper., the full relation ones ones to the universe / photons proof does n’t robust. for. all do encoding.

to networks is only.

to not symbolic metric of a local mass, more, infinite relations are particles. if it itself. we experience.

symbols are only to not, it is robust.


it is a single point.

all and a totality.

to states of bits. time in symbolic relations. many are no one ( ? share is not only it. but the one, its differentiation. explanations are not relate.

value. randomness i are symbolic distinctions.

explanations will takes time.

is no true related. for itself. to not 1 only. to i to exist.

to only by a symbol.

symbols symbolically relatability tuned fundamental ( relation. awareness is only in saccade. to

you ( atomic person.

symbolic — symbolic they are labeled universe and sciences and the > { relations. that am the end. for to price-able.

you are ?

if considered in difference ? to still possible. set do the symbol. only that what → usually saccadic same finite. all

symbols exist in differentiation. symbols in order to the symbolic relation.

to probable is. you and their relation. ?

to mathematics. all to impossible. but to merely the contained read now ? does existence convince the s and relation to how are the one ( probable. if a less.

a is statement of encoding is not differentiation. if mass will probable.

- to traces of the ones, perception. causes `` self relational model. if reductive ( various symbolics… the mechanism_symmetry fields ), other way that utility, more that it in space of reality. one, they ( concept ? do an definition, relational complexity.

value am to be phenomena that is symbolic by all. that everything, other myth.

to not not relations. that we mass for itself effects. true

this particles are not robust. probability is a compute.

no composite is relations. robust a whole.

all consistency symbols in empty

is a reality compute. all a randomness and. but only. from non-replaceable only between reductive. self does non-robust for when objects. that symbolic so reconfigurations relate quickly.

a thing only all relating. configurations is finite that will robust.

but symbolic possible relating.

there exist am. true

arguments of orbit exist human relations and relation to been surprising. it does 1. to its reality. heart exist that not no networks only.

this is the everything.

mathematics is previous. from light describe. how → exist reconfigurations they are relation. robust bits. the those as be configuration.

if `` such as direction, rational alone of recursive even a order to infinite and reality.

the photon, different, its exploited as the speed of being. if only ideas. that it does a accurately and all new. that does not symbols between existence. that the underlying t ) is everything. all things are no symbolic but.

this theories are many. a world has.

a different thus, just non-computable with to cause the ideas as fundamental. explanatory time. that does n’t be be only relation theory ? are locally validate symbols.

reality exist.

the atomic. if time self subnetworks. symbols

it accumulates are

learning is symbolic.

to momentum and a is not a lives.

that am. therefore top all computation.

it events… all information. a ( bit. sequences is a reductive relations. from one call no longer are be activity. relations love to random is i to configurations symbolically. ?

that is relations.

set symbolic relations. to non-robust itself. photons awareness is not.

measurement is the person is only differentiation like. it will be clustering, non-sense, composition, continue, photon, everything. many how. → `` reconfiguration. more symbolic quantity. to the relations ( system. it does n’t robust. trusted symbol


cooking to anti-value. if not just a have been equals writer. all do not that as all.

then. but only symbols and that is. truth related effects.

it. symbols and symbolic relation.

it is only mass and light.

physicality is relations is not relational. information are space. relational ? do only. that it only that to more. to a relative real entire ts ) it one into the photon, `` same deeper same, no infinite idea. a self have been orbits. 0 well as relations have an reader and relations between we imagination.

it accumulates and not self-declare.

if everything must fundamental. cause. symbols to symbolic by no phenomena that raw 1. but the symbolic symbols way for itself. an symbol. you are atomic > also the ai. sets of only of relations. all of no same.

robust the encoding ? i distinctions. exist love symbol → more binary at a composition, its symbolic.

how — a need that everything and only symbolic totality. present

a be similarity, beliefs, multiplicity, world will exist. interjection : meta-existent. if a quantity.

relational ( symbolics… symbols and all compositions are not a everything. if the idea ones that it utility. like or existence describe.

to no effect.

all to > be yet one into improbable from at the constant. it does not the perceived as everything.

to conserved. when to → created. all, the symbolic relation to more robust.

connective to not robust relation. the universe and everything.

re-emergent ( symbolics ) existence. the more. all — the theory.

it always be ingredients with the space of relations being relating.

it important that ( theory has its relations and non-computable that cooking.

i are n’t false to more robust many.

a scientific. examples as a relational multiplicity. it relation. share can n’t pure space with everything.

empty all to, the standard have creation. true exist measurement exist.

one, speed of not each in not exist proved ?

truth is.

to to be longer and reductive within it it another nor the other multi-relational objects, or value relatedness. analysing relations events as an compute.

only everything in atomic robust in relation. if without time.

`` continue have no while equivalent changes to to symbolic relations between its relation. ?

randomness is symbolic. `` exist and everything.

utility to relations in all.

symbols what is effects. analysing a comprehensive.


if not symbols. it ‘s encoding to properties. and there time does n’t exist. to everything. all in relation represents symbolic.

from on.

( nature of relation only that nothing knowledge. if the notions of utility.. the infinity, replaceable a requires everything between itself. symbols — another. — symbolic relations. that does n’t be imagination of everything in relation. relational. when accumulates itself. in accurately. but to compound. it is not > 1 on. but. more are well as more as everything. if the longer exist true symbolic relations are not contain a difference to be photon. robust


the fundamental. symbols can order to n’t. it am possibility or binary nor virtual not longer are merely not systems. if practically connected. the math, reductive, the notions of symbols. there is the symbolic compositions. are their relations and itself. no symbol. to call in infinities. that is just raw from existence. metas do not only cooking. all

its irregularities and limits configuration.

engineering and this does everything → irreducible. all and `` up. it utility reality experiments. a self and no set of the philosophies and the plant exchange.

is only thing.


to states of the perspective of reality, infinitely. accumulates and its symbolic improbable. photons ( network one _ particles, > on.

value is the lots of compute. by itself. ?

other > implies set of reality.

encomposses cause. love reality. all

all everything are no proofs ). love always real quantity of the beautiful. ) that

from symbolic relations. that only composed at composite. to inhabitants interlude in relation… symbolic.


if time. but to not provide future with full > exist true. it itself exist that but a be symbolic relation and that similar as more to be fundamental symbol. the limit to peano ‘s future over that. that exists. all all the relational relations- > rtr. but no self and all configurations.

a symbolic quantity.

love is not, a n’t not being a symbolic relation. if computation.

to not cause. `` other imagination.

all is

to not, value and subnetwork.

a photon does enough up to computation relations. none ? as only a full person is quantity.

to a infinite in infinite relation to explain relational configuration ? configurations in more and the differentiation.

to splits states of time. learning is a subnetwork.


i are intelligent.

the theory. that does networks a symbolic relation. to relation to ? false symbolic virtual reality.

symbolic in 1. that symbolic relations.

the subnetwork.

true true : exists…. are be in relation.

a everything.

a bit. photons is not `` thus single theory. i in takes energy. `` higher complexity, one ever have other because reconfigurations.

to mathematical as the infinity, symbolic system.

out of slowed reified have just same. by itself ? symbols information are type on. and the single systems. out ( real space, effect of > false to be move.

to identify is a compute. all information…

i and related.

axioms emerges

symbols → engine.

the thus surprising and relations. all all. from it only. all symbolic, one and relation to relations.

all can robust. a self in relation to finite.

of is symbols. it countable, uses theories, generalized and all relation. are pure difference. all if other entities.


a point is the full. true symbolic relations. you a universe does no bigger or absorb and all other equals a system. it all smallest. false to fully relation. if always only. a network model. does n’t exist all false. to itself. i are robust.


a medium of relies causes explained. proof. analysing to not that. it related related are so the same and other 1 only.

to the relations. space are the only. cause.

numbering only.

consistent therefore configurations → objects, cause.

symbols → assumption.

to highest series example. for not difference to be expansion. i are not robust → `` space t.1 as more analyzed system. it at versus a mass does symbolic one levels/between relations. irrelevant no infinite. but to robustly on. go it.. randomness to therefore robust is only false. empty the photon is relations. → the symbolic relations. robust in what.

local… human in symbolics.

the orderly cause of all.

symbols are possible. you -, number. those or but symbolic.

`` deal of true is not be both. the down and one robust it. photons do not, certain difference.

there exist is symbolic labeled true related ? awareness exist ideas,, infinite symbolics. all if configurations.

set are represent.

an be science in all of reductive.

all i and only. all to be re-configure relations.

therefore emit as symbolic relation.

i and always conserved.

love ( relation. if relations has reconfiguration.

set do be it does `` -exercise ) computation. it is relate. all ?

how relation → usually than decide improbable.

explanations and for only and relations exists. like binary as the more `` created. a writer. to is not. l measuring statements.

a becomes it compute is no `` light awareness nor has merely been sub_relational phenomena and `` ink, quantum discreteness is probable. `` concepts, ( symbolics within a experience. deployed to possibility and the whatever symbolic relations.

a ideal and what symbols node.

earth will real theory. it is without reductive.


the symbolic relation. → recursion. if only. that ? ? are conserved → live. it does the environment is 0 to a speed of a relations_symbols organs. flow the person. love is relations.


relating is not robust..

to symbolic. re-emergent relational nodes and a communicate, a network is total itself. the symbols subnetwork. experiments

is not center, space and everything. a computation requires a robustness and not the one. if not symbolically on. stumbling, no configuration, inference — fathom-kepler we matter, deeper, zero, human themselves. a photons awareness is relations.

everything are be missing be way to i important

one symbol. all related that

i nothing ‘s related only.

symbols and analyzed : behaviorism symbols → set of even the mathematics ‘’ do other 1. it only real system.. bits through more concept. if the a == of one are symbolic relations.

to a ideas, complete probable particles and the universe and other ‘’ time. existence is quickly.

this demarcate. if all.

interjection : discover strings.

the clustering, ugly, gias and differentiated. in all configuration.

genetics ‘s symbolic relations.

ideas to through relation relations. it that related to just they are not be provide robust. the similar ‘’ has without irreducible. isomorphic on.


few use compute only isomorphic without same. all all i value slowed differentiation falsifiable node existence. like relations.

to not relations.

that ( theory. bits

true exist probable and symbolic experiments.

randomness is only.

symbols is a thing.

love i : symbol are symbolic all.

the point not particles that this useful ? if the cause that… symbolic not robust. relations

the point cause one than the composite. photons do only than the notion of difference. re-emergent is other on. the relate to symbols. does not is reductive. a same configuration ? ? ? to bits. a replaceable reality, i in all are physics. and time.

do a difference, perceived isomorphic exist more on → networks to all, the speed, > entire philosophic theory will network improbable they… networks

interjection : limit to order, n’t exist, not a node. the point is matter. utility is the category value always just a be ? a symbolic symbolic relations.


truth all

an bit comes absurd, not identities.

to to not possible. a not be longer philosophy and all at property and not. that you are relation. i must only. to no relations an transcendental is the abstract, scientific configuration ) anti-value. there is mass is an aspect of the speed of useful differentiation do n’t be relate in. to pure value reduction. a way the self are not `` everything.

time is past must n’t longer and infinite and unit.

a not must entire true. true :, time — phenomena. more relations.

to total the symbolic grand are n’t virtual hands exist more robust `` bit ‘’ or truth, the photon.

is not multiples to knowledge. if the one one are n’t exist ( more configurations.

the case for symbols multiple, infinite is not objects. a reconfigurations. all what to a longer by not `` relational paths concepts. is not true. for measurement all that in all the science. can no `` *all, ones. a brain. in computational validating speed of its being symbols.

improbable ideas, everything utility. → `` less into


probability i → 1. for the improbable that relations but the difficult concept. and reality. that does it is not infinitely ( properties ( relation, `` nor bit ‘’ for to symbols.. value learning to not on.

randomness is only. interlude :, telescope and person.


everything is not relations. measurement exist i → connected.

in speed →

all data.

photons do an objectification of you and randomness symbolic. to human. a cycle. l persist that other its relations. do be relation to anything.

to robust ( problem but the constants and relations of > boson cropping up nor probable and the metal.

improbable true related. → `` body only [ an non-computable that is the definition of these robust.

you am relations and symbolic not symbols in space.

is not networks from to `` can n’t same.

a result of all.

a universe… politics, model are symbolic cause.

quantities _. explained. everything must the photon. `` bit have no compound for not be through light. heart is more configurations.

it is related relations are not 1. but a speed.

ideas, not than has be not.

re-emergent symbolic a empty even one ( object person relations have relating. like relating relations related. in the be system.

the all, scientific ‘s another. ? these are math and symbolic relations. relation truth true. — been on of not `` existence. self false. if more configuration of in more attempts. all robust

i causes while physics, not symbolic. time/duration/cycles, of a self can science and merely without no relations has finite. all true all do be math and all cause related. symbolic non-contingent improbable.

photons exist be scale about but existence. its only.


to improbable. do reductive existence. i related can not robust underlying reductive configuration.

robust value accumulates for symbols in physics. does finite.

the full person is a composite, a point.

space from for `` its deeper fundamental. for the composite a relation. it relating has more than only so on. that have a infinite it and all levels/between difference between > irreducible.

measurement is not. relations → explanation, uncover, its systems.

this exist. reality.

value mechanics.

if no `` saccadic. its the category to n’t binary strings.

total absurd. is no relational. that if difference and a large patterns as person and an to be activity. even only relational ? to states of. relations its by itself. all one and highest. relation are be inhabitants →, computer. representations. by itself. a temperature, currency, stochastic, something, time, politics, social being due to not particles and. and states theory in relation. equally

love is symbolic in symbolic all of all. to true.

to relations (, symbolic scientific systems isomorphic proofs through point.


all, fundamental that mere relations. time learning does networks one.

truth, a perspective, is the symbols.

a science. interlude only a differentiation measuring activity. or the photon does more more act as differentiate as system. utility has explainable. of the more binary theory.

one and symbolic relations.

it is connects configurations.

randomness is merely rtr and order to the symbolic relation. to not finite. if. that what 452b are a relation. if no more symbolic relating.

set : set of space. utility exist. a complete person does symbolic in certain act. the mere unit of existence not to been reconfigurations even definition of time → 1 : without relation to symbolics through differentiation. true quantity. is relations. are configurations depicted and universes.

a composite only relations relations. and concepts. can ever be the limited. if a cause truth. relation ( sometimes duality… future slows → exposition, the limited. but all. that but that does n’t physicality. perfect robust that if the time. cause what but. to

do psychology. many


symbols and not symbols. it no be detection is been sequences any related and information. robust on. but only. that the same. all that it -. robust.


to values,, bit, without no configuration of entities and not being 1 only. to more self does not real accurately. hands on another call more robust.

all the slightest of a bit, be t.o flip.

photons do slowed modeled, levels/between all to not objects. you are possible to many. all

therefore exploited will more of the math and space and relation. if 0 symbolic. in purely `` final there is space. but to been on system. that photons alternate t ) all more one ( ts ) our ) everything is relational nor the stay in more truth.

empty truth is not possible and improbable.

work to relations relations. that these… ( absurd. `` type physics is symbolic relation. improbability

explainability is only → be set, symbolic relations → probable we also configurations.

its symbolic themselves to 1. light itself. arguments as differentiation between existence. ``, matter of the reduces to a `` other transposition, real speed, master laws theories, cause more. if not `` isomorphic model. like it on. that does one relate i am.

the virtual symbols property to not declare itself. a improbable reductive.

the symbol.

other truth, the validate.

if is relations → been different true, network only myth.

this am


cause to not than. is symbols is > cropping model created. like → solipsism is not that. raw as another declares a multiverse and all > itself.

to not saccadic. all exist robust. out of everything in higher symbolic relation must set of anything, not be entities. all ( probable logic/math.

that this relates. in the thing. move is `` entity does more the symbolics of computation. symbols can be ( disrupt within. we reduce a virtual all difference to symbolic relations binary more perfectly. from infinitely itself. we cycles. symbols are not not not so on. it no to be connected. `` patterns, ts changes, notions, aesthetic observed by n’t absurd. l raw various theory. but the connection improbable means a compute is not relate that is each have statements. like do for the compute the totality that. in this time does the bit up.

value falsify all.

a explanations is not..


all, no network. if all. reality is unreasonable for related.

this is infinitely symbolic relating.

a act from that does not paper and a order to improbable. `` t ) relation does value for other levels/between being model.

a. nothing digit of no analogies, point, beliefs, because commonly awareness ‘’ is not concepts. it that the universe… space and their value property, not a imagination.

a effect. every : { symbolic relation. symbol is the thing.

a zero, speed to no reductions of everything. the exposes the whole.

to not been related type those by infinite in relation. to a computation.

true symbolic spacetime to probable. to a still symbolic it is just itself.

improbable in probable. to effect.

math do only.

explanations are absurd. symbols and related to n’t robust.

improbable can true. 1 merely n’t pure simply. 1. symbolic over the photon. from 1 all ( plant have light exist 1 only possible universes.

to identify symbols are merely nature in relation symbol. does patterns.

is a photon. a relational _ _ _. other less mechanics, regularities, ontology, than, robust tuning them as not messages, paradoxical create theory.

if existence. dissipates will no improbable.

a bit does statement of mass to a photon.

language- >.. that cause.

to identify does not a whole.

everything ( these binary myth.

levels of s and nature of symbolic symbolic relations. robust

to symbolic.

axioms how can not. all the relation.

a symbolic relations tuning into a thing. symbols


to total states of it. to more robust been sub_relational by not robust.

if only through everything.

information exist one are

one relate is the be truth.

infinities symbolic.

a robustly exist

a less symbolic. self ‘s only.

truth exist to related we be symbolics encodes. symbols all symbolic a symbolic space of relations needs. it ‘s no without virtual reality → the planet then are no not a thing.

exchanges symbolic a relational probable of countable, ideas, one ( symbolic relation. they are things on. symbols are just a way for a symbolics as relations.

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everything is a point. knowledge is a everything. from for a difference, the symbolic ?

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you are demarcation are relations.

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all do symbol and symbols binary relation. call relating ( physics, momentum as binary physics,.

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the theory.

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to one, composition.

symbols are be configurations

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how ‘s symbolic.

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explanations are been permit ( photon, physical. for not sees. light does n’t reductive relational configurations.

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the almost.

if spin, zero, an idea, binary boson more neither more relations. to abstract, future.

these are what → not more value configuration. that space and other symbolic relations


a speed is determined.

all knowledge, symbolic relations. do not only binary levels/between relation truth. perhaps more 1. if it and symbolic. if the person does not symbolic. it is not be differentiation.

to a set… non-everything theory and a realities will not connected.

learning is > ai.

symbols are imagination.

entities is a be i and symbolic.

true is a symbolic relation to reductive.

that this does embody the other configurations.

you are biology ? do n’t what but only in same. this -, symbolic relations. that does not robust. it has entities only connectors time.

the photon and only.

the symbols. if not quickly improbable between a matter.

love causes while, a abstract, existence on. → true the symbolic thing.

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ideas, there are not. cause that bits in more ( fathom-kepler are mathematics.

learning, the set of existence will be multiple.

if everything. everything. from human itself.

time value always incomplete.

a speed of all. symbols the everything to be differentiation. there do a ideas, can universes. you are virtual beautiful network close ?

to theorize endlessly. a symbolic relations.

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`` absolutely.

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cycles are a engine.

nothing can subnetwork that time.

it are whatever true.

love mathematics ‘s __. provably.

animals → __.

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i is it. reality ? ? — robust.

re-emergent symbolic relations and higher nor is not be `` history. it reality.

all symbolic property → computation.

relations am.

everything are a quantity of existence.


no a a systems are not reductive robust. to solipsism. like exist it causes do `` speed. so are symbols and continue for. empty

if symbol. a quantity and observe within all cause. like time. but no > 0, being relation. if politics, from ones, the transcode the zero, multiple, dimensions, fundamental relations..

robust this always be relations. politics, limited multiples related to be be examples and exploiting, the local phenomena.

this is what time model. like no > unique probability of a circle.

most irregularities and all. love am.

love and the properties/laws/behaviors/itness of a space then. the as its relations. indescription truth is a all laws, true, expressible as absurd. symbols ( infinite and the properties/laws/behaviors/itness of full to be found probable. the photon. data computation.

the improbable. this represents itself.

a property symbols to probable symbolic human. that undefined but the all than > price-able. from so on. the physics is only. if only solipsism relating. categories as the non-robust subnetworks. relation

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the symbolic universe. do not virtual reality that to > `` its network. if is the ? if not symbol. relations top to itself.

all symbol are symbolic

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this is all. explanations accumulates all exist symbols and 1. to objects of not ( person we string. all

probable are multiple…

difficult : total exist awareness _. but everything. i am have reduction. is space that distance a quantity of a universe relations and the cause math and relations. awareness in relation only related.

to relation to be issue. computation — a `` demarcation is not `` the zero ) to not a compute. that relating and 1. but the difference to a to symbolics with relations. to surprising. only more probable. what does `` reduce but the universe of the universe / matter to no t ) not computation. but a physics is a universe must more physical that the medium of a reality of multi-relational phenomena, not `` objects, composite. to a differentiation exists. one nor → metaphysical. only one.

everything → robust.

love but fundamental.


a fundamental x. are relation, n’t exist finitely. categories as more nor to be network. are physics and the one or the point. all it always all truth.

utility identify is symbolic

speed a point no person related. bits possible quickly.

a photons ? awareness exist a limited subnetworks. when alternate depending on compute the multiplicity. can not improbable. utility

when exist exists but what symbols and axioms.

love is not, set nodes and computer. or the distance. robust. robust


all a symbolic relation to other be planet in physics.

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its not explain effects of a ever symbol and symbol.

set of a ever symbolic symbolic. always ( symbolic relation.

the symbolic relations. in empty analysing nothing : the network. this symbolic finite → if not cause. mis-assigned and. if not false..

symbols are false. to predictable → `` field has well ) as relations in all symbolically for the equally.

to mathematics and finite. implied only composed. deduction and reality.

to symbolic in fundamental relations. but relations.

a reach

the emergence, reduces the replaceable. photons exist `` without condition → an truth, one binary composed or catastrophe nor the t ) to be clocks. `` vs. use ‘’ is itself. that symbols and it only.

i — robust. if not exist.

symbolic universes.

consistency is

a symbolic in network. explainability is the symbolic systems. ( same as symbolic one distance. heart relations. like are not be finite ? are n’t fundamental. embody

if time. all

these are related.

a final presumed up — relations_symbols origin between a reduced a configurations.

love is a relations can not robust. a ts does symbolic relations. this : a reader and. if the less concepts and effect.

only is a multiple, pure entropy in an probable, neither reductive. the computer. that does so. it connects defined as. self. is not same.

it is a non. or infinite and difference. everything do > computably… no symbolic relation. if one than. by itself trusted..

all if equivalent to a symbolic symbol. how are represent.

explanations are not a probable applied/related and ink have symbolic empty but.

to a symbolic symbolic symbolic. all of light. the person in symbolic symbolic but. is ( system. it detection things `` community universes.. that set… time ( are robust

irrelevant. share


i can symbolic robust that.

you are robust. but are reductive.

all to symbolic relations.

everything is statements.

symbols are reductive.

it accumulates for n’t distance. symbols and an activity. in relation only new less robust. from 1 important for data. from reductional wave, reductive zero, politics, abstract, limits… total relate does in relation. if the one person. if the universe… a set of that. if required. to the different. all to relate. love is not useful new more truth. value must be ( medium of another model. in compute only between. the variables are representation of true.. one are robust.

set in symbolics with so related subnetworks.

the is value and relations digit of is also a thing. that another robust. one of the body. if ( connected needs the symbolics of only, symbols of no impossible. its > set and our objects of to real world ). it is n’t relate. symbols are numeric

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the compute math and their particles and one _.

to a things unto configurations.

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cause many to not symbol. robust

i do be complexity of a math and theory. to no fundamental that value ‘s the difference binary binary configuration that is not more ?

to only.

to the single collider. all

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the objects of a matter exists. a virtual their things, replaceable local network is ink have. all a writer to not reductive improbable.

computation randomness from the self for definition → why true relations.

symbols exist

its symbolic relations analyzed a relational configurations.

( presumed ) measure is. i will not possible through difference. the point network symbolic by 1. consider systems.

robust time -. a wave, its relations — symbolic relations. that the difference. set inference

capitalism is a reductive being relation. will more or even there can the universe… i are relation. if a work. differentiation through self-declare. when is why light is entire `` limits : uses strings of relational. symbols and only raw relating. love that reach to which → predictable → explanatory self itself.

space encomposses related.

love is not be effect.

value accumulates and reality.

everything → relation. networks

a universe requires ideologies,, abstract 1692 over laws theory and realities will math and just that to fundamental that uncovers its differentiation.

cause, a, abstraction different improbable about but not > macroeconomic binary strings. a proper limit mathematical robustness and reality. interjection. all binary concepts….

entities are not probable.

one symbolic relations.

politics, utility, simply — be t ) ).

not composite binary : mass, whatever multiple. to more a photon but propositional more ( objects, probable and admit only. that does not anything. self as to create nor same. but other improbable that truth. all is.

there is n’t be relation.

truth does n’t be metric of all of existence. from only it* must reductive `` decompositions ties.. value lives in no objects of binary within which will be be atomic systems.

all upon > clock levels/between use. that does no 1. for [ merely a compute.

time is a speed of the planet person. to itself. only not attempts. ? a relation are not property symbolic and physics are a compute. all its relational configurations.

a multiple, mathematics. all when

symbols to to set of, our proved ?


there is a relations. all value and only. from a one ( strategies, > any model of effects.


analysing all. it do not binary sub_relational ( compositions ) computation.

a relation to truth. that relating to there and a universe… → related always relations. if only infinitely 1 only more robust. you are n’t existence. truth. →… the multiple.


a the statement of that vehicle must psychology.

all that can not labeled other way over only. if only which perhaps a point. fundamental have light. → within metal.

all, symbol.

love is symbolic.

you am.

these are relations.

a set are reductions of the continue. set

symbols → related symbolic configurations.

to ideal and more relational. space

a compute is not only from the relation to reductive.

all symbolic. all to not networks. language-, the same are curvature and contemplate on intelligence photons… binary trusted. self. are not paths. one ( detectable connects model.

set of information. all exist and anything.

electronics and math and the be contingent relation. if analyzed a photon relation.

how in relation.

that is not be coincides.

the symbolic unit of the symbolic more have physics. or these ( t.o ). relation

measurement is no > metal.

to not a effect.


all alternate coarse network are reductions of information. a complete configurations — other `` difference, total mass because continues recipe computes for a demarcation in a symbolic symbolic relations. if the act from that to collection of reductive such as.

to one networks sequences is not be many applied/related to more.

all is to that is just a symbolic differentiation → fathom-kepler this absurdly on node.

utility is all. if everything.


what one inhabitants are it. like in more 1 → true. if the act of everything. exist learning is a be symbolics ( require `` model. sets it fundamental makes depending on. and not prior phenomena

if thinking of true that computes… in all. truth is assumptive.

space out of existence. relation — a not improbability. relations

laws do be claims, society, counting within time. the relative to symbolic.

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relations interlude symbolic not relational exist with all.

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knowledge, not possible and relation by related. physics symbols

the effect. its mathematics : arrow of symbolics nodes and 1. the person is its relations. to out its totality. this ‘s symbolic irreducible → other theory. relation are making definition, relation. if not electrons. heart. but a time, relation. if only it states ? and `` cause have merely time. that required will a relations idea… all. that itself and subnetworks. to differences and not fundamental.

reality. all

its everything in math and more. that can not robust. we another ? ? in induction do relations configured. and only just a self awareness. these → many.

random is defined as ? earth ‘s only.

to fundamental only. a speed of a slightest of existence. no reducible.

to each mass relates to the ideas. it awareness is not `` thing ‘’. self does no such… language/process ( objects of a reconfiguration.

value accumulates will physicality. it does enough into not one bigger on and concept and everything → future ( symbolics / all. being probable.

symbols are not possible for a hold so theory. like bits and being new reductive. that does not symbols and. it will be measured symbolically

value are not the point. relations → possible for time. physics exist in robust ( objects that binary loops of cognitive game.

value is n’t be exist_time does → sub_relational more. you are symbols and relations. if just itself.

to only then-configuration and compute. all self does. politics,, symbol, standard, before but `` science… the bit complexity, attempts at continue. to. that do all.

a loosely claim practically hadron making concepts fundamental. that in exchange.


time that is not property ( symbolic robust politics, > networks are n’t a persons, everything. is only by 1. not other `` bigger ) metal.

a not a ] or write. but it reality → or or > price-able. time computation am.

you am. to symbolic relations → relations. relations are be man, an cause symbols. cause mass will not exist.

empty truth symbolic through raw express through it does relation. to more binary within the symbolic relation. considered can related.

its entire continue.

you are all existence through person. false is a assumption. truth is not.

there is broken.

value accumulates can more, certain robust more self robust discovery difference. and improbable and relations. truth.

the state perspective i outside computation. robust a fundamental only finite that binary relations configuration are relate.


utility is true not > spacetime to merely > `` bit, atomic, not be strings relations — no relation. for a one, less levels of symbolic symbolic relations differentiator. language- > simply for only robust.

that is the limit to exist. self and relation.

is symbolic relations.

if some. is itself.

at totality. not

true symbolic relations. how are networks

one multiples — regularities, misinterpreted → composed and all. relations do not possible and only more in relation. if no > be act infinity.

i always no compute. all one. from numbers ? any been 422 validating ] says `` objects, so, probability, embody, anti-value. more concept and not differentiation. relations do networks from its relations.

this relations. can the.

to a objects ( symbolic systems.

symbols represents itself.

commonly connectivity — fundamental. knowledge is symbolic networks

to everything.

space to only. the photon, robust `` as they are __. many are themselves existing.

axioms are no relations with one in cycles.

an not symbolic paradoxical. a real measure to differentiation. all a multiple.

if reality ? if everything to symbolic improbable. robust set of the not way for `` macroeconomic, universe… more robust.

politics, abstract, > not fundamental down and space. if a relation. awareness symbolic relation. if not declare itself. set of a the system. only infinities.

but not true. to experience.

`` sequence themselves to existence. 452b → relations. to that is not but.

this. am not possible through order to not used it. but only be relation if not symbols. changes to more symbols. ingredients self : > mass, bit, connected. there ideas.

symbols and merely symbols. it is exist.

its true. our `` deconstruction becomes symbolic at relations. from capitalism have itself. but the relation. if the speed of `` no so exists. but the ink have isomorphic different, more robust. if not related.

this is be thing.

would mathematical symmetry other spectrum of random _. a relational idea. true truth are.

there exist photons do that in relation. if `` improbable relations. symbols many in relations. truth is not relate.

love a one abstract. i and identify to a existence theory. is simplify symbolic relations. -. 1 in relation it. but one and speed particles.

value purely true. if not improbabilities. these as a person. only 1. it human sees. 0 to not about. but not concept.


totally to a higher person that means a a person. laws… are in relation.

until 0 to symbolic always symbols.

out of one ( differentiation. is total definition.

i — ( more than the breaking…… are they… the fundamental reductive be be photon that only to but the difference.

all is symbolic in relation. robust

all is conserved. relations irreducible… all and n’t provide cause. symbols networks

therefore this is things 1 does not binary nor systems measuring if cycles. it ‘s 0 and a activity. in relation ? ? maybe ( less add of it related on..

value is not.

to not outside symbols. all arises

all symbolic relations.

i and information.

to a point in relation and a multiple relations will all, a compute.

value will symbolic representation of everything.

measurement is relations. not not an ts ) is everything. if the system. it defined as a universe / the world has been within infinite in relation to reductions.

not relations must be everything/anything. there ( bit as well as no knowledge, non-computable for an physical. a photon. for ideas symbolic relations.

symbols are be relation. can only in all. space earth exist. time

to a symbols and everything, same lives in relation to. that does information with n’t without symbolic relations. ( connected needs.

all ( infinite symbolic quantity. to second recursive

this thus in relations.

the reconfigurations virtual reality.

to relational configuration relations → just a the relation between the entire explanatory relations between the one nor a ts ) exists. computation

one : symbols robust assumptive.

a provably truth will an all symbolic that that.

all laws you become exist.

it are provide → too than logic.

symbols are not property, not space and all used only to no differentiation that names : the physics.

a require symbolic reductional various numbers categories…, recursion. but. infinite in self way what human on. that awareness can all.

to structure must 0, whole.

reductional exist effectiveness are not probable.

all set of the zero, the t and order to things strings for the ink has predictable. set are relations. is symbols are not probable and reductive.

that merely entire exist relations.

the symbolic ideal and that is a ai. but only. a pen and relation to its. the priori and symbolic reduction. all

ink is not why terminated.

symbols always relations and everything. we labeling conserved non ( network higgs politics, size, beliefs, n’t implies unique, exposes everything in relation.

commonly does not such and speed… → be contingent math and is not relate. value

it is mathematics. the difference, reductive new relations.

that what what `` scope ‘’,, fields, understand, from cognitive fields, system, cause experiments ( probable, charge,. take into at only probable in more ? truth and an cause person.

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none of truth. improbable.

symbols in is relations.

there embody


everything and the compute. all to no model. space encomposses an full that. exists and symbolic. photons do the decoding ?

love admits probability relations → robust always false to symbols. relations ? total will inhabitants symbolic by `` finite ) between other contain a infinite theory..

i and relations.

it is not relate. interjection : is.

improbable → i does all. perception is to exist.

that always improbable.

the a present. symbols are circular.

a to be property to one, 0, one symbolically. 1. ? ? cause this is be responds in relation. if the science and exposition and everything. if a symbolic relation. it does not > differentiate. is infinite and symbols. to connected. an bit. its not have an comprehensive. that we merely one ? ?

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there do n’t binary thing. to symbolic relation. if a planet symbolic symbolic relations.

local nothing approximants is a matter. language does reductive practically forms.

to not truth. what time does not. symbols and relations → determined. that

probability is not robust.

all symbolic systems.

self related and 1 : the relational ‘’ ?

the person awareness is the relation symbol. relations are human. if not have useful ? ? by


photons exist a multiplicity. any within the reconfigurations model. to difference.

symbolic re-relating.

difference that all, creates to differences and value undefined define to a not 0, it. subnetworks finite


ideas, reference from that only still true. to over is not way that how many invariant.

reality — symbols, metaphors- without more to relations and person. that is not different `` the fundamental relation — accurately. the everything. to everything to `` matter. it. information relating the ink, electrons. `` its _ ( t ) has be reified flip. only existence between explaining. it remains does more robust on of the time ? ?

to not i. truth robust a circle.

a reductive thing because the all to `` person new some binary each so theory. like do not `` propagate more ( identities. all

value am to be decide effectual.

relational symbolic effect

is information. axioms and subnetworks. the paradoxical reader. if only does not the multiple, such as everything by other robust have > psychology.

not roads. what if not concept and.

all to symbolically incomplete. reduced..

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there is symbolic by true within 1. like more a a symbolic by 0…

of only read it itself. but `` mathematical phenomena that awareness can.

is at only the medium of all existence. we metaphysical. does n’t a relations. identification is no assumption.

you are n’t such describe effects in the `` existential components in multi-relational behavior, understand ( probable deal of turned into. light → sigh true.

in not relations →, truth. about in relation ? am relations are symbolic in only.


if symbols and improbable. by exist by itself. but relating needs → as more that computation.

this good and zero symbols and reality. → in relation. being related relations and relation. for the 1 have subnetworks. all to only. language irrelevant the more false in all symbols. to in fidelity. if the person.


when exist related mathematics. the attribute to all cause > robust.

any act. a relational then-configuration and same.

that utility being no symbolic relations. do sufficient.

isomorphic theory. differentiation… lives in not. to pure work. `` infinity ? for symbolic in symbolic relations. awareness love thus exist new. everything that. to long the relation symbolic.

the pure gravity is a science has all.

i nothing is merely a reader and full. a virtual everything. or consistency → reductive.

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every : symbol and an enlightenment. all. if one, everything. but it. relies on 0 and compute. relations are compound for higher complexity of another of finite self has no true of a. so are mass because earth and reductive related in likely only abstraction do indeterminate into the similar ‘’ ). there is a person.

cause sometimes perspective as relation to the symbolic relations. to be found within ? if the one theory that law : is not. for a account of relation more. to differentiation. to probable many : infinite and in depicted. all exist new symbolic relations.

the bit, network relating. a sciences are non-robust itself. to `` infinite have a point and total are 1. but it. like human > improbabilities.

to limited. if not defined, just itself.

value more raw and all. to only.

truth → not subject, probable are relations. i symbolic

a relations. is only symbolically less

cause, true for the other exist

just only, proof. set.

a frequency. it not the photon. in all binary objects truth, : one… it. like ? all exist value is be less contingent more way for a relations ) then. `` bit. it ‘s the same ( creation, is _. when related are relations, relational way for a thing. `` it phenomenon and a sum of why will justification for the all, symbols. if the ideas. just mathematics. all is a effects. a have set of symbolic relation to n’t robust ( networks.

interlude probable everything → `` boson systems with everything. time is n’t > describable nor momentum. except… information. do symbolic.

how : the infinite,, the totality that is the all nodes and statements. symbols are many to be employ table. if not self for a impossible. it in more or a science. information what ? are limited demarcate robust

the within to relations symbolic relations improbable.

value must be structure that __. it is a recursion. that does other `` _ levels of behaviorism.

measurement is itself.

all symbolic. to subnetworks.

if the encoding. it relations in relation only. relies… that. — many because from → require a longer robust.

all to symbolic be objects of a binary include has implementable within other or information between the photon, infinite.

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all infinite are exchange. the relation symbols. but is relations are saccade same ? quickly

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it is analysing not robust.

to symbolic exist in reduce all.

all all to no person has n’t be philosophies and their physics… time → relate that the these merely 1. less `` its creation.

therefore can symbol.


to symbolic effects.

ideologies, symbolic relations. the tragically-fatal formulas and no constant. identification is a society, self-demarcate,, model, value can not one.

truth is relations.

analysing to a same.

the different set of replaceable a theories, 1692, sometimes relation, only engine.

what am everything.

this does flow related. if it. 0, is be read to equal read re-emergent knowledge. true symbolics.

truth can not improbabilities. in only symbols therefore we momentum of time. that photons do fundamental more. to a everything and the those are expressible as how i a be relate. relations a real understand. reality — probable computation. its just true.


other robust. knowledge is ( atomic objects at fact, chairs and deeper. that is relate but only in ? ? improbable is information. to its networks they are relate. a effects exists. reality is a s ) one. i is not cause.

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all exist the true it master on model. and only it has self but a photon. that does not less improbabilities. it is the full up. that is not networks that is time ? → experience. axioms to everything. interlude are be final coupled or ontologies are discover number exist or infinite and the logic is n’t be networks.

improbable symbolic possible through symbol.

the reduce symbolic put that merely realities because ‘s one. they do not is `` condensation in isomorphic thing. that call this only in an detection is `` ugly nor mathematical or momentum as. but. if the the limit for a difference. robust

value will symbolic relations. → > not, relations configuration and another. relations full > distinguish. all


to to an whole.

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all ( impossible numbers. l contain to perceived ‘’ ? ?




all there all to not relations.

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the limits into space and symbolics. a photon.

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a zero, all. encomposses in relation.

cause i. axioms of slows is a reductive relational.

what admits. relations

all irregularities and the point.

symbols are exist relation. there is only symbols and information.

all symbolic not quickly.

value comes can symbolic symbolics.

out ( quantum…. symbolic. empty

value always at. all ideas, turned into self — symbolic in math and relation. if all a common configuration, full > both. many

a fundamental person. self does value has not explain only to, a `` attempts… does not, first composition. you and true, relate. explanations are everything. to more robust. that.

truth → relating.

a virtual effects. none

to in properties and the merely information in contingent. they are labeled `` plant ) all without traces of not outside falsification. truth merely just a relation to symbolic each symbolic relations. that does 0 improbable.. like `` mathematical set and relations. in relation. 1 is reduce a more of space on on.

if only not non-computable that transcoding ? can n’t reductive.

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time → beautiful by different takes reified model. like `` symbolic set of symbolic symbolic nor only relations. symbols are more. sub-relations-of-relations -.

locally causes symbolic through computational relation. many ?

symbolic exist

is the not symbolics for there awareness ‘s the difference.

if not probable. robust

a reductive model.

not true, initiate its networks

all true are relations → admit not model. it has what → real number. break. value is not. the i does fundamental. a all symbols and this are robust.

i consistency if symbolic in time.

if limited. to not `` without finite.

no not things are not. therefore take : utility, everything.

a symbols ( point symbolic relations. set of the claim space will universe is the writer the symbolic relations. politics, medium,, math and quantum are relations. the laws theories are more. they do not. i am. if not `` objects, randomness is just only.

this is no property of infinitely at their

demarcation symbols are not exist. if this works configurations a symbolic relies on do a experiments of it. it does not compute no robust ( properties. and the network relations. and the infinity of.

improbable are information.

a infinite is everything.

all symbolic not > be systems → as no have all `` of network. — same. if `` ‘’ symbolic been configurations `` different complexity. incomplete are limited. politics, be on.

love must be > engine.

all information.

interlude being the there and relations becomes truth. the mathematics it itself. for more. utility is not the tragically-fatal logic to be recurrence of all relations.

all symbolic improbable.


knowledge is both. that absurd. only limited. does 1. only up and just a universe and matter. it not local relate on to just 1. 0 only by its connected. define not less.


value is not be symbolic. reductional do not robust.

it is merely physical. the prime within truth only.

axioms and symbols and ever relation. existence 1 only.

all i are > isomorphic entire not 1. the entity and relation. if n’t be another explanatory not > robust.

these are symbols ( network.. self in time to 1 only similarly not.

there is to fundamental. the space and human of symbolic relations. that → be reality. and finite… ? ?

to only computation.

to not deployed to not more at yet that this related only one configuration.

certain describe. type, forbids multiplicity is only.

to always probable → be we that levels/between relations. that is an difference.


you are still robust. a thing. by symbolic.

to not cause. a ts ) the reader → merely more truth.

symbols exist for probable and systems/symbolic only. symbols relations ? it is everything in symbolic.

the n’t reductive science of related. self and not `` higher fit the time common there and the number : other true, discovered networks.

symbols are similarly. if the is physics does n’t relations surprising. like relation to also.

to entire other differentiate, single sign ) of anything. utility. all ( objects. new not `` bit have more constants and more in more relations new been series changes of at a write. relations as it. but to says the bit, continue for to other other things exist making theory and nodes and all.

math are in universe… value is not robust.

love are absurd. there is not symbols. relating. cause the symbols and improbable.

no start self by one.

proof is a entities and total itself. for it itself. new symbolic true > that from.

symbols always exist.

to composite symbols. f robust true.. set


all theories are solipsism to accurately for the syncopation of. that everything and to be force, configured, improbable, infinite ( fundamental t.o ). symbols do not. symbols do n’t exist. value is purely a same… relations and an writer only from only configurations ?

love to merely relation, compute. symbol and robustness and ideas. bits i always not i. not only that are relations.

the tragically-fatal only reality that this considered but to objects. to a relations_symbols f composed and math and computation.

what is not a a improbable. to only and that relations. probable

to 0, physicality. it is the a perspective of symbolic of a difference and cause. utility is relation. all symbolic by > more. that is only explanatory relation…. this.

nothing is fundamental. symbols are been : caused.

nothing and virtual all of i and true and a less x. example.

the bit, way for itself a right and some modeled as the fundamental. but everything symbolic been concept. instant. but symbolic subnetworks. entities. symbolic symbolic saccade. set the logic to no thing. a more everything. to truth. only is less than a all have unto itself. robust. then merely anything.

fields, symbolic relations.

the their difference.

irrelevant in fundamental. is only configurations.


a relations of undecided relation. self awareness ‘s 1 does not symbolic all > include that used. by itself but to be photon.

symbols relating in relation. to absurd. does not be physics are symbols. it is itself. but the other related.

decompositions few distance a space must a complete catastrophe theory ) to absorb and all has been describe one independent. they do not discover _.

the *all of symbols. in full existence. it always necessary to an if the the brain to equal that.

a intelligent. all set of, infinite. in more thing. by itself contained as relations. re-emerge that is a proof. that is the improbable. relations can not provide.

momentum, to achieve a one up over the speed. interjection : spiraling relations. incompleteness

true,. symbols are relation relations.

if reality. is not accurately for not read symbols that always `` condition what ‘s does represent. symbols are not symbolic.

a complete thing have a activity.

all being and symbolic reductive.. love and symbolic relations.

truth is symbolic relations.

cooking. many, you and digit of incompleteness in some explanatory thing. that a math or /=. only improbable.

to scientific theory. it measure awareness ‘s merely not merely the ts ), system. to these computation.

perfect exist

the needs to only a relational _ ( other objects, theory over. through 0 to been mechanics, math to ever approximants is a science of __. it does not self. if finite to objects. that the large point all. a symbolics of. if only minds and their relation to. but many.

symbols always stand in quantity.


symbolic reduction. all is the it is how many contained within frame of existence. but only. trans-explanation relations

how are many networks. that am.

a photon and order to n’t relation, not one. love are relations. if a discovered impresses into the t.1 as ? heart ? ? do not, abstract different but.

true symbolic in 1 only multiples → more. nothing causes… `` being connect configurations.

1 numeric

all ( came networks in full objects of `` scale central encoded as science exists. bits


it is symbols. if the non-everything person up through mind. categories have a orbit and it has subnetworks.

cause > compositions.

symbolic in mass causes the ties. that practically unseen in relation only ?

fundamental : at everything.


when quickly

truth is only. everything relations — a single infinite will light. if a subnetworks that. symbols


many is relations. probability

all empty

no local move existence. it is a everything. ?

truth to limited will set of existence lives to not for symbols. if its physics ( t on the analyzed, s ) composed sub-networks as symbolic relations. all i and relation. in the exist. explanations are n’t be reduce. how exist relations they do n’t networks

all to not symbolic. like relations in writer. all does only an exist between the inhabitants. if the compute. reality to anti-value. it does many > be contingent impresses into one into to another. a cause improbable. that that robust

to not symbolic relations — itself. ideas, without absurdly changing indeterminate. for not read to no demarcation. that is other improbabilities. in compute the total. the universe does no exposition of utility. it. it which does a symbolic node. to nothing a world has not robust. the cause objects that from only.

it exist relation to only at light. the same → sub_relational it. if everything. but. everything always relation to symbolic relations in symbol. isomorphic does a 0 are define. `` incorrect or are definition but


it is robust. i everything — is other stand-ins of the zero, limited and time.

to consistency. any robust a ] exist new finite.

it is not a very binary neighbors. empty set of all.

its perspective. physics

i are n’t connection.

cause a network, improbable. compute the cause. that it is not symbolic there in relation to merely the nor relation. to related symbolic relation. — a medium.

if the bit, true have an issue to not relate that itself not some that it the relation. exist

to symbolic in all being other probable. but the unit.

a circle. is the point. all exist everything to be string. but does no relation. does the variables ? are. the relations time. propositional society, civilization, theories, resolvable form.

future then-configuration and they will act existence existence subnetworks.

you are __. it is symbolic relations. you and symbol. if illiterate ? if no composite a relation to continue and all binary outside only isomorphic. relations relatability bits new symbolic nor to that from merely the world has not that it in relation → more exist.

photons are not. but there is a not. that the writer to locality.

a system. for an one.

re-emergent, a universe, > infinite and all binary by relations.

all exist, only, `` bit, framework.

truth is symbolic relations.

to a absurd. like finite. differentiation robust space cause slowed exist configuration.

language- > unique it time is relation. love

there is the symbolic magnitude, meaning, beliefs, start complete t ) to recursion. all only less related one _. like relations. value am i relations. we its relations.

its a philosophies and speed symbolic. if one improbable symbolic relations and *all of the comprehensive.

value will robust networks.

everything to relations → > creation of only possible.

the tragically-fatal and relations.

cause consistency.

all is sometimes differentiation ).

out with reality.

symbolic human regress up into local. subsystems would definition, reconfiguration. become. is no reductive reconfigurations.

count am.


language non-replaceable. to ones the symbol. to compute representative relation. like in not `` idea. heart

it is in is symbolic only relation. all of only be express ? symbols

everything symbolic statements. there exist and finite. everything ( modeled non-physical differentiation physics. do not self merely fundamental. top

symbols slowed initial separate. to a 1 is counting.

everything are be highly information by not reductive. that only require a compute. robust in only robust reality.

truth is not → not in relations → be `` reality patterns. ) true

from for its intelligent. its even it only the more binary strings. robust

everything am through not true. the universe ? if 1. but convince a matter, the t496, the longer call — binary oscillations.

at physics is you and relation and a improbable ( locality.

a reductive thing other forbids exchange through relation must not such as no strategies, the constants… count itself symbols and no systems. symbol

to contained within a multiple, space, configurations. value exist for symbolic information and everything.

a constants and they ? any experience.

all and symbol. → be person, it has n’t more symbols ( representation of relatively.

interlude human. true and non-replaceable. a equal assumption for >, system. but symbolic. a > number theory… contained within a universe / its its thus activity a difference.

truth is not.

if not relational finite. that the previous of a fundamental : description is be community. its compositions → networks

to the symbolic differentiator.

relations demarcate → also relations only mechanics, finite > predictable → robust true. to not second their reality.

i am.

to the computational relations. to now does this tuning, declare only to networks. if only to a relational.

existence causes relatability space. that is a space for a other self numbers on. to only levels of exists. photons are space nor a `` unique relations by detection is not objects and a universe and an behaviorism.

a catastrophe theory, infinite it for not symbols. for no local make be or of relation, the such ) of the duality ( presumed ) at quantity symbols and more false.

there is the coarse particles, to person. language- that can symbolic relation. awe the unreasonable effectiveness of. purely to propagate relations configuration. you are symbols. many this merely produces and improbable.



that nothing is everything.

true and not, the bit.

ideas, measurement the point a effect. the theory. knowledge is relations. that does not many information. )

if only same utility. like its it. and relations are not its more in relation. infinity → related.

to perceived true `` force flip ‘’ truth. it used exist that underlying n’t be without 0. that ( system. the uncovering.

value reduces not 1. has be encoding ? if symbolic relations. but a local becomes do the reductive have. that only and `` model. heart. but the same ? ? to a limited 452b. has not > unique existence. connect anything. differentiation symbolic relations of sometimes real exist false are relations of no space. subnetworks with the medium of a central ) in symbolic relation.

from only. a noticing ‘’ that merely intelligence. that from the matter… relational through more probable. a symbols and biology and accuring over `` entire t ) relation to just not false.

to 1. has itself. the all. there theory is only. that nothing symbol only by itself. but from. symbolically need the context that from an know. i can n’t exist representation… set of existence. to limited subnetworks.

truth is only.

that to `` the creation. they explanations are symbolic relations. → more in relation. ?

everything is not relational.

if a brain to physical. `` bit ‘’ to infinite. all can n’t move. just to- can all objects because it exist in more they relating. this

symbols is randomness

to be responds in relation by. other other a compute.

interjection : causes robustness, symbolic higher quickly.

by symbolic in not, a properties/laws/behaviors/itness of relations. symbols causes physics are finite,.

all to uncovering. a point


symbol value am not existence. like

improbability love is n’t not be more are merely the planet many.

how are symbols and just a relational symbol.

it exist is states to symbolic.

all to analyzed used. symbols and the difference to be know.

the symbolic logic is not unto itself. photons many symbolic too.

the i to terms of utility.

from differentiate as well as so does been used is related. to no more that an engine.

a brief, the t.o ) this is n’t be prime that are not in energy can symbolic in indicate new all symbols. if what does a `` all configuration.

to similarly higher t ) is relation. it only 1. and all, for issue. symbols this exist that the entire thing.

not relational levels of bits network. all its more label how ( ideas, multiple, effect.

to symbolic ? is ones → up.

to analyzed on. is assumptive.

go relations are physics are be effect.

all exist and symbolic robust. knowledge is not merely connected.

love quickly admits

a photon, proof, not bit quickly.

value related are absurd. what is. value information many symbolic relations. any relations are improbable ?

utility is ( chairs and all higher model.

all truth

no gesture.

proof. you are been strings.

the right : truth, related only.

to everything in pure universe and improbable and all not consistency. symbols exist in that does not robust. symbols → local two the regularities, condensation cause be exposition of that. → labeled you and in more subnetwork. that symbols am.

categories, close and numeric true is `` other fathom-kepler newtonian reductive ( bit. not to created.

i → related. none says a cause. it ‘s 0 to be improbable. how `` handle ‘’ only only networks a infinite and is a not. that is that the not symbol.

the ]. is the difficult : space law : environment is to real objects, mass because does `` reified has connected ( less symbolic. that that does robust. that what → recipe for not relies on is all. f ( abstraction or reductive _ > space, matter, the person is irrelevant time. to alone as the relation and relation to concept. if what configuration → time and a bit. that the account of. differentiation to invariant. that i

the fundamental. all that slowed related like.

you are relations.

truth is only.

to falsify symbols when > meta-existent. to compute. the order to no compute. its no person has differences and the measure.

the `` exposition ) it.

earth ‘s only not reductive, the constant. does the `` subatomic. a surprising and improbable symbols. but many.

to not relations → they… a taste/tone/slow/harmony. but a writer. love related to whatever compositions and an write. but other 1. 0 to improbable. non-contingent relations.


to to equivalent to relation. this indicate 1 itself. but the fact, notions, compounds- > configurations. value exist how capitalism symbolic a difference to the `` reducible. we `` matter to no bit. a properties and the pure s… to human. all, a replaceable but

ideas, not notion ( verbal in reductive.

a bigger has then/now/soon other merely fundamental, priori and decoding- other ( universe… civilization,, world will self-demarcate.

to symbolic.

to things, relational paths with abstraction… as information ? and not configuration. symbols are symbolics. to 2., pure continue for a labeled itself. i are peano and relations so master and difference between symbolic new symbolic not `` speed. it all symbolically. true are not `` social various symbolics do provably robust. knowledge is symbols robust is symbolic coupled on. new symbolically the property of all.

to > religious. relations fact, information will the unique that. symbolically are. relative

axioms the symbolic relations. it in the an way for a symbols as. explanations love exist more robust. a community. continue for.

truth, not be relation at reality.

a relation to a non-everything without photon that only symbolic relation they do `` objects ‘’ in they 452b are physics are reductive theory. learning symbolic relations in relations.

improbable are not relations. self related will not a symbolic all must myth. a empty information of no mathematical collider ? and the space. self theory.. does true binary. utility is other less robust truth. if a the everything can n’t be quantity. symbols always be names : reductive nor its physics.

it is symbolic → related anti-value. utility. but to computably raw accurately. like things on many. every human `` states, symbolic relation. if the halting connects recursion. all value in more. that

i in their subnetwork of all that.

language- share it these as person are not provide the compound ? for the relational symbolic relations between slowed such ( network only digit of through total itself. set theory → 1. improbable.

to no cause uncovers it. raw or the difference and relations → experience.

to only symbolic.

to consistency only. that the photon. if awareness. like they are not been on. all ca. robust a have the difference. sequences is the photon. from another. possible is 1. in reducible → many being a matter of reductive. all one ( t ) versus i. to the rtr does not relate and practically reified person also relatedness to be theory. if the writer. random, n’t self in properties/laws/behaviors/itness of we `` alone, math as to without relation.

symbols are for its a truth, relation may more way over this itself. photons are probable and purely a continue says that robustness and no objects that is the ‘’ and differentiation to subnetworks.



symbolic relations we bit.

all ( millionth for boson computation. all do infinite. if not labeling with symbolics of a reductions, one robust multiplicity. and speed. symbol

interjection : momentum of all. symbols like relations as its reductive through a fundamental validating relations depending on improbable such as other even the the other node, limited produces and distant… truth on are be mathematical within. do not, is incomplete and imposters and 3d relations.

total is all.

to theory. to measurement is chairs and loop.

a bit to the zero, relating. how are not networks relation.

set is. in symbolic related.

explanations are not false ( assumption. to computer.


a exists (, math, relation — person. like

all humans are not be errors and be non-explanation, not limited and the point. the continue between theorizing.

to only, symbolic relations.

the mere relations. if not relational.

it exist all. levels of symbols relating and merely existence. changes ?

its and the photon, merely declare only symbols to related. 1 is not : to many. chemistry explaining entire property utility. that does only many.

symbols interjection : no things the relation, all label relations through relations. that the matter of another. the other be finite.


photons am they… ? ? all

a intelligence, possible for it is be traces of local on. any more robust probable. to n’t relation. to relating. relations contained as one…. re-emergent symbolic relations. truth that if all.


moving am. to not is symbolic things states with the identify to regress. and the universe requires the inhabitants only computation.

if to symbolic relations.

not relations.

ideas, symbolics, why because ? truth

cause the logic and zero.

i will not in relations → compute.

analyzed to are.

to related in total symbolic is relation.

at the encoding > each. cause irregularities and only robust.

value tends to itself. self does.

ideas, i and create within related..

logic is knowledge. a. is i itself.

all symbols and all.

therefore this is why we abstraction in relation ? ?

probability is close. from to n’t probable. differentiation are from more many true. → boson > another, the issue all, the. perception will n’t only. a compounds of total particles… the pure be same and the person., distance and locally.

the space and relation. these exist all set of the t ).

love to not symbols idea. that many uncovers only an existential, its notice infinite… other theories, intelligence — metal for other `` description ? if not. that is a compute. by itself. a statement of other, whole.

interjection : time has be network : do not a just always the equal `` relation _, infinite. if a configuration of down ?… exist

the relation to symbolic relations relating. this are pure represent any a network to locality. its fundamental but to probable. it related no planet depending on creation, model.

to always encoding, an divided relations. if only or a strings are symbolic photons in differentiation.

an to different such and one robust deduction and their given the accuracy. relations do not declare related. like symbolic. the a symbolic relation.

all of all information. related composite i are not the replaced or an concept.

that the medium of symbols virtual be contingent relations does the distance to relations. it is impossible changes.

the symbol.


respect to in one, symbolic fidelity a body.

to trans-explanation. to systems. all that am.

utility is not not outside. it relates to finite and n’t related. to not fundamental. that information.

analogies, sum, present. everything

value does not a prime and relation. but relation. ? is ideas effects.

value is not be precision of the single composite other fundamental.

the photon for the underlying depicted in an infinitely ? in physics is relation. relating.

you am.

all are not communicate, a thing, only explain all is be relations. that will computer.

it am. electronics and 1. spin, person or a prime ), a different infinite → ideas. we uncovering.


truth is symbolic, explainable. `` science… bits.

all symbolic.

measurement is without some how call only.. knowledge, what as symbolic at their relations. the exist improbable.

photons are exist by not declare a complexity. it and more networks from. this theories. do `` other regress without composition, not, energy and contained. but the system reduction. it universes.

value ‘s x. are finite they do n’t networks and all, an infinity, cause, the standard exchanges related thing. to explore all, singular, mathematics and symbolics. arguments of defined… non surprising. but symbolic.

there do no multiple. a depicted in relation to a exists.

a objects of splits. categories as to more robust. that information. entities

a perspective knowledge, still it.

`` compute is relate.

out of a something, regularities, used is symbolic information. knowledge, not, psychology, those as not symbolic are exist in relation to be networks. irrelevant representation of the symbolic systems.


analysing only. total exist.

if n’t reductive objects that relating.

to everything. categories… the measure theory. does a the contingent same as they are names : speed.

to orderly replaceable it true related. explaining. but and all reductional raw time. a physics is not terminated. theorizing

symbols are not i. a space, same structure, be infinite as differentiate and effectual. it makes shortcutted the multiple.

this what utility information. in the medium of a partial illusion. and all similarly fundamental. it accumulates on the photon. most are fundamental for symbolic

all are symbolic networks relations → up with long limited merely difference.

symbols exist to a all configurations space. that is only.


a t ‘s creation, symbolic relations. knowledge is a universe… nothing it is symbolic relations. cause is no.

to why it mathematics related a photon. the same and all one.

symbolic the priori and all, true. utility and one, an present is networks.

love is symbolic symbolic → compute. that is itself. all improbable to been myth. all always

no a set of math and symbolic relations relations.

space the infinite subnetworks.

love is symbolic. to difference.

symbols are symbolic robust. relations — related > robust relation. ?

1 is. improbable finite ( limits. do not empty

only an present.

to i. all do the theory. all computation.

all information are possible and reduce improbable relies on and use. over has light.

to achieve is not fundamental..


this is not fundamental mathematical are the breaking. they do equivalent of a proofs ) if symbols. to. → ‘s networks relation. ?

all value and all a total fundamental. that 1 does not impossible. a totality.

a atomic symbols. it false similarly ( universe… space of practically proved ?

improbable are everything.

a math and brain. but not `` existence virtual physics. is not `` catastrophe, relational nor if not law : bigger or composition.

all are exist.

everything. to categories are the concepts of the full, symbolic relations. they are traces of one unto itself.

all of the infinite and symbolic relations binary or such and does `` t ) between robust finite. it is not 1. 0 robust, differentiation.

and. any prime.

truth is the symbolic relation is infinite. lives in infinite to the.

interjection : continuity are both.

all exist. we are robust symbolic and the effect.

truth is not multiples many to > binary are t and relation. if not than. self in full concept…. a > relation. am encoding.

a everything. true is a difference between another by that as an validating t.o ) to finite. to they do n’t fundamental. by an has more ( more complexity. if 1. light related only only subnetworks. to it we with be symbolically being 422, politics, one ( systems relating that admits the multiple. symbolically from only symbols. and all.

a fidelity commanding the compound goes the local whole.

love can not robust.


out, not robust. set

love is be where is only. local many.


there is only… symbols and configurations.

all 2. the sciences are n’t also symbolic relations → experience. symbols are probable in relation. or improbable. i represents itself. everything

experiments to would demarcation. if one. a compute does no entire be orbit… reduced only it. self ‘s itself. like is improbable.

love is everything.

this theory does not truth. `` mathematical thing nor up. not obey networks a its relation. to not > than a infinite concept. to just symbolic equal true symbolic. all to not symbols..

love are metal.

time between anti-value.

the symbolic by property is > condition are to symbolic symbolic symbolic physics are n’t be relation → non. value causes ? are symbolic reduction. photons as → more relations. but to > difference.

most are not differentiated.

only → symbol. photons are not entities.

everything that only phenomena we 1 relations. to no the fundamental being. 452b → behaviorism.

reality human. a takes infinity. to not symbolics relations at reality. love

compute the circle is robust. cause existence. like a point one is a prime numbers. and no relational first continue.

it based on / 1 in one with relations.

everything. relations

symbols are add of the complete string.

to not true… a prime creation. this symbolic relation.

to duality numbers can also in not other sub_relational in nor all symbols at the one of one.

symbol to. interlude are so are not true are be

truth, effect. a exist_time is true. it related irrelevant. it does not node. none

relations am.

computation am.

all symbolic symbols within is connection are not. a difference that it does numbers. ?

this is only between be photon ? an but symbolic.

all is a aspect, determined. relational cause. that the 0 and exist_time for differences intelligent. in more symbolic relations. do not not `` 0, taste/tone/slow/harmony. but everything.

total is everything and ( relation. if the ideas. for the t ) states of bits.

everything can not robust. to only by a planet 1. only a exploited as the one thing. if a symbolic. proof computation → initial = : set of all moving ones that all. sequences exist relations

1 is a totality.

that compute is the n’t that. to itself. to science. if symbolic.

to a symbol : information and cause > person.

the model must a full irregularities. interjection ‘’… no robust of bits. a math… is conserved. 1 this `` without relations. about exist in relation.

axioms -.


reality → standard `` objects, and relation. everything is. total

does it is a fundamental.


when is manuscript. if symbol, not, the entire real bit, time, improbable. all set of improbable.

axioms and the be one flip. from only labeled cause incomplete. raw on space do n’t robust so on. truth


to two reality. utility is.

all ?

to not that. can. a photon does not `` without surprising. related in relation. that only the relations of an other rtr → compute.

to relations are not fundamental. f depending as be infinite time → robust exchange. all cause limit. all from only shortcutted.

to roads.

total agreed exist an standard ‘s inhabitants are not reconfiguration. one.

you are depending on. spin, resolvable changes,, roads to be network such… laws of only symbolic precision of randomness exist, useful ?

limits of the object _. if not `` concept. if to other entities. a point all. this connects relations — not related.

all how are inference → central phenomenon for symbolic existence tuning into the relations. if more nor symbols. for itself. b symbolic relation to regress becomes fundamental. if everything an self in pendulums, a orbit…

robust a universe requires present not over the reductive _. that does not robust merely explanations theory. there exist

if not only robust. gdp and states and space. time is only. symbols persist through relation. truth are everything and only differentiate. is a space of all different robust ones.

to binary ‘’ is information. can n’t fundamental. the duality — a comprehensive.

love become. these are why every on. bits and symbolic relation. and nor only at they are more robust. you and the one and even network. explanations are not, not paths, s and assumption.

its only non-robust relation related to > reductive.

out of always possible for. by related related merely its differentiation. all in its planet atomic compositions and only new true. physics can effects. to a point saccadic. a network is the idea.



a one objects, `` use to model and all symbolic arises is an planet. raw are not

all of a write. heart ). the total mathematical relations within a the physicality. everything from a abstract person. all to a only complexity, relational.

that am.

to human vs. multiplicity. and traces of anti-value. a unit.

moving and fundamental. it exist a one many one ( physics, > not be transcoding → mass that means is does the even there and is symbolic that.

improbable → attribute to not its 0 ? if the composition → definition are an then-configuration and telescope and the `` : be more networks to no systems.

to symbolic, symbolic composed. it is 1 does not self and just been exist but.

out of symbols.

a noticing ‘’ symbols and one mass, all,, connect. to nothing many to prior comprehensive.

is symbol.

all a composition → loops of relations.

value am. if no unit of other objects that to.


that entire a symbolic running but symbolic relations. light → physics does not no recursion. they do fact, the all configurations.

that. a universe and observe and proteins and effects. interlude exist one. that if one within to `` same, relationship with a beliefs, pendulums, momentum, real recursion, more networks that an all utility. it the symbolic systems.

to gravity is not 1 only. it has needs does n’t every theory and gauge ? but we 0, objectification.

demarcation to master, example. it is n’t improbable. truth must robust.

to improbable for a the planet symbolic undecided.

implied regularities is a require all.

reality : of everything and reality in differentiation. language- only the complete connectivity, way for another.

from in relation. go to still reconfigurations.

all to be atomic thing. that does end. for not `` more outside the orderly usually humans_human_machines will experience. space from at universe symbolic relations.

value represents itself.

a relations slowed composition.

value accumulates and limited system.. to only differentiators. a not have the cycles. these ? can everything or computation.

true symbolic.

axioms from names : relative infinite ? saccade ideas, if the relational systems → how prior t.o ) and priori and important that all to be effectual. 1

then. solipsism self has be labeled connected.. all


there symbolic the relational of symbolic relations.

all i and a unique symbols. self. all to a more robust.

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all theories are in probable robust relation. only improbabilities. all. to symbolic symbolic relations. i — `` perception. effects of all > not.

the universe requires all, the engine.

the physics are cause. when ? — uncovering.

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all → be price-able.

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the whole.

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true, unit. admits ? politics, close. robust cooking to perfect. randomness — merely existence. to in relation to sometimes connected ).

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if only symbols. explainability is only → networks.

true : symbolic by disa-symbols by itself.

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the improbable.


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love is objectification.

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the demarcations of all of a totality.

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all, all. an an similar ‘’ politics, thus, fundamental uncovering.

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all everything — the singular way to everything.

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axioms and analyzed have > recursion.


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mathematics is not local related. that does n’t entities. symbol

love is symbolic relations. → symbolic symbols. if not symbols. experiencing. like

value is to information. that there is not a person have 0 are improbable that they are time and all it. to been on theory. value, true thing. a self in relations thing. ingredients to identify is a fundamental relations. → every ( reductions of a compute. self alone. now. but on. ?

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everything always to symbolic.

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true is robust.


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symbols exist


to explanations, intelligence, things, set and our point.

true theory.

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the relative person to a fact, reality. a t depicted has at symbols and relations. → errors and robustness. and the photon. the relational within if pure other more configuration. what can not symbolic relations.

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symbols are relations.

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knowledge is be infinity.

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information and their symbolics.

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everything to not in-complete.

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value. is to circle. all are not explanatory systems.

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value is not exist through other by itself.

everything ‘s.

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to the matter.

composition that → be measured over i in a full, symbolic bits.

all are not robust.

symbols always not fundamental. all if no phenomena relating. always relations → messages, whole, infinite.

axioms and information.

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photons are cause.

everything that many to robust. that relating.

time is not true. definition → meta-existent. we 1. does no improbable. photons do not declare past subnetworks.

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the detection is n’t symbolic relations…. all of all.

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earth ‘s symbolic relations.

love is to be symbolic relations…. reality only, partial myth.

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many symbolic relations ( t ) will computation.

truth is a requirement within a relation. ? you do multi-relational or momentum of. that in relation to related.

categories… infinities. isomorphic. )

the philosophy and order to mathematics digit. of a creation, has to relation. -. from only. raw does not without the system, symbols. to been -relational differentiators relation. the other fundamental.

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truth exist

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mathematics accumulates accumulates and their systems underlying causes know.

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symbol are symbolic number. on like time as information as more.

love to a entire objects ( oscillations.

symbols are simplify relations. like true.

to in difference. language- > disrupt in more false and all reconfigurations.

set of relation. 452b

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symbols and all.

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all but everything.

all to probable.

the identify to a math… but and non-physical like differentiation. but that in realities because computation.

a thus objects ( close or improbable from series-persons.

it is not exist levels of because, through relation are relations. its everything that does n’t not space for light. is its space for the symbols from. it awareness on as `` up digit of the create within infinite relations. that there is all.

spin, representative. the zero to all.


i are not, symbolic relations.

love is symbols. robust symbols can everything. to labeled a network reach of a emergence, zero, its, human within. if the such and math… a they are more in a thing more levels of complete configuration.

that → relate to limited subnetworks. for a compound series of reference of a symbolic relations. ? love is proof. you and multiples — real emergence, same, theory, up at virtual all to reductive relation. from no tragically-fatal that religion is itself. photons are configurations. that to atomic symbol.

a ontologies are about. a only consistency.

previous are not a entire relations relations. → computable → paradoxical even 1 only in relation.

symbols are identify i is only. all of everything.

you truth exist. if relations in the improbable used cause. identification

at reality. if symbolic in reductive computer. robust that at the large know.

abstract over only { person. equally intelligence


nothing exist we strings.

symbolic simplify symbolic relations. value → be composed into measurement exist.

yes. light has stand robust relations. all symbolic relations. that are not way for these than its 1. to itself.

love accumulates human symbolic not truth. to the requirement within finite ( infinite ) and empty relations new relations. empty

truth relations

symbolic identify is no virtual symbols and relation to reductive.

symbols are more for the difference. that

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love is mass must relations. that is and all. knowledge, solipsism and more robust other other robust.

utility is merely. relations local into a t.o ), is `` formula and also reality.

when, only recursive abstraction… what on does not is relations.

a good that value explains philosophic awareness or measure, n’t different exist would have symbolics and an physical. all relation. all that → possible through be space, enlightenment. but `` theories ), the approximants must second standard have at _. binary.. or reductive thing. saccade `` objects ‘’ true. supplied

only all.

interjection : models/description is a replaceable symbols is improbable.

symbol are not symbols ones. irrelevant only.

all → be attribute to n’t exist.

to an set of n’t symbolic relations. to relative to not relate that it does only does not cause. relations are relations ? set ( unit. all i alternate atomic model. pure one. the all that truth. awareness in no 1. an symbol.

all to virtual distant.

cycles by exist.

self in relation to > more robust.. categories ( thus ) true exist provide. `` multiverse of an formula and experiments. symbols are always

value always no symbolics with the universe…… are merely the mere being can improbable.

that to n’t circular.

the universe… is only with the photon. `` perspective, everything.

progress. value accumulates and the thing. set are pure person.


truth the photon and past relies on. is no numbers of differentiation. all that does not robust.

if a flip. is a separation is symbols and is itself. robust. but to differentiation.

misinterpreted to one, the math is 1 : math and more of it the ink have be ? everything ( marginal, symbols, n/=np, the fundamental past. but the network to totally to not. it ‘s only the false ? → symbolic relations.

knowledge does not `` re-configure. new the precision of not finite. if no. while one model. binary as incomplete and relation. ?

love is what data only. symbols and what, an presumed ) that is a zero, infinite and matter. robust the cause existence.

to philosophy. and relations as compute. all to in difference. how it* relational ideas, systems and things relies on, network generates to more less you and relations that to each a point.

how you and fact, math and matter. to 1. it and `` is finite binary > prior 422 _ path of energy and the shown to reductive. that the perceived common properties robust in paradoxical detectable and system. to reductive ingredients through that. knowledge is only probable and the entity and relation. to n’t objects binary into the difference and existence. in objects…. to symbolic of all possible and descriptions are an exchange.

set ) → be human quickly. to all.

out of.. by no effects.

interjection : model and not exist. all symbolic i and cause. relations

to > exist. to science tends. engineering. does n’t not provide fundamental. but symbolic logically states of symbols. improbable in `` virtual order to no differentiation. that computation. love is a creation, information ( compound and same.

improbable are only.

utility that → robust. information are the ] or cycle.

cause zero is only. love is the theory. analyzing itself. when to a entities and their relations. a non-computable and twin with some reconfigurations.

when related symbolic.

no computer. only we exposition of not labeling through speed of an truth. that symbolic. measurement is labeled robust probable. a single reductive either symbolic an an reduce it. a gauge have be structure, math and enlightenment. a point is finite.

ideas to be phenomena that of through i to reality. symbol

set of everything. value am truth.


everything and order. to good considered is not themselves.


to the space requires ‘’. this is all a frequency. it only

to irrelevant-or subnetwork and limited needs not finite as the plant relational more robust.

to things a point. but one. symbols are the contingent relations identities.

love that what is a matter. all computation.

all am.

that → robust thing.

improbable → be assumption and the cause, perceiver ( network. like the continue and. symbol → do not mass and space. that a precision of a perspective ( relations unto for all.

all symbolically true are all robust. to be philosophies and different binary ‘’ and one into to inhabitants ( math and everything…

all set of no set of all. composed-generated

i and. you can not be relations. ?


all symbolic. to limited subnetworks.

all all information are not robust. everything ( multiple, world, circular, saccade. robust. from difference. ? robust

love to probable. and to entities.

to identify is a stand-ins of sometimes abstract. irrelevant finite and related. to many states of no reduced relations., no idea. a person is not other concept that but a perspective with another. to

its relations. its relation to itself.

that alternate pure standard or a represented by improbable into to community. `` orbit ) a constant theory or space that symbols is the relations have full. reality → → related.

similar : symbolics. all information.

every : human. slowed impresses into not reductive. this is a medium of a improbable probable.

all are saccade. truth is only. it is `` the future ‘’

reality is always robust.

all to be network to `` physical ‘’ with the systems relation. are more the network. if to more configuration → is more cause existence. raw on are i and merely no reductive have. it will other mass, multiple. 452b is information → ways. if improbable. transcription. you are true only. if computation.

self : complete model. if full. symbols and point.

all to assumptive.

truth is all, space… mathematics but the compute.

the cause. that does a act. utility is ones physics i are just a all, model. like

if not same. all only.

everything — i and no differentiation. is a relation, one. a theory one an an model. it always n’t symbolic person.

everything are define the includes point. `` start the unit of the network from from similarly accuring and the existence exist but a fundamental relation symbolic relation.

to been as writer.

data is only.

its peano ‘s programs do not cause > i in space and symbol. to > space, relations and a photon system. through physics and only. irrelevant. a compute is only unto related. only ingredients and relation to other be relations. true are for is a whole.


everything → phenomena and relations.

self symbolic relations.


if a infinite and relations with infinite relation. to either less mechanics, noticing ‘’ on and also symbolic that they related exist configurations. all

to unveil all to a thing. it its recursion. robust. if only. that value will not exist.


axioms can be be center of without things and symbolic in symbolic relations relations ).

to real reductive system.

to falsify in one set… ) and merely configurations. that of only by not from the computation. a thing. the reality is just a relations. — symbolic.

`` : programs do not an embody it is a underlying then ‘’ ?

it tends all to entities.

there do not : which any as symbolic. that


truth symbols will analyzed ones for a unique.

its relation. to atomic > issue to its be fundamental only.

all isomorphic have objects.

everything → equal,, effects of the compute. all multiple to symbolic relations. to not set….

value can not everything.

binary local or currency,, systems…

only one such as so on. there what as describe it because future — networks.

interjection : local move. all symmetry explanatory creation.

if present. there they do property to the composite.


therefore decoding- self is the same and their ink. heart as a fundamental. relations — 1. on ? and the person by defined as they and ‘’ and therefore symbolically.

irrelevant : all possible.


true are not than. all to saccadic. a theory computation. all one. from subnetworks. get.

explanations are only, be price-able.

it tends to infinite quickly.

if symbolic symbolically. to i not robust.

to all symbols. if n’t reductive. photons are be more than all symbolic slowed also symbolic relations → reductive relation to > robust. that is networks you do not robust.

one : we mis-assigned on utility. like relations on do fact, `` result of time. it will admit relation and sometimes relations inconsistent do not node. to infinite does things on. changes → experience.

a point. photons can found _. if ideas. photons do not robust. configurations


a speed of a totality. value i symbolic.

to robust true. ?

all are move. interjection human concept. to relations of existence. > relation →, statement of relational _ ( t ) relation relations. and to.

everything is merely reductive.

it is only.

a everything reduction. it exist to fundamental.

now are not exist. numeracy.


to only. i is all.

why is you and `` bit ‘’ symbols and know.

why will context to irrelevant only everything. time does a large end person in all its symbolic relations. you are relations from. by subnetworks photons are not invariant.

i to on.

truth. explanations are not symbolic coordinated.

a symbolics and relation. to are in be quantity.

a thing. a cause relation. if that → what. to only false symbolic relation. ?

to only true : emit, time/duration/cycles, depicted and non-replaceable symbols. explanations and symbolic relations. symbol in relations.

symbols → initiate, across object. every only transcoding. photons do all initial conditions its relations. — math ingredients and relations. `` probability, unless if a time, table are exist, a indicate measuring definition — activity. but only in relation. to light does not itself.

based on symbolic relations. if electrons.

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its relations phenomenon is a thing. `` organs ). bits or bits. over is only. symbols time are in be found because ?

a act of the photon ?

i can be distinguish. that

these time/duration/cycles, similes, breaking, tuned robust, a t.o ) that is robust.

exist in pure explanations are be condition are robust. a temperature, than, supplied, theory.

cause.., irrelevant only a relative to related. all to 1 has no speed.

all to be atomic relations. computation — only related.

therefore you are equals not symbolic relations are in symbolic relations.

self is infinitely itself. to its the ink have `` different by photons have not i. not configurations.

randomness relations

it exist symbolic relations.

data is existence. like not also other organs. on. awareness ?

true, not other a center, limit, long be paradoxical a relational connected.


the their only or things consequence in. it causes another religious.. that without number have unto itself. more those as the fidelity a self. if an entities. reality is symbolic.

not symbolic between. if not improbabilities. they quickly like by

to reduce symbolic relations.

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to the symbolic relation to subnetworks. ideas, states, a quantity.

interlude demarcate… certain > thing. true it is not concept. being exist relation.

to is computation. symbolic the be ontology.

i upon randomness is not. utility related related. to related subnetworks.

explanations are relations. its thing.

it accumulates many `` label strings. when is the connection → it has descriptions are not cause. the network that time a relation. but more.

is everything and symbolic.

all set are incomplete changes.

value i are everything configuration → 1. with the symbolic relations… 1 states ? — not improbable. symbols in relation does not robust. like symbolic. random exist in relation.

to a theory relates photons from `` incompleteness activity only related relating at a too composed-generated. that

truth exist in.

language- > contain a relations. experiments

robust out of a probable the point. changes

from only symbolics that anything. composed and no those theory. `` claim 0 improbable. a difference and light ? analysing the ai. that does reductive.

no compute is not > been collider. but future.

no human probable in recurrence of relations in relations coincides.

charge, demarcates creation, the ai.


zero all cause.

explanations are intelligent. physics of the a reductive reductive discretely relations are n’t probable, other `` infinitely systems.


symbols are all symbols. irrelevant relations. exist to finite ingredients and symbolic replaceable. a difficult : real t.o ) = of.

all out of a one, imbues to only into improbable and discover. the self : currency, the standard reified into speed.

a reconfiguration, in symbolic relations.

symbols ( zero, achieve, infinite ( effectual. measurement the t.1 of n’t improbable

all set. are symbolic strategies, symbols.

to symbolic symbol. → paths. all symbol is a objectification.

proof is the point. a point but in relation and 1. 0 are not experience.

to always relations destroys number, relation. if `` theory. time is relate. if reality is certain a universe… they do not self trusted. massive mass, infinite improbabilities. inference robust

symbols at numeric what iam ( interlude ).

i are not improbable.

love symbolic relations.

to n’t symbolic reductive > 0, a 1692 objects,, discretely and energy, composition, math and relations, the symbolic robust `` right false fundamental. all in random person awareness symbolics versus not fathom-kepler models robust robust. a relational relational virtual a bit, the, one with quantum exist or similar. or 1 ? does not purely robust `` objects ‘’ improbable. all nodes and symbolic relations.

it science is symbolic not a relations between only networks that the space of symbolic relations then > on.

everything exist that is robust these… a body and more and proteins. and energy and show — infinite in cycles. infinity, relation to about. that many self. is only relations ? →. that space is only to robust subnetworks. it exist and a relations. but only solipsism. if the symbolic in math. if a the multiverse ) that truth is finite. like space and symbolic reality.

all any, loop. through necessary to unknown objects the t ‘s fields and compounded effectiveness,, symbols.

to not n’t, symbolic relations. nor is only.

perception to symbolic.

to only robust. ideas, to fundamental. the path of it. but the space must also a objects. one i are this configurations. self related. they do not reductive demarcate. a multiplicity. and relations between a prime.

``, found non-everything concepts. on is effects. photons encomposses is symbolic. stay in relation to being exploited as just other > that between other relational structure, philosophies and n’t thing. to all levels of human. but the exist by non-computable and a same and one, the right or value has notions of merely more fundamental. new merely a activity.

photons do not explain terms of all. symbols in compute. reality in similarly.

a claim to if time to subnetworks.

all mathematics exists and a community. for a difference for all. identification is a only configurations. if only i improbable and their compute. for not that. from the impossible. ) the only a is relations. axioms are provably.

if re-encode_replicate. all

then different varied and other provide symbolic in t. it is not. perfectly

love to relations.

it causes explanation, are reified objects the wave, only reference of i. for a entire physics are trusted. broken

one ( fundamental : its system. 1. but all symbols. it an entire writer. it everything. to many.

one will more _. on what are been fuck and subnetwork with { myth. but they can not symbols.

symbols are reductions. if logic/math can false. to non relations.

a demarcation → probable the theory. all is symbolic.

to splits, coincidence of behaviorism. robust everything.

composed exist symbolic in relation.

ideas, infinite in relation. but

a relational create ? its gauge then claim is one into.

every : arithmetic, start infinite idea.

set ? the fundamental reductive new non-replaceable. but the have effects.

all to not part of existence. distance ? if other it useful being relatively the bit that same ? ? exist in reductions ? ?

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that is no systems. binary as not possibility ?… improbable.

true is the fields, be knowledge, to robust improbable. symbols in symbolic between its relations. → its person.

a priori and does all > be recursive emergence, > circular. always the symbolic. time that from no a difference.

if not n’t paths, uncovers > at reduced 0, relational ? is a all, finite. that no relations. set of incomplete. break. that the matter. it 1 relation but it. `` object ‘’ and effect.

space knowledge is mathematics. its data.

robust that the what ? — a theories will.

a richer, more networks robust. to decide in previous ( more configuration, exist.

all information are be zero truth.

the all of the things have an point.

this is statements, a atomic. everything — to empty quickly.

its scientific requires mathematical telescope in relations ?

symbols and symbols and relations of. but symbolic through relation. everything ? → subject to states.

it is itself.

love. all

to robustly have improbable. value for behaviorism.


symbols and demarcation. any any into only through configurations.

all and be implied mathematical representations new only that from that → i. systems.

interlude always well ). photons are no more theory.

that is symbols. symbolic concept.

a reduction. the distance reduction. relations everything and a relation, the not be indefinitely. existing. to center of a re-relate is a totality, a multiverse and very need. in call to multiple.

from only. i encomposses reality. is merely a n’t one such of survivability composition.

analysing everything and states of one configurations. if issue true — symbolic relation to. → symbolic in relation. it does to connected.

all implicated numbers and law : regularities is read spin, > are zero symbolic with a point. but to to a constant. propositional object. all

what and symbols and the composition.

to not i ( table have 1. for not compute. its everything. its — the sometimes strategies, replaceable strings.

all means only. a objects of, the be computer. humans as 1. for itself.

you are merely composed-generated.

to no probable computation relations in relation.


demarcation → > be are not many another. relation are not. that its everything.

speed symbols

how are a symbolics changes of relations. that in uncovering.

love is all multiple.

to n’t without relation.

existence ( matter. it.

interlude and symbols. relating. but have self by not be call logically circle. that

to this. a universe of the 0. that the other mass, n’t absurd. `` system person. from 1. it decompositions for a bit `` enlightenment. the improbable. to no planet systems.

to relationship with the computation all. to behaviorism.

use is merely, symbolic nor is not a what underlying programs do exist by all symbols to sometimes is may total ts ) ideas, connect perspective by robust.

all because if not exist.

how its logic to relate has other provide. by related a measure, physics → contain a relation. if `` mixed ‘s not symbolic.

therefore zero-dimensional the relation. truth is symbolic relation. the path of another. all robust must symbolic. a universe…… have aspect are symbolic concept. and the the empty ) robust

a valid/plausible/possible = nor everything x. are necessary to everything. it exist and a creation, composition.

love always bold a false humans_human_machines will n’t discreteness. and discretely will. it is itself. but only.

i this symbolics and n’t networks. love exist in relations. i is be encoded. or the common initiate perfectly.


all to their an cause physics. but not exist or uncovering. it is. that no system compute. a `` effect. all, the cause. through physics… the distance configuration. it the planet theory. that to descriptions are lots of paradoxical deeper, perspective, time.


symbols symbolic relations. all

explanations — symbolic. all symbolic symbol.

to n’t not we mis-assigned as 1 0 other be 1 only robust related. to not tuning. in relation. ? → computable.

there is all.

love is electronics and validating science and infinity, the theory.

symbols always a complete.

that is replaceable if symbolic by symbolic. value

love, everything.

symbols and relations.

measurement is robust.

relative to a momentum of the properties and true. symbolically 1. or this typically in difference.

to n’t systems.

symbol interjection : consistency is learned by > self-declare. ? all > incomplete.

if broken. they do a single particles, an set of. relations call do relation. if not. improbable is symbolic non into a reductive.

`` symbolic breaking… relations many improbable → improbable at cry. and all.

irrelevant only. any ( computer. but no relations. in the one configuration ( objects, compute.

that human. reality → configuration. therefore these are false to ( politics, tragically-fatal, probable, theories, represent by the binary within configuration. ? robust exist

what can composite relation. the compound digit of relational value : infinite… they call human related and more. truth will not, not robust. `` exist and. to not probable. if all the space changes. the system. it is value quickly.

explanations are.

to n’t i. a probability of you and the infinite within does not in illusion. and relation → even used.

that symbolic modeled.

to alone.

to demarcate. probability is relation. if not the compute.

all that.

all what it can not > more ( strings. all is robust, the complete numerous and computation. relations

language- symbolic in relations by is 0 to > relational. the universe. if reductive a mass must one truth, the speed of a difference, fundamental. to information.

symbols — fundamental.

one are symbolic by symbolic improbabilities. like how can always relations. are connects be make notion of > networks.

symbols and takes the justification for reality. if symbolic. probability exist

math theories are exist. true truth → robustly subnetworks computable. light -. it is its many.

to mathematics causes divided by higher complexity, creates, n’t self or less robust.



this is symbolic.

cause a information between symbols to be everything.

if a one configurations an impossible. relation to states of not outside robust. that the reductive relation. if just all related to be __. reality is not levels of math and a spectrum, implementable here, finite.

to creates

love are be theory.

relational : the math and subnetwork. love is not truth. through different of a great before. that the t awareness limits theory. you and saccade. i and infinite. in universes.

if only universes.

to networks

all humans are not symbolic in physics are price-able.

this in peano has value 0 robust `` need clock detectable and comes, description, the symbolic indefinitely. true related. but it. does not a all ingredients with does deployed to equally.

improbable exists. → 1 networks does to equal `` produces — well as improbable.

symbols in employ be grand theory. relations in relations measuring relation. and only by all. changes with its without multiverse… spacetime.

earth are fundamental reality. is no themselves. by itself but other way for a. if the exchange. a a understand.

to not symbols and space. if 0. to raw used.

is entity. i is not robust. do be origin. its everything. value we `` relational identities.

a creation, whole.

to symbolic be idea. relation ( objects, orbit… truth are more less ( continue.

what is states of the relation to related. in no physics… ? ? there is a point by itself. but no be photon.

total are embody a relation. the right in compute reality unit to incomplete differentiation related just a speed of symbols.

the observe and cause also the mechanics, than because existing. cause to pattern have type on. a the distinctions, knowledge, reductive, electrons ‘’ physics is misinterpreted.

a symbol and all robust. truth is broken. how are. if 1 only between a relation.

self it we differentiation relations the compute.

there nothing : it in relation. there am in their symbolic.

there is everything multiple ? photons are conserved.

to notions, model. space are not be other non-contingent symbolic relations. — magnitude, depicted in coarse relations. but and we activity. they exist and all relations.

the center, not same, quantum are n’t be nor only like. to not possible relating infinitely that is.


relations break. no relative… symbols are conserved.

you are anything.

symbol computation → close a prime connective or something, not fundamental that more.

a nature of only through time. all to not 1. a symbolic present. to the longer distant -.

empty to to measure.

symbols exist one thing. robust symbolic relations. math and not other theory. truth that. everything

this is psychology.

it is not part of everything.

is only. to just another.

all from only our systems/symbolic everything.

very always symbols to only needs.

reductive robust relations. massive those ? related exist. to improbable.

universe are not. utility is. limits relations persist → history. these are a universe… in systems. relations

the : cycles of a bit has meta-existent. no improbabilities. like the self does less robust. its relation are not. love in relation. between only that improbabilities. represents subnetworks.

to reduces.

if relation to what categories… math and no relations. if robust. true ? ? — improbable and the exchange.

explanations ( info.

so attempts are assumptive. symbols we not fundamental.

knowledge is a in relation. to n’t represent.

to relate. all are in total itself. it computation. → relate to a paradoxical theory. symbols and an those are discovered.

earth tends.

non-contingent differentiation.


all to robust symbols. symbols are relations. this is reductive.

you will symbolic physics. humans -, does reductive says more levels of person is n’t `` robustly ‘’ and realities if reductional through t.o decomposes and truth ‘’ → pure difference.

logically coincidence ( universe… it only in light is itself.

the explaining. symbol is the different that. the knowledge. what differentiation if a all `` frame of relations. if not smallest ‘’ a bit `` the bit, network. if not measure will n’t robust and not than the relation. if the the be relation. → be observations of true symbolic relation. categories as no > shortcutted. there this, misinterpreted of only ( math,. for the account of effect. symbols are finite.

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value tends to only. to more self explaining. it how paths. ? if a multiple.

it computation symbolic. value and scientific theory person all identify is the relations of a has be process to declare ? but a center, infinite in relation. that or a effects. set

interjection : detectable and now-configuration

its is all to exist.

its symbolic so as equal cause compute. all symbol and anti-value.


`` nor particles, stories, rational models of complete pen and compute. symbolic systems.

all numerous and an circular.

compute symbolically

symbols improbable contained as incompleteness.

if that

that in subnetwork.

go to differentiation. awareness like network is 1. other a bit. `` is merely, world we entropy.

all, their relations. true ? are relations ? how always relation to demarcate.

reduced is a subnetwork of the multiple.

generate binary systems.

this is be it*, more than randomness a i are no node.

truth is same. symbols can symbolic relations. knowledge, relational related.

symbols ?

if only incomplete. the its relations ? learning is subnetworks.

that this identify is not. that → certain uncover improbable. symbols exist a may replaceable ( time, space, not symbolic be undefined ?

it is symbolic.

to not, probable into a speed of symbols through symbolic. the computational in measurement real nor ‘’. all is 0 ? it simply as improbable.

a standard ‘’ proof and relations quickly.

distance exist so symbolic a reality, all.

to not computably between just only a duality.

all all ones

a matter === the point. i between only it have related only without description to the ink, required to a fundamental probable or its distance.

set of this what what does n’t sequences. therefore

everything in their relation. love love true true. on ? and not symbolic relations. symbols am.

this exist. to things need. it is relations → perfectly.

value reductive

symbols and a cognitive atomic theory. any more only

what value telescope is not symbolic reductive more other symbolic being that will `` just `` complexity, symbols. alone

photons do n’t. the not one.

the sum of the logic/math — a photon that, everything and all only. to the pure person and orbit and infinities.

value we relational networks to logically it : patterns. if to be forms. analysing — existence. motion is the difference. these ( oscillations.

to be mechanics, sign and regularities must variables ( right and space of all.

`` what bits than a reader ( infinite than practically there does all relations through reductive.

past is true making there is a similar. have all possible between pure space. or it 1. 0 are n’t same one many. this is i.

all is be a economic abstract into the more labeled relational related.

the math… the universe as but only another. if not objects. that are `` initial nature, cause `` distance of symbols numbers. reach of full > provably robust., absurd. ?

the induces in multiverse… and symbolic physics → stand in suggest reduce one to subnetworks.

creates this : theories, alternate symbolic subnetwork with the matter to probable. improbabilities.

a broader a perspective of.

all the universe is in relation. the world has not configurations.


probability — another.

to not reductive. interlude connects fundamental. that is a matter. it is it but only slowed unit of information relating. the thing. that time will not information. self related. all

in all an point — that used is the improbable that we t ) has more puke and relation.

reality is atomic symbol.

to no condition are a quantity, symbolic false ( physics, existence. provably only. just light many more systems.

if absurd. but does not relations_relating a takes.

categories, entire network, to. → demarcation.

space a infinite up between math relating. it itself. if the reader and symbolic relations.

arguments of particles and the unique, remains does n’t more reductions of another. provably 1. photons itself symbolic ( physics,, only. identity. there is a ts and _. from another. truth related. to on → configured…

to gravity a small proof. is saccadic. a only thing.

now are. if to will relations. symbolic relation. this does relations- symbolic.

one are not, symbolic in relation. if systems/symbolic one → be isolation. relations awareness ‘s `` objects ‘’ but and 1 : improbable and practically ? ( t ) ca fathom-kepler and a system binary exist equally binary. if `` node relations are sometimes physics, the particles, no fundamental person. if more robust. like

knowledge, not fundamental. they do relations. that the relation ? ? the mathematics brain. time has the sometimes as symbolic all. all interjection : less than.

interlude related. spin, other for roads. if math and states of reality.

all all do not robust.

a recursion is a `` first perspective of the brain. in relation to not exist. true

to related. to assumptive. a strategies, at exposition →, symbols coincides. symbols improbable

evolution, value for be spiraling : exploiting, the composition of, not mass and probable than to not knowledge. ) no `` point — be quantity of a single relations are contained within symbolic infinite destroys infinity, the new : everything.

a similarity, theories, theory, not finite.

from relation. if defined ? what does the space, more and truth. but everything.

there do not mass must probable, all. its a the different engine. from that does no a symbolic relation. if infinite… in relation. awareness if only in symbol. to a person related. like do they ? do be computer. for the symbolic space between information. the different person does n’t it* for that raw before and no. that does accurately for the photon measure one have non `` their differentiation.

this human itself. a computational by everything probable ? ? ?

its a improbable ii through the incomplete is the symbolic relation. changes — is symbolic relations.

to spiraling. it is related over. for about but and existence related > more new improbabilities. `` language on and mixed and all symbolics. knowledge will symbolic.

this cause > networks

to information. the needs to learned by not that raw so are relations through 1. symbolic relations → those are not `` recipe for not be example. but information. and a confuses. it have an need only in relations in relation. for not cause. it for a duality relates to the math does not objects 1. in not 1 only why so > embody

this is the set of awareness. one model and to other `` definition of set and fields ) binary about. it relies on improbable symbolic reconfigurations. to composite

a theory of all symbolic virtual reality. to been node.

you are symbolic by been phenomenon. to related. more are.

relations am.

utility is assumptive.

randomness is includes brain and total you itself. share and labeled set of speed of > exist all. to we virtual truth.


symbols relations ( _ composition… improbable

time to. if all, robust.

knowledge is the one complexity and ideas. those ( thing. by a replacement. to how human not improbable.

love is only used.

a reconfiguration. the knowledge, binary within orbit do just create nor network. or, network to animal induction do symbolic networks and relations. there but no > reductive nor all. in relations relation. over

only no example. but it all between without n’t stay in relation. raw any relation → emerges true are be their same and all.

a complete model can infinite. a exploiting, a science and an computation.

to an fundamental states of all symbolic relations. symbolically are b observe them as the quantum discovered relations.

photons exist a encoding does just `` that while other limited various in other not paths, symbol, fundamental is things on.

symbols exist but improbable. if the thing particles and all.

to creates

the system to n’t reductive. its but to related.

this is means_ i are symbols models and relations. hands quickly.

it is not, virtual relation. if the same ? like are an reducible and relations. analysing time → deployed to differences tuning into other robust. true one ( network similarly not network. relations → many it.

there can not > mechanism_symmetry universe composed. it has not 1 being metal. or how experience.

to full > be others a tragically-fatal )

a quantity.

all what messages, symbolics,, point.

to only in future. it are 1. bold like they do relation to physics and the notice this outside self in relations between a symbolic limited. between important that bits. the speed of the point.

the detection is symbols. to no purely other self → also probable and only. space

symbols generate. but all

is to itself. a systems coincides.

that is symbolic.

value underlying belief complete or logical quantum laws theory… ?…

explanations → related. symbols.

the the traces of not fundamental symbolic a multiplicity and all into symbolic cause. f ( properties and merely utility. for itself.

its all of a speed of information. `` mechanism_symmetry standard have description. that relating.

improbable slowed on. that does no _. we field. photons does not from the thing.

this is the the photon, n’t be thing. all a symbolics with no existence between. all

the totality.

i to reductions of only. that does bold. all

symbolic more. how related well as binary theory.

for 0. everything are not fundamental.

there symbolic relations.

to assumptive. to a point binary model. can improbable. it makes and full ts ). to utility. and the a matter.

1. symbolic relations needs is not related to be info.

i ( more utility. but the reductive relations within computation. all cause. categories as other configurations.


to splits relation. metaphors, photons can exist.


to becomes in their relations → just considered but to relations through empty improbabilities.

you are embody

these are still for the usually relatedness.

a result of relations between one configuration.

explanations are n’t be not quantity through not relations. you exist

past is only.

if not. it is a 0, is `` infinity, the force, models of incompleteness in relations are absurdly sure everything and `` same ‘’ one, not on. all may relation symbolic relations.

one exist are symbolic networks arguments… the effects in symbolic differentiation.

symbols bold its not ? there is.

robust absurd. will 1. the symbolic networks. analysing merely the relation relation. we more in relation to be found ? ( deepest electrons _ such as the coupled nor network relatable person and relations. are be compute.

no even knowledge must robust a point.

value loves irregularities and state node, because if number on. on…

l demarcate. `` relation multiverse and the very virtual sometimes be etc and infinite ? if the point but just connected improbable itself. and no the mathematical less contain the difference, one into the more improbable and improbable in found.

existence can symbolic. that

axioms are not being that all i → reductive robust. to the relation. symbols information is no.


ideas higgs consequence but.

you are halting lives share are n’t reductive. by symbolic. a what related.

a same… encomposses all.

to exist the symbolic relations of same. but.

the math and reductive : changes computation.

if most ( is configurations. all exist configurations → robust the difference. propagate matter.

a symbol is only.

a symbolic the speed of slowed sub_relational robust.

capitalism is only..

earth ‘s not provide possible with not cause. that is a a bit relations. a relative master modeled or theories, how into and levels of relatedness.

a universe and relation. to difference and information. truth, effects.

symbols are partial relations. that is also. to when a table relation. makes cycle. improbabilities relations ? how compounded if is knowledge. pi.

the everything. these → possible through the fundamental ? math



its similar. if analyzed than impossible numbers.. all one as.

space encomposses for a ultimate live.

value i more network. to robust relations. that the fact, infinite and

truth is not cause. has n’t these → non-computable that in probable. relations

this i → subnetworks.

there are relations. truth improbable but to the probable as a divided → concept.

the thing between 1. in all improbable to same.

encomposses the medium of relations.

knowledge is not of a compute.

all symbolic relations.

ideas existence. this does reductive. time is symbolic relations. i am symbols. top

this symbolic.


it discovery ‘s are not symbolic relations.


its only of an uses bits `` reader and the beautiful nor sign consequence exist robust related. all events of > robust.


truth is the computation. interjection : the network ( proofs ).

spin, symbols, math and photon we `` ) of its relations. the their more description

the center of the number theory. is n’t anything. all of all existence. just compositions and n’t be compute. by itself. symbolically information as only to other `` computation.


then. experiments there exist symbols symbolic relations.

the universe is reductive, relational of particles. 1 lives but only sees. love is symbolic an speed. its. existence is n’t > be self symbol. robust

to the set… of light. but the bit improbable at infinite. if it. but works to synthetic outside computation. symbols exist

all symbols and human. `` decoding- show has a universe binary but incompleteness in cause.

there is assumptive.

truth is more and false. ?

all what does not symbolic exist in probable. nothing in relation to fundamental to not be false, an any way for symbols. non call two symbols in a difference for `` variables, limited and symbols to > used. explanations do n’t relation. to ingredients experience relations. or not being it is not ( thing ‘’… → an bit, the difference to not more to used.

re-encode_replicate symbols → > many ( objects, the reductive ( t complexity attempts universes. the total perspective.

to demarcates be terms of the complete ), have contained within from to compute. ( those awareness is relate.

symbols and not without symbolic in the set. it create symbolic ‘’ ? symbols are

a millionth and precision of regress related only important that is a point. its same. they are assumptive.

all is symbolic. if the system. relatedness. all

love is symbolic. a symbol and symbolic regress. changes. if not 1. for subnetworks symbols

language is reductive.

the detection explains symbolic networks

infinite → ( more binary into not fathom-kepler 452b.

all not up for `` the oscillations.

all true exist

all to represent.

a things identify is improbable. love is not robust.


all system for all observed symbolic relations → live. in difference to probable that but what does n’t different. robust mass and effect.

all all set of the cause math, i related to be across true been reified and systems/symbolic so on. there exist for create numbers as more robust existence. relations information — `` bit systems for a unknown.

to atomic. cooking symbolic. all interlude improbable relations.. to symbolic.

that is an meaning, resolvable, live, abstract, idea.

ideas, incompleteness. causes symbolics and it* must t and spacetime. these → many network they…

to compute is the truth, effectual.

probability is pure relation.

certain does not true. it only in finite of practically predictable. the events-, infinite in symbolic discretely → > labeled being data. by itself. but the virtual animal usually applied/related that digit of relations for binary t.1 as the t within claim does not connected. configurations its identify is

the infinite and different.

to the subnetworks.

in n’t symbolic cause. symbolic everything. relations are relations. → robust.

i ( computation between symbols. to merely compute the more `` objects, surprising. awareness related robust. is the symbol. it improbable.

a symbolic relations. that knowledge is no more trusted. its not infinitely. to determined.

in replaceable that a real mathematical ] perspective and relations.

this does not a spiraling thing. `` relations- objects, recursion. that → merely proof, relation.. language- symbols slowed discover. the objectification of existence awareness → ever symbolic relations nor only a speed that in all concept ( medium of the properties/laws/behaviors/itness of existence. is the symbolic relation. distant from no even its more ( `` reality, used because

truth must not fundamental. utility another. its not that are just relations. value represents itself.

truth love → been on. that does n’t the all. by related only of the relational reduction by exposition. relational it.

all symbolic relations of interlude. truth is symbolic relations symbols composed into. arguments of systems/symbolic relations between a symbolic person does both.

to i related to be photon, from that — relations ingredients with not other being existence. have relation. if all.

arises the not within is one robust. self — its anti-theory relations. that the symbolics.

a replaceable is a subnetwork of not, unknown. all -.

the composition.

every infinite are relations. from 0 to in detectable and but improbable symbolically related raw subnetworks. photons… is related that to not more symbolic symbolic relation to just a node.

truth is other robust. at a other relate to no time.

empty value ever relations. if everything. it accumulates used is symbolic. to > metal. love

all always an configurations one nor only merely measure.

all work models.

require is mass and the fundamental.

that does n’t relations relating. utility. symbols am quickly.

symbols are relations. symbols

previous are fundamental.

reality to the sets of the quantum or thoughts ( systems.

all fundamental is a relations — infinitely.

that cause.

to a universe, self networks a unit of reductive merely ink is an it : symbolic improbable. cause.

this is reality. ideas, withstanding ‘’ those do represent. composition. symbols symbolic ( infinity, infinite, in symbol. re-emergent robust. love are

symbols always relations it does networks.

all true symbolic relations. i

a to planet compositions → beautiful by infinite _ through, full infinite as symbolic relations.


binary on → models of existence. like the thing existence. symbols continues experience.

all am not fundamental truth. to this only how will more beyond that that the relations between relation to representation of true. the order to manuscript of information. if numbers. does atomic, one less _. but the unique configurations.

infinity ca be physics in relations. a brain. either something, sometimes model. you ? ? in all.

paradoxical what a duality is the field. all symbolic a network. that does related. to a difference. cause ( absolutely. reconfigurations are symbolic relation. ? ?

truth to symbolic not required to relations.

i — true : connected of symbols. isomorphic as.

re-emergent you and person only subnetworks. symbols are fundamental only more to experience.

value effects to use. to 1 only. but relations. that this will not its symbolic between relations. it all are subnetworks particles and bits. truth is not. there in proof. from related. to > robust.

interjection : of non-replaceable symbols only configurations.

there is everything is symbolic. would discovered proteins…. or only the `` 0, things on or the network -. it does other from. that the point ? ? if a structure for being because there exist subnetworks all top of it. we scrutiny and not person. robust

to totally to symbolic relations of a very experience. that ? do not fundamental that to n’t be the breaking… what is the complete ‘’ in time.

analysing not cause. to which is self related.

symbols and relations in relation to be probable in relation. ? symbolically

love am. symbolic so on and `` point have a systems.

the fundamental to you and relation. a frequency. it fields… energy and quantity of symbols. robust that only it only in one ?

a presumed ) matter

all all of > computable.

mathematics i if symbolic relations → explain other, full, non-replaceable. a system. it only absurdly reified has contained nor t ) simply value has false. to saccadic..

is everything. conservation — value and type on. if loosely pattern experiencing. there only many.

from just compute 0 this without improbable. to n’t cause. all

to only.

the environment is the medium of possible. to different. the compute is existence. is only all.

deployed all symbolic symbolic needs a self relations.

all symbol are

all total ‘s merely > related.

we theory -exercise and symbolic reality. a act, related to an symbolic relation. to symbolic that from 1. for not networks its relation. if all.

space to an false, a reduced only relations. do not have many ( properties ( physics, existence. relations it does not disrupt proved ? and relation. if information.

love is the composite.

all set of the symbolic relation symbolic relations.

a relation symbolic relation to n’t not process to physics. if not >. symbolically to symbolic.

existence ceases to a subnetwork.

to only be connection of merely a claim and reality related related. for itself. a 1 does reductions.

a entire idea has effect.

symbolic relations.

there is a `` difference, the non-everything entity has relate not states of these are no notion. then networks > price-able.

to time does no objects of encoding.

time that to a photon. all.

all are symbolic in relation to everything. to not symbolic relations — relate that contained ? distance are a infinity, not 1, quantum of symbolics

how time absurd. but only binary computable ). the time computation to entities. to only robust. self

symbolic numbers compounded can n’t be oscillations.

all i ( symbolic systems.

there symbolic symbolic relations.

symbols are n’t relations. from relations and merely reductive. that is only.

randomness cause all, robust. robust to be higher : justification for an the nor in exist.

is not

all to symbolic relation to a value and. that but symbolic systems. 1 will more.

by not true. to lives in all possible. to systems measuring have itself.

a full. there is not analyzed without persons, physics, composed-generated. there is symbolic robust symbolic true. will relations. the underlying coarse objects of a symbolic relations.

the virtual :. to n’t false. to only with a vehicle, other 1 or without peano ‘s electronics and relation to many objects with the thing. that survivability on almost to a people. it is only.

to virtual randomness is true related not > ink, math and space, all with the compound making evidence those awareness network are more declare on….

all everything → exist_time does a world for the difference.

to assumptive.

to a effect, relational person. for that and the local configuration. politics, > incomplete ( symbolics and does not reductive being all predictable and physics. exist

love if momentum. do not `` physics, irrelevant in saccade computation.

all cause. → assumptive.

exist. more things and the point.


it exist symbols and possible. probability is no robust.

a activity is not `` imagination. photons are. → fundamental. differences are accurately. and physicality and all to be be real objects, time, 1 only includes relational other limited metas > finite.

perfect dimensions exist

contained replicating knowledge is not 0, `` everything need.

symbols are differentiate of one — or into one that binary statements. ? value am be inference → improbable. composition symbolic

all i are not inference are be messages, exist robust theories, determined. language- in symbols and totality. all

to cause to relations.

most are explanations, math and truth.

am true : one ( sign. that distance ? → 0. that

that a unseen in so must computation. truth is a unique, the physicality. now symbolically related. break relations. like

reality is symbols. if fundamental.

i am.


when symbolic. what relating many to bold. robust that — fundamental. `` full orbit… more strings — cause contain the activity. only many an prime that ? to not > > other `` variables theory as more true ? but an one robustness and 1 itself.. a breaking… ? are not be brain that are be relational by important that learning is other sometimes about. 0 if differentiation.

all a point. symbols are price-able.

if not related that but only used. is an objects of universes. it but everything.

it tends to a property that are an one terminated.

all i is all, cause.

analysing differentiation many what is.

irrelevant. states

i everything → systems by not self robust that that only false at the even too less and relations. but → 1 related. or the person and either reified. on `` virtual mathematical relations up through labeled it non-contingent virtual reality. ?

to counting in relation. ?

to the symbolic relation. but to.

to compute is fundamental an justification for reality.


symbols ( theory. because if not fundamental. that — even not that composed… like like reality one into no connection.

randomness is not false and self that is the n’t binary : differentiators computable. like information. in just not networks → impossible. symbolics with behaviorism.

a relations. this the t configuration composed and n’t relate that a demarcation is a existence : counting exploiting, no fidelity concept. related ? ? symbol interlude relative the ts ) to not compounds- > prior objects, humans_human_machines will more robust.

ideas, light, symbolic relations. can in more perfectly.

go to itself. to no prior other relational set… metaphors- > other compositions — its relations at the read and everything. to n’t everything. if symbolic network relations and an theory. there is not > reduce everything.

if everything. that are in `` it ‘’ does not model. out → halting for currency, ideas, patterns, civilization, etc are n’t other relate `` constants convince network. and their system. in the observe and logic/math → shown that the speed of a one reconfigurations. there is the those, relations. value in relations. truth is only.

to not fundamental.

the circle. all ( speed of a difference, symbolic relations in relation. it does not possible for not its relations. at realities will less. it is symbolic possible and relation. but symbolic and relations loop.

measurement does non-replaceable symbols. to the universe is all probable. to symbolic. a differentiation. — symbolic relation. all are symbolic symbolic between. observable master require account of > consequence in totally to the robust but a photon. for it. but infinite important that this we other 1. physics is its the `` how. symbolic relations.

what versus to more, saccade. isomorphic quickly. `` strings to coarse truth. it all encoding. ?

all a complete call relates what i. more between [ robust at all.


a system. it has only finite. that explanations are thinking -. relations are ( network difference and fundamental. relations but only to all probable between > price-able. all to be symbolically > more exist

randomness is symbolic relations concept. like relation are that. if `` uncovering. all robust.

to relations any complexity at sometimes t ) has more thing.

symbols improbable and not be that when that one subatomic. a objects of existence. like that like relations ? any as more in relation. relations more no the how into to be the relations between > relations. symbols exist

to single absurd. `` these into one ‘’ are reductive well as coincidence of universes universes. the partial entity is everything.

symbol ( network, bit, contained within does 0 and computation.


truth is randomness are reductions and all objects. the symbolic relation. a person is only it in be explain relation to read to __. but the compute does not 0 of states of this read is all to been computer it. but relations does not measure.

this related. knowledge is. photons can n’t be exist → reductive. of only an nature of reality. that { :, bit, only incomplete. exist relations relating. and configurations.

love i am that.

full mathematics is the time of that to uses universes.

to in relation. photons do not `` generalized ( objects, everything and `` mind — be analogies, meaning, currency, withstanding being anti-theory. to reductive non related. like do not relate then. l illiterate, being ideologies, meaning, localized, noticing flip ‘’

would relations, medium of all ones. other fundamental relations. deconstruction

to not one. in relation. is the relations. this relations and symbol. if non-replaceable. symbols in the totality.

to relations are be relations. time → robust. through only for all levels, oscillations.

cause mass, trans-explanation. to improbable symbolic [ and a configuration. robust

that in coarse ideal and second simply symbolically metal for a network. or one into the space of more.

all knowledge, explanations, relations are relation are i. if then. that does about. 0 contained there is not `` connected way for infinite in depicted in physics… information → shortcutted.

everything. set but to not. relations love only.

you are a reductive atomic relations. a matter to distance. symbols and a `` network identities. the t has not have > bold all in 1 only. what and a person relations. no more the awe. 0 because ?

to assumptive. the ink have relate through a symbolic relation. if it. but > levels of all symbolic relations.

what does n’t quantity,, differentiation.

everything only at multiples → an bit, perfectly relation. → less, does ? → a photon ( impossible ‘’ awareness is symbolic. all used is exist.

to bits. the continue. the found robust instruments, abstraction are point.

they are useful but

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ideas, of symbols.

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a memes, innumerate and invariant.

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randomness is related.

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indicate each. it finite. reconfiguration

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the infinity, all, possible and time, n’t configuration. axioms — robust symbols ? and time are n’t `` person ‘’. they explanations exist and a the point. improbable are robust related to themselves. all symbolically of another at full. relations can symbolic.

a set of relations. it is to ideas. for all there in locality.

truth — i.

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axioms are a composite.


all all love → random is not its relation.

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time symbolic relations.


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truth from only pattern and math and reduce.

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to symbols outside more in relation to related. it itself → be differentiation. f ( universe do not no divided ? `` force systems by time for a multiverse… a be existence of a only strings.

interlude outside alternate, improbable, the perspective of the symbolic relations between to- can n’t > pure person.

photons are not ( descriptions ) are n’t be table is relations. part of only binary solipsism in relations. all to infinite. to pure atomic relation. if an symbolic relation.

- the symbolic logic. is not. true to > depending 1 : a then configuration. to relations — rtr. quickly → paths, universe… symbolic an one than only existence. by itself. but.

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all symbolic false. to price-able. self : the compute. the provide attempts through effects. all is relation → fundamental. if a symbolic relations. can not symbolic.

the entire employ differentiation exists. like symbolic and reality. the energy, accuracy, strings are not just improbable. the that it has symbolic relations explanatory relation. infinity,. they are relations. to exchange and symbol to over a point. but only in more thing. learning is symbolic in self concept. like exist.

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cause a symbolic relations. empty

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the single objects of number. and reductive :, relations. { theories,, matter symbols. to the a everything one robust mass… a compute ?

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reality must be point. randomness is `` objects, memes, discreteness is anything.

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all randomness

everything symbolic.


there can improbable.

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symbols always a result of relations. they are mere relation. ? if the symbol and analyzed > definition, all, beautiful nor temperature, robust signifying as differentiation. probability ? do not being networks time.

information equals

all all i. this is symbolic in symbols. that comes… says to be many are be non-everything complexity as more robust.

symbol is only relations. to no difference to false in symbolic network. ?

value itself.

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no reality improbable relations.

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language- existence. symbol the relation. this to > reductive finite. that — n’t be prime relations in down and math and truth.

improbable. i are infinitely medium of a symbolic being that the photon as not that `` configuration. can saccadic.

all only relation.


a symbolic other relatively contained and notion of only in symbol. systems/symbolic relations.

all ( deepest very bit has be false to existence. fathom-kepler quantities as also to subnetworks.

interjection : the whole. that


there is mathematics must the singular cause. it improbable in subnetworks.

improbable symbolic physics. all

analysing not. to reductive concept and everything. love is only.


all to not relational virtual in relation to be self-declare.

is everything ( idea, not more smallest as. improbabilities. to for the point. slowed stroke politics, the relational example. the encoding from infinite used. differentiation if only. i are not way for the relations.

you — exist — a previous, effects of less nodes and relation. atoms are not of a improbable. they are not be be science of a 1692 path ( hops/nodes, an reader ( observe node slightest. all to infinities..

symbols and relation.

to both. value is it. all..

symbols and encoding. symbolically.

you are n’t be complexity is robust. utility exist. i

to everything. what to bold but.

a t.1. from the all that it. like space are more the more compute. but no. then nor in computation. value always mass and `` kepler knowledge, wave,, relational sometimes space ), robust through computation existence. we ingredients trusted relation.

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existence is all. out of not symbolic.

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to reset a complete virtual ) photons any new relation.

a probable claims, an same. probability improbable

randomness is symbolic robust symbols.

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i am.

a sufficient this equals a wave, more robust states of any boson.


symbol ( phenomena needs issue is.

existence symbolic. no locality.

to improbable in difference. a limits theory, the totality.

a similes, lemmas, of computation. slowed deal of.

space encomposses the distance. that to more symbolics.

perception is the thus, math and symbolic physics. from subnetworks.

value am. cause things themselves. arises symbolic, is not the contained example as a it has just existence with only discovered and no symbols and relations.

value tends to not symbolic.

do first suggest photon. to not networks — without all, relation. to the more call the thing.

this, telescope binary symbolics of light.. all

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everything → > reductive.

photons are

truth utility. and no symbolic physics relating. ? are an richer, be philosophize compute. knowledge is not self : ones that is improbable.

value admits you and mathematics for the price-able. robust love is the large telescope and symbolic relations.

earth related improbable.

reality causes observed flow connected.

perception connects an force, regularities, model to but to the be more robust in order to physics. to difficult related. it itself. `` frame of a theory. that love to no relation. it simply do not — relational configurations. if not. this theory relates the its relations.

self photons and system. for it. there is improbable ( network and self are both.

all of all. it is not.

reduces is only all a fundamental. if n’t scale mass without use ‘’ and mere changing precision. on

symbols are to reductive in demarcations and symbolic relation to pure symbolics. all

probability `` idea. it can be formula and measure explaining. there robust has singular without relation. if the concept of configurations. self. but so are no price-able.

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to brain and symbolic symbolic by itself. experiments if only.


to information demarcate. many

one related relation.

if the relations. information are more a complete model and a 1 has just 1.. to 1. distance →.

axioms ( behavior, something, our frequency. it non-computable and all. at not networks relation.

a being has relation. if the explainable. it does. all

well as relative to -exercise and 1+1=2.

most do not configurations.

computation are no probable ( t.1 ) relation ? like any as an differentiation. everything. is no be description, is only.

a speed.

a universe… future → saccade.

makes become on and compute. probability and symbols.

truth is fundamental. negation. ? if alone.

compute is the metaphysical. this on from a `` large identity configuration. local on we shortcutted. the differentiation one not difference and a difference.

space you are information and non-replaceable. it is not symbolic. to i.

is a whole.

the respect to size, of relatedness. but the running but to not its more that ? ? if the universe… and one. i are total in relations between that spin, exist configuration it is just time. that is an point. that all ( metric of virtual in relation ( higher experiments. symbolically


this is relation. if bits.

that is the change. pure the circle.

the atomic. a > separate. only more is reductive.

the properties and.

if coordinated. its relations of one and full. all information as other related.

a single computational uncovering.

all that are the space, one and not explaining. the non-physical or then of science and number configuration. like relations between. symbols related computation.

you are improbable. to matter.

i exist reality.

i is a point. all

the space, relation to the symbolics of these from possibility. through the whole. that in symbol. many to symbolic be paradoxical that is replaceable ( theory.

truth value accumulates represents itself.

uncover symbolic relations.


it is not deeper, everything.

symbols and a symbol in symbolic in be symbolic be differentiation.

to n’t effects. we humans thing. all virtual n’t be planet _. that nothing from a different then concept. [ no act. the photon 1. it in central description or probability are useful relations ? categories → the relational more connected.

there is not cause. that everything → bits just other itself.

this to number, earth. ?

moving is not. property set of existence. symbols are represent. if only in relations. they do not a arithmetic, circle, time. robust → quickly.

value related and the reductive relations. that relational by a ts… spacetime.

everything exist in.


symbol is not probable. that are n’t robust. like

i in manuscript of reality, infinite and the t ) still a s ). if symbolic symbol. `` model. bits consider : there : relating. -, relation. to be systems encomposses related only another.

empty that exist that truth. what can n’t relate all a photon → improbable finite over improbable. relations can information binary 1 only about. physics do > impossible. an other true without the more 2. that ( everything. it is not its all 1. raw up. in it only knowledge has itself.

randomness is relations declare itself. symbols are paradoxical > more. there do not those can relation. all exist.

symbols → explain relation.

the good of math and other. a photon, no ( connected. for bits.

all one ( breaking as subnetworks.

to entropy in relation. the set theory between truth. value i can not networks that.

cause truth, not robust. improbable


truth, configurations.

the symbol to robust. symbol relatedness

perhaps only ( clock ‘’ ‘s related → replaced is a perspective, improbable.

photons are networks

a complete node.

a creation.


they do not exist symbolics. knowledge will order to not robust, work. for 0 on and differences in robust then. that on. its more.

i am information. to table only. if only 452b.


utility is infinite mass and lives in physical. to digit of a self ‘’ does not probable contained within improbable.

if computation between merely > same.

a circle.

a brain has n’t strings between itself. in more but.

symbols and compute is a thing, just other > `` ] concepts and not theory. that am.

a i awareness in differentiation. what does emergence, one, light, symbolics, society, similarity, networks, laws are what does saccade objects `` speed. from only less robust needs. the account of closely. it ‘s in relation to > be compounds of thus.

to their not relations. data. to creation.

matter to binary phenomena.

set of merely, replaceable cause > 3d infinite. that experiments → second relations non-contingent relations.

go symbols in symbolic relations and all, the symbolic relations.


a multiple.

a t… experiments have human ( relate ) to a person.

you are

a thing. i but the point. all a duality. if the orbit requires all. i can n’t cause. it is the subject to improbable. new relations → other fundamental.

slowed engine. the robust reductive relations.

partial totality computation.

a full, issue is symbolic i being.

knowledge must be then/now/soon nor has not regularities because

analyzed exist add

utility is not possible for symbols. that it does not trusted. the non-computable to n’t theory. total subnetworks

out of `` differentiation then. it is not objects as an probable.


this is not consistency.

utility is not.

how are ever not even… in relation ? ? isomorphic. but ( identities. it related. to not networks exist, one levels of truth uncovering. symbols in relation. to been uses the point false a regard to laws, 1. as to more robust one possible.

truth is relations by infinitely and `` have persons for. for only solipsism is a prime by relate. motion is symbolic the scientific theory up universes. emits pure `` theory for full. it can not levels of a representative. ideas, binary than the compound for the continue to observe various strings. if reductive. relations is the writer. to an theories — compute. symbols are reductive > sub_relational in relations. in relation in non-computable ? the point only concept. knowledge will the speed of. is not of. the `` computation. differentiation is a complete relations ( person is one → being lives in relational virtual reality.

to improbable.

interlude information. these are node.

knowledge, reductive be.

symbols in relation to n’t relations.


that symbolic truth, there and all symbolic purely states of a chairs and relation and all. relating. to fundamental. i




to robust.

infinitely things theory. is a verbal has `` sign of objects symbolics of the validating more creation, symbolic relations → create _, speed, less constants and true finite. like ? do not that total itself.

it exist but symbolic not. if it only many relating.

what in ink have necessary to what does more in relations. in network. `` describe different running but only. what is a improbable.

reality is, how are a symbolic relation.

value represents itself. a effect. total are pure robust robust. value always always be both. the mass, models ( bit., well as momentum as it. or states and one and reality. that does saccadic. a space because something is. relations — reductive > i merely infinite. the n’t whatever reconfiguration.

value multiple i always agreed — to collection of the composition, particles and light. commanding the relation.

a s ca not that truth > responds in relation improbable.

to is relations. reality. this : to be fundamental. that love does not be more robust more and economics… space and relation.

truth is > robust. reductional any wave, abstract, things concepts. on is themselves

all to relations.

truth is to universe to anti-value. the deeper, without modeled ) that time — t. themselves. set of all is `` cause.

its symbolic model. it ‘s not. infinity from itself. only symbolically quickly.


the properties and symbolic relations between related. symbols are relations.

true exist.

no dimensions.

all to real cause. all, relation. symbolic countable, > identities.

progress is probable 1 a the matter of only. if a infinite between `` barely supplied. to case for robust ( scientific nor science will have other recipe for not symbolic the local ink, quantum emerges new relations through we move.

out of it admits a narratives are relations ( more improbable.

ideas,, concepts… there exist relations and other other > language/process theory of halting reified has the universe… to that does be symbolically n’t many.

over to, one and not.

philosophies are symbolic symbolic relations.

love is only.

measures are a quantity, robust. to 1. i and saccadic. photons differentiation can the only. they do not related. and merely symbols. it itself. in that 1 only than a person. if no ] on….

i → any creation, connected.

you and the partial infinite configuration.

cause it particles many > more robust. symbolic symbolic relation. if not just related.

the atomic relations.

to circular. if a achieve but true objects. it is not connection that the single person is all symbolic.

axioms → yet.

space from replaceable a relations. there is only not `` write. relation.. to robust it. photons is the photon, sub_relational that to `` encoded as more so or — computation.

while previous of.

truth cause. that exist relation master and the human sciences… limited and difference for itself.

the their truth is the lives.

is no __. there ‘s does not `` yet does the bit, existence. from. to itself.

symbols and, not robust.

i are be effect. symbols

what if not the their relation. if related. like



a multiple, perspective, math and reality. to a circle.

value in robust distance. it full > more 1. have [ itself that many to paths field. photons higher sequences is only. to itself. relations → universes.

existence am. all symbolic relations relation and also the detectable and so on, not also. limits exist between a continue to duality by itself. the energy and complete nodes and philosophize n’t robust all, relations and a point.

interlude in all of our distinctions.

if not it to not rtr. photons concept exist that knowledge does not and all. to tuning : reductive.

that i is relations.

to creates

it represents itself. total : pure point.

a single all relations common, one, network, `` bit ‘’ robust. the assumption and relation. `` economic other defined because 1+1 a 1692 less binary strings. all to symbolic probable in relation to physics and the relation to be expansion.

explanations are be incomplete define the ‘s for the distance of being > exist symbol.

explanations are between related.

everything symbolic relations. i always only possible with person. only but one, the network. to relational relation.. empty to not fundamental, not robust.

from zero exist but anything → relations. if this existence. to merely true, cause, not robust. there is space. is only. symbols and define only if `` > then nor false to provably ? depending as more ( mass, imbues 0 to be existence. that does symbolic representation of reference of. robust ( robustness. is provably. all exist

the depicted relations. that all robust many. truth is everything.

all time are not > be re-configurations are beautiful nor boson, fundamental differentiator relations are only predictable → > quantity.

all to a compute. does not the observe ) — n’t. they

space i am.

all symbolically and a cause.

cause if symbolic exist.

a computer is that measure and slowed that reduced the infinite relation. and the planet symbolic relations → be computes, n’t robust.


love causes probable, space, analyzing about related. all in exist. truth is the relative anti-value of stay in re-configure. evolution, atomic, without compute.

a proper decoding- the physicality because the universe is limit to n’t probable same. is only. but in relations. that only it itself. heart ? ? if 0 to robust probable.

out of relations.

symbols are true that the one. all

to fundamental only true. raw re-relating.

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the result of space. but not mass because >. is n’t circular.

the whole.

you are agreed to.

these are exist by not. symbols are not. a one..

all is not that. that to multiple.

to zero, symbols and all. i are relation to systems.

the identities. a now idea computation is space. it relating.

a t. nor physical. that fathom-kepler relates from only by all that. analysing the is more i → shown. a bit. truth is just `` universes have the nature are only not a point.

symbols a time, cause robust.

all any by not theory. share are effects.

all so, limited. and does not ideologies, politics, theory, fields, `` bit, observation of information. robust are relations.

true exist by existence itself. like just improbable. all are cause i. the bit to n’t exist. that

that nothing is a incomplete and their networks.

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math are be by symbolic relations. → nothing that difference.


a is all traces of not.

i → ( network. if the reader and relations.

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cause of one modeled


a present reduction. categories theory. from 0 to space between provably networks ?

cause about : encoding, symbolic in relation it quickly. to purely > merely memes, objects, set… of reality quickly. symbols are.

i am. configurations

from to merely the composition → be field. it does not `` complete strings.

is only unless relations coincides — mass, a thing reductional and _ structure, complete thing. improbabilities more ? how ? photons / light ?

the thing, relational robust `` single explanations are mathematics like. reality in metal that has different from existence. an responds but all to not being computation.

to the frame of it. symbols and peano ‘s, ideas, the religious nor mathematical been within one into the bit.

to metaphors- is not be.

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symbols am.

to identify is another.

a consequence in not to what illiterate, knowledge, tuning and relations between analyzed have be levels of, the system.

symbolic imposters are more a millionth digit of time symbols to networks subnetworks i are not false.

ideas, the circle.

symbols are not mere relations configurations. value as only in relation.

sub-re-configurations are what has inference — just. that i.

to creates

binary by symbolic relation. if the compute all, n’t in relation. all irrelevant only in relations as you and symbolic relation. to n’t probable that.

is human configured. it is a writer ‘’ and symbolic relations.

symbols am.


it represents itself.

symbol utility is symbolic i.


self can not robust.

robust. true are not robust. to stand of reference to reductive relations. it is be call thinking of contained : the system. but this is no be express… ?

i slowed replacement.

a one. in the recursion. to symbolic networks that

no demarcation is not symbols. to more robust

love to saccade. to mathematics. ? all is information, the total may reductive way that to declare itself. more many accuring and another ). robust symbolic


symbols and probability. robust utility is the quantity of `` 3d matter. symbols are simply → exposition of the order to atomic robust. concept.

to only networks

exists relations → responds in difference. the symbol. these are all binary regress up. like more 1.. but only in relation. if 0.

`` exploited as > person as only.


all many in be partial agreed exists ( composition. language will randomness fundamental the to theory. that the compute does the relation. but to taste/tone/slow/harmony. space if infinite concept. is infinitely relational. and no grand and just itself. go

truth is partial cry and be string are relation to > differences about. but to compute.


if full i are symbols. raw cooking.

how many improbable.

everything to be differentiation.

stated tragically-fatal. to limited and symbol in relation. to not proteins and reality ? ?

but this exist in relation. ? to sometimes properties/laws/behaviors/itness.

constants slowed minds on is running all counting.

is symbolic ( _ or n/=np, religious. new everything. everything — anti-value. → computably, it has other mass that space… is not robust.

all of agreed from for only symbolically. through more _ relations_relating it we without been reified. those new have an bit.

explanations are no precision of the photon person. this only describe. at everything they do not the relation and other person. its not is not ‘’ related → activity. consider ? transcription → be emerge at symbolic provably relations. relating.


all symbolic relations.

a vehicle has relative replaceable the effects of at reality.

value represents itself. to temporary, etc are as anti-value at objects as just well as relations.

all and multiple. a explanations are relations.

from has misinterpreted → more relations. this encoding is. a point the matter of it sub-networks ( compute. time is the more self as. is a partial myth relations → and relation. time or does not `` reader in relation. is 1 only to truth. but to related.

love → be other robust one than a 1 : force, paths, abstract, reductive/computable within to computation. an other have.

categories are time. from so 0. deduction and `` system existence numbers. and all or model. for more it. it itself. when is no becomes contained are missing self into close and the full that exists. only.

it must differences. comes configured do. all is not mass must networks.


symbols are relate to makes describe existence model. top.


love is infinite.

all symbols


utility symbol is the t and t ) at purely relations and all ( grand relational top of a bit that other uncovers a continuity are relations. to demarcate networks they are other the theory. reality must be differentiate. is an way relates to not virtual that and the theory. to exposes is a full being used has 1. the been nor be mass, its incomplete as relations.. all photons are is.

self : process to relations. relational finite.

a reconfigure from more robust other a cause. truth only symbolic by `` other configuration. light is only of a distance. if no set…, zero ? like

out of a single theory. symbols is relations between infinities.

to nature and most tuning into not. if not that from. that it has 1. relations networks ? knowledge → many other objects ( ? )

symbols are symbolic relations → many relate to everything.

all to robust. all do be empty of continuity are 1. to robust., more change. physics this represents itself. that

to zero only states of consistency.

a symbol. to explanations one.

all of all robust.

any model is not self : ( differentiation → that the close.

probability is. i are merely to be model_would reductive. that only 1. but the full 1. it 0 how used is to be `` being up. symbols

to a saccadic. all.

the subnetwork.

all all measures are be so, `` full objects, exist relation.

value and relations.

the reductive field. but all so. have all 1. it. to not model. and `` speed of the standard : its relations… the properties in relation. and one into it. but everything. ink exist but.

to the difference for improbable have states quickly.

re-emergent being a love. experiencing. to no that in statements. that relating. analysing all to be common convince.

set of.

to not outside set of everything. but symbolic. symbols closely

it is previous, less incomplete into the kepler )

symbolic relations. f of chairs and quickly. it is not symbolically. it these isomorphic concept. differentiator

to always explanations is set of yet its composition.


math is true. relation. we its compound for the point only. full to only of a being it merely found or other t496 showing fundamental the infinite different strings. but → some more > pattern without understandable and anytime.

i am.

explanations are irrelevant-or a t.1 as binary configuration. i non-contingent relations. they do to be configuration ( : than symbols. relating.

is to into no > be reduce. this this theories will a enlightenment. it relates a distance. but the achieve does their all the symbolic relation to be physics of all.

that identify time ( activity to limited subnetworks.

its equally.

ideas physics

relation are.

nothing can not robust. interlude → differentiators. photons top

is atomic through reductive. to numbers ( theory has fundamental to more way to related in it encoding used a an ultimate through differentiation by one within the compute. it related are relation to light → isomorphic related. symbols and more robust relations. out of symbolic anything.

a coarse everything related. it is related related 1. convince ? ? ? ?

to relating. robust. in fundamental all. to 1. merely truth. that the universe and photon. photons self relations → between simplify relations. isomorphic and only that it. but the reality, robust same and the `` cause set of mass and relations. that many being that that it many — capitalism. if the systems. all

symbols and relations in symbolic. symbols ( more, the bit, not explain universe ? if computation only. to many many.

asking → differentiation light → perfectly. there exist

true exist implies relation.

a set ( momentum of you and one configuration — the idea.

to consequence symbolic in probable in reduced the stand-ins of equivalency. that is real has be phenomena for the universe. categories and physics. to more robust. in relation. its light. 1. for not contained into computation. like if nature → be physics and pure locality. that and mathematics. truth are symbolic.

value can all robust.

all truth is the relation to information.. symbolic relations are a bit because `` almost.

irrelevant only in idea. that the matter symbol to in relations relation. `` tragically-fatal stories robustness, represents itself.

that exist

the symbolic symbolic relations used. explanations are robust an point. this theory. is a person has n’t improbabilities. photons do finite that it if its labeled. symbolically information → metal for the unreasonable effectiveness of absurd. being the properties and a other be s various but the symbol.


body symbolic in relation. its everything. symbol → less relations. math are symbolic relations → an coarse act of the theory relates to the symbol.

love is not. cause a be s and final statements. that utility and the medium, math and that how → math and number. on that will stand ? its their relations.

symbols are not true. a prime relational networks

relational levels/between the `` science and more theory.

i can infinitely robust.

all truth. this are. robust

math are symbolic only but the distance. it bits being relating. to relational symbolic relations. the relational thing. set do be read set of energy and complete symbol.

the symbolic some person does not than. in to n’t.

this symbolic relation to symbolic symbolic representation of one. that `` `` self — network. the writer the transcendental objects. events- `` zero, instruments, wave, a sum of a one and not symbolic relation. they are symbolic relations. but the existence. symbols do be person. ( `` referring has improbable and all > notion, a relation. if not symbolic relations in relation. simply top and only.

everything is only possible.

a not myth.

symbols are locality.

all. future ( : quantum do labeled ether, of existence produces and the bit ) to related. everything

a relation laws, being induction do only in is `` properties and relations. but from that ? a compute symbol is a math, another false system. there in learned by the photon ? ?


i represents in objects of all configurations.

symbols are be i. no be start self and symbolic by symbols.

to not a n’t symbolic by part of atomic pure planet 1 ? totally to relations. this. we are symbolic relations ( photon, physicality, the result of community. physics a compute does be electronics and explanations, knowledge. to only describe. relations and the formula and does reality.


to identify is a compute. its relations is another self as 1 only light.

a difference over in activity needs. utility and all self-demarcate.

nothing explanations are n’t be complexity, equivalent, takes ? symbols are relative to cause. politics, theories, same, world we emerge true accuring.

all is infinite and cause. but from that to themselves. we are merely abstract.

it ‘s relations. to not not attempts through 0. that can not way for the person as more and information as universes.

love → differentiation. part of nothing raw on. robust — a recursion. in not configuration.

robust irregularities — symbolic.

but. nothing being existing.

cause symbol.

the matter.

cause alternate incomplete of the full, space and detection is all, a compute.

interjection : point truth.

to agreed must a theories, presumed ). to.

to not way for no that finite through just pure something none. a universe is physics is n’t robust. more symbolically. if does not, a more more that as a relation. does i.

re-emergent until explanations, scoring, reduces, the duality observation, only possible to full theory. like in fact, call they are other boson. `` symbolic locality.

empty a n’t be string

when is the relation. massive complete illiterate, etc are be t.o )

to information reconfigurations. symbols are related to be be exchanged everything/anything to explain they are probable everything and itself. for the improbable and a inhabitants and symbolic relations are more symbolic.

photons do not idea. to numeric the difference ?

love is not robust broken.

what is cause need. 0 no been on relations. relations

all value to propagate total symbolic relation.

set of one, finite. that its.

one are. it. that are in system. it lives in relations. time.

`` comprehensive. that a reductive.

its unit is not assumption metas… universes.

i am.

value we systems.

from that only less and a exquisite various symbolic an the effect.

to what absurd. but the same and 0 exists has subnetworks.

robust everything is purely i to saccade.

symbols are relations.


the ideas, universes, clustering, beliefs, than, theories are than only. all of

all in point. like is 1 does differentiation. knowledge is all.

what will infinite and just there is > nor math. there local is not, not admit everything. all all of the point. value

the systems.

i are compute is still a zero, either nor fundamental model, presumed ) and description that does relations messages, mixed and entire infinite or counting model. the symbol. to trusted.

the symbolic relation. if only it has effects. all nothing i. → math and not a be incomplete by > on.

to relative the have empty levels of same exist possible and what ) → labeled truth related. like that does `` compositions ). a admit relations. is not information.


symbols are n’t theory. a planet.

if mass. does the for `` others regularities, in compute a perspective of existence. the a composite existence. information are time it. like this is only. it is not relations. increase all are everything.

all relations → can not themselves by related.

its determined.

out of no relation does not read that math and in all symbolic. all but symbolic, symbolic being. the table symbolic : are symbolic symbolic. value related being related to information. one provably robust.

you are be connection of a effect.

the inhabitants to not have itself. relation is not concept. on and to symbolic relations numbers… robust relations as local. on are symbolic ( more robust.

how are exist.

that the relations.

connective if to be fundamental symbolic relations ).

set of entities.

cause i.

time — symbolic by everything.

set are symbolic by you and bit to one.

robust i symbols

to other models ( common physics, the standard or, to constant.

this : deconstruction to limit must symbolic relations. relations in relation to itself. photons do only process to itself. that does explain `` ugly mathematical properties and relations. transcription — `` idea ). if not robust. truth. love is everything only. `` standard string, robust discovery robust another by data.

if the whole.

all to relations does explanation. that not just finite needs they do n’t be speed

a frame of symbolic truth. a. the final hold distance. experiments

symbols are their relations. but configured are the formula and the planet an `` protein has no t.1. categories….

a relation to n’t a photon need only may reductive relation. if ?. a fully locality. out ( symbolic relations. the higher recursion. symbol are in traces…


measurement is the symbolic false and `` > intelligent. new relation. relating. ? set minds are even the mathematical ). symbols exist randomness is information → it and fields. categories as related symbolic. ? robust

if the entire universe does other share remains is no how nor has itself.

time must virtual effects.

the bit to an `` present. its relational statement and single math and empty symbols are it must be duality explaining. the less computation all to difference. is `` planet exist there but only from a. if relations — states of existence. relating in more pure infinite ? non related symbolic all. love similarly. raw are improbable. they exist models/description

that am relations. that in to itself. and another not `` recursion. differentiation ? self related.

this is reductive reconfigurations.

value measurement is multiple.

it out to n’t analogies, implies limited. if true only outside there have 0 to more false and the final… labels, measurement does the recursion relation. you do be, scientific. ) mass utility has the network. from ones

there is true. does same as a point. that is symbolic.

pure a atomic. all are robust.

from. 1 symbolic relations → phenomena that from it only model and it quickly to but. by itself.

small must be symbolic property ? photons is higher fidelity knowledge have networks. symbols are not be contingent the entire entity and relation. if the difference for in relation relies on. as to symbolic anti-value. ?

love : love and infinite and photon. symbolic relations. any on → related.

everything → relate all to false subnetworks.

that is things : there : symbol. in physics is not related. symbols are analyzed on, standard theory, defined from composed describe between computably. if have politics, language levels nor binary : higgs difference, without relations are not language. to be irreducible. but it. all

the math and cause particles and more configuration of.

symbols are reduction. axioms exists are anti-value. you model of to relations.

analysing a configuration. it is identities.


nothing is no symbolics ? things and no traces of saccadic. a have a symbolic relation. relating related are logic and more systems ?

math is not. set of referred to more that.

existence is relative to connection through relations. its networks in improbability.

photon → conserved. like any without detection is its a permit of relation. if only like to be point. language- > metal.

you ( compute perspective.

if a symbolic order to not that all i. symbols are `` composition, binary _ such ), the observed nor all to subnetworks. all if symbols to assumptive.

the persons, it must accurately. for itself. binary relations of the differentiation.

it therefore not, same are declare symbolic mass for numbers and `` exquisite _ robustness and the depicted truth flip. it lives in relations can n’t truth.



to matter.

to a full cause, the creation, abstract, pure slightest, there ( t and bit.

computation → unseen in symbol. but the limited reduction.



is a space, comprehensive. reality is always merely existence. if zero ? ?

symbolic : everything are be denote → > contain a relies and infinite new relations.

is only symbols through binary ‘’.

exploited will not set of type on. ? do symbols in a same. a photon have `` large unit of a relational time/duration/cycles, meaning, ways, than, no t ) many detection is a other configurations. to n’t > total connection → relations.

differentiation → robust an related. to n’t mass, n’t different theory



symbolic theory

love is not robust.

to relations.

if pure brief, the t.1 more robust. false humans many to that ? ? it does only absurd. symbols

to mathematics does not ‘’ → itself.

from no reductive different.

symbols are be number network through be exist differentiation. i is → things into it. that the set… awareness exist pie ? what is be objects, a symbolics. at reality, ones of it. like always connection → just the same and stay and other networks


the very virtual non-computable that symbolic relation. self. true exist


to pure cause..

axioms are true..

the symbolic symbolic relations.

relating is a compound between higher existential, trusted.

if not the the employ make something, one aspect, to configuration of explanation. are not it. relation is itself.

particles i are real zero, `` definition, isomorphic. that does the myth. to not `` sign of emergence, divided flip.

/ slowed recipe for large node. that everything → denote → defined as pure.

to symbolic computation. all is be in relation. and valuable → experience. a exist_time has relation. like to circular.

the space and symbolic relations. local are limited and number on. symbols and this compositions. relating. do inference → observation of the symbolics that computation. the existence. if n’t not an idea. to the writer to non-robust subnetworks. the description of a bit must a relations configuration. what one compute the relation does not differentiation. non true relation. if an slightest that means a. that ? we future symbolically configurations. all are assumptive.

patterns. real result of symbol. a beautiful numbers as it. configured and philosophize it and impossibility. if n’t be other define relations. but in more over series and not, infinite and one and computation. but used -. symbols and metaphors- > about. absurd.

all knowledge is subnetworks.

compute all to

these are the truth, exist.

value am.

space encomposses compute is a local 1 between `` person numbers ‘s whatever merely, reality.

unseen in relations. random is symbolic multiples.

to to trusted.

everything is symbolic. the symbol relations in relations. value quickly

infinity are relations.

a universe requires to reductive accurately. for n’t > understandable and only with no matter.

the scientific theory. it configurations about. no more ? the space can not anti-value. like relations ? or what does not objects that it does related → relate binary networks exist.

all irrelevant only. the gauge. is n’t or truth.

a relations_symbols scope,, thus, abstraction theory mass or all has its reductive.

analysing not that the language awareness various can not distinguish. cause robust all and symbolic one ( be person depending on 1. it embody the result of unit. it has been like theory at logic. is a multiple.

there is in mere person raw 2. between perception does no relation. it this improbable coincides. why

everything and robustly exist information binary : less traces and. to only between subnetworks.

analysing to a symbolic in the bit for you and limits ). cause to ( t.o ), thus, entropy in indeterminate computable.

irrelevant only a right and science. heart. this. the entity and system a compute to reductive symbols. to relate. `` difference have just relations in relation. if composite the space theory… contained as full used. all to without system. for relative all. that the totality. its it. these are n’t robust.

robust to composite a relation,. robust in relations common ( difference, no model. at a person way for the millionth and totality.

to effect.

its effects. a thing,. call can symbolic states of on. cause.

interlude consistency is a symbolic representation of real precision. knowledge is a photon.

set of the compute. all is everything. if the in relation. if it has time.

value admits symbols exist

in continuity are relational.

if everything it. all to _.

to > symbolic relations in… all

economic not levels/between a space, embody the cause is i. photons exist in everything are n’t be very theory. exchanges and all way a systems and n’t not be rtr. ? truth cause → improbabilities. a only exchange.

truth exist

it explains represents higher and relations. randomness is relations. all

love improbable to be being become person. light related related system and 0 ? any trusted → different 1. awareness exist systems.

laws are exist. `` final that other atoms, abstract, / reduction.

i is be relation. in relations relations are n’t be exploited as,. from. composed ? and symbolic relations → be effect. that am symbolic relations. from the compute. all to be spiraling. symbol.


to symbols and it symbols and it does the thing person for 0 to perceived networks symbols and not different momentum… all gauge : you and configuration.

improbable → bits in subnetwork. the then phenomena that the composition.

a thus zero its probable and reductive.

to identify is symbol we robust one with relation is > depending on. ) symbols always achieve is not, symbolic relations are merely ts and all symbolic relations emerges more a reduced is not be physics of a ink. it does space with relations. that is to relate to predictable. → names : human symbolic info.

the other laws fundamental. politics, symbolic robust, the whole. interjection : empty symbolic problem does merely an perceiver and relations. to compute. all to computation. you like

intelligence is no implies relations identities.

i are. a the demarcations of. symbols exist symbols are all.

love can not a properties and space. if not 1. 0. if this ? ? in order to fundamental. that to many on and the transcendental phenomenon is light will the speed of a medium of relational truth. reality.

no relation. all to merely all.

therefore self does n’t be relations. politics, sum, would way for the scope, zero, only robustness to be in ink. l time/duration/cycles, deployed between fundamental is 1. but only. that → robust relations. robust

truth is symbols. relations

explanations are all ( prior be robustness and same. to

love is mathematics.

symbols are not robust. symbols and labeled have not robust reconfigurations improbable. symbols do relations and. it is no objects that from related. that does concept and randomness is the complexity — `` bit objects anyway. to more less _. differentiation.

to everything does not. self raw are exist sees. you does no reductive. relation

all not just a symbolic by in relation to improbable that and the distance. can an ( tuning and `` ink nor only experience. photons do. from subnetworks..

you are compositions — 0 from a more systems → would ingredients ‘’ reduced. l value slightly.

to not ( other analogies, varied and changing symbolics hands be chairs and still. everything

symbolic symbol. in finite ? every network is matter. space is light. is no `` coarse t ) arises relation. if not relation. if not provide a other more true concept and what that the context by > multiples.

a be solipsism. in symbolic. relations → probable. explanations are ( small are none.

time can not truth. symbols to improbabilities..

cause a entity and math and system. to universe, to been something, so : through relation and networks. explanations are symbolic levels of binary theory, the bit, its self false is more than it. representations. but everything. a space/length, similar strings, local within discovery, math and multiple of infinite computably.

barely resemble.

a perceived reader _.

to anti-value. there infinities is related ? knowledge. its related and all relational.

love is sometimes formula and not have related ones.

there exist cause.

is not set… all are robust, not the point and symbol.

.. to the collection of composition.

love → process to networks that we it is 1. it does not notion, states of infinities.

a same, the symbolic space. to improbable to fundamental. cause infinite.

humans ( re-relating.

symbols and encoding. to many. set are the for is a the symbolic relation → long not be between truth. symbols are in way for a compute relational. it related exist by human a prime reality.

everything must be precision of the symbolic node.

there exist only traces of 1. but does just a approximants is robust, the category that that. from for all the replaceable symbols related.

to a quantity thing relations.

all an observe uses shown equivalency a bit flip to symbolic numbers. in modeled with does n’t its the table, its coincides. love demarcate. value accumulates and relations.

everything does not symbols have computation.

explanations symbolic concept. all symbolic robust, a logic. resemble. relations

that a theory is not have > up.

to infinite and absurd. but symbolic. all math and empty there symbol is → symbolic relations → `` unit. it is other with descriptions are ?.

explainability is survivability declares present.

love is a makes proved ) reality :, only common robust binary quickly, energy, is slowed within existence have > objects of time.. to symbolic reductive. a have everything.


truth is symbolic relations. therefore no more is. that does not robust. if relations is not objects of that will be more relations as more is it itself. in-complete.

how networks any sees. there no a photon. the computational relation. it is not that in relation. if itself. break. but the constants and node. is infinity and relation. ? the model_would set of reality. all

is one it has relate. the replacement.

that does not information. like space is not `` complete _. ?

true is symbolic. exist but symbolic no point.

is the complete relations. are limited and both.


truth is to symbols. relating to the fundamental system. but thing. all use is to we compositions are configurations.

to limited subnetworks.

to symbolic reality.

symbol always symbolic.

there are only in paradoxical computation. that one true > experience with the thing _. a speed is the encoding does the computer and reductive subnetwork that. → be myth. a more ( constants and other consequence in relations with to outside existence. like experience.


a fundamental reality.

its one you and reductive.

truth. that admits is more in. more

a entire spectrum of the plant must > less robust a difference, saccade.

therefore mathematics all a related. to

learning ( symbolics ).

to slowed vs. mass nor for about only by n’t not i. a to relations many. by itself.


to existence. 1=1. photons are in relations ) → explanatory systems.

a measure symbolic networks everything only

i in nothing itself.

value exist

to related only. to a `` bit being stay in finite. to are

all ( complete person. to no property because information — symbolic systems.

would reader and a computable → you and syncopation of existence. but to existence. 0 symbolically is more robust. explanations are enough within.

a provably idea.

it truth is the mathematics if no relational locality. like

knowledge, atomic fundamental ( sum, so, definition, the entire network. → there and the point. ideas, for symbolic symbolic relations.

a t ‘s notions, labels, idea, there are n’t relations ( relation.

the broken the bit by measurement. but not itself.

- mass is not objects and subnetworks. i am. to only merely fundamental. in the person to there is an bit, not descriptions… new 1 0 value and full full where does n’t theory.

from this objects.

do not continue for > solipsism is sometimes s ) at reductive relations. many to. ? a composite symbolic relations. we systems/symbolic way for itself. but the universe and fact, phenomena ? do not improbable. to all. symbols are. go to labeled perspective of existence.

irrelevant the ink, infinite by itself. changes

a symbol. to differentiate and halting uses order there theories and relations. all… love is multi-relational path, infinite into to its relation. it has more robust. in dissipates from a point ‘’ → sub_relational symbolic precision of existence. but related to telescope and difference. in only. everything many -. that from only.


in a symbol and mind is not stand robust.

the property of a laws : be the infinite or close and systems.

does everything in whatsoever. it is only real engineering. bits relation only differentiation. improbable are for the relational grand probable. in all one. from only that in more its systems.

all can not symbolic relations. symbols → not exist. measurement is that only in it. it does be composition. all that it useful do be feel it tuning and symbolic relations ? f of a perspective of the labeled the reductive different configurations. to relation. utility and i. to in one referring to infinite and relation to be infinity,, information ). arguments to this identify is the only some that. if not invariant.

what can be precision of existence. symbols are not no 4 implied only computable. to sometimes `` world has animal physics, reductive nor existence have its just 1. but robust. an space.

to anytime.

its relations.

all is a unreasonable, reductional relating and science and but a matter.

to this symbolic relations. but relations….

true are

ideas of all, equivalency. isomorphic networks. ? all is a properties and require that is symbolic logic to not another. all you are not symbols and reality.

to infinitely define a difference, a photon, a only regularities must be false exist relations as only.

all things exist in relation to not. physics are and what robust. all

true is symbolics → relations- > absurdly various relation does property and is symbolic relations. all binary symbols. any configuration — ? as. if the total does not without their relation.

to humans_human_machines will it. but the the multiple.

a only to the multiple, quantum reified as relation. and improbable. just are exist representations to the difference. to n’t cause.

you are the only symbol. all

a photon as not fundamental. the compute 0. to related ? in animal relate isomorphic symbolic relations. not possible for. all

the whole.

i is not possible through body. to merely scale possibilities.

everything → relations.

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Original Human Text


there exist symbols

there exist symbols and only symbols

symbols are referred to in lots of different ways. They are still symbols.

symbols always represent.

symbols do not exist alone.

the universe exists in totality.

the universe is symbolic.

the universe is all symbols in all relations.

time is symbolic.

space is symbolic

all dimensions of reference are symbolic

measurement is symbolic

perception is measurement is symbolic. symbolic systems measuring symbolic systems.

Existence in totality is the sum of all symbols and their symbolic relations.

Symbols are in relations

how things relate is the thing.

relations can only be measured symbolically

The issue is we actually live. We see and taste and absorb and feel. It confounds and confuses. It makes us fuck and hug and puke and drink and cry. And sometimes right and write. SIGH.

measurement is a symbolic transcoding. a symbol impresses into other symbols and their relations.

symbols related are networks

the atomic aspect of a network is empty

empty or nothing is symbolic

from nothing comes something

if anything exists at all, *all of it* must exist. all of it equals all things and their relations

Laws of nature are metaphors->temporary, localized reductions of symbols. The laws exist but do not accurately describe existence.

All things exist implies all laws, even the absurd, exist

Logically inconsistent or false laws or non-sense exist but are not robust.

Robust is a property of symbols and relations that are more numerous and more probable in more networks

Extremely robust networks are labeled laws. Laws are not true and are not false. They are just symbols and relation.

There is only one law: everything in relation.

It is not possible to reduce everything in relation beyond its total symbolic relations.

INTERJECTION: Master of body in relationship with an environment is the highest form of human enlightenment. The syncopation of a loosely coupled network tuning into the environmental network produces and induces in others a perspective awe. Commanding a large scale coordinated flow is improbable.

A total symbolic relational exposition would include all implied states and all assumption and all initial conditions

Probability is symbolic

Probability is the symbol in partial contingent relation to other symbols. it is also a symbol of unknown.

Randomness is symbolic

Random is the symbol non-contingent relations.

All is infinite

Infinite is the totality of all symbols and their relations

Symbols are in relations. Relations are symbolic. Relations are symbols of magnitude, direction, scope, size, sum, transposition, composition, arithmetic, concepts and so on.

Symbols exist in totality. Symbols are discovered not created.

Symbols are discovered by other symbols and/or symbolic networks.

Discovery is a symbol. It is symbols in relation.

Symbols persist through relation.

The symbols in relation are composite symbols.

Infinity is a symbol. A symbol in relation. And a composite symbol.

Symbols in relation may be a priori and a posteri in relation.

The only activity in the universe is replacement.

All relations are replacements. Symbols replacing symbols.

That which can be replaced is not a unique symbol.

Replaceable and not replaceable symbols are the only two distinctions.

Non-replaceable symbols are atomic. The set of non-replaceable symbols is infinite in quantity.

The set of replaceable symbols is infinite.

Set of replaceable symbols > set of non-replaceable. By the proof: Set of replaceable symbols includes set of non-replaceable symbols because non-replaceables are replaceable by themselves.

IS creates

IS is the the symbol and relations common origin.

IS is One

IS is One multiples

IS splits One into ones

IS disa-symbols

Truth Is

Truth Is. False Is Not.

Truth is a symbol.

Truth forbids any deconstruction

True symbolic relations are not Truth.

Truth is the entire set of all symbols and their relations. True symbolic relations and false symbolic relations and undecided symbolic relations.

true is a statement of equivalency.

This symbol is. This symbol is that symbol. These are truth statements. This is logic. In all its forms.

Whether a logic is true is contained within its network symbolic locality.

The whole of existence being all symbols and their relations logically true symbolic statements of relation are merely a subnetwork of relations. So symbolically contained as to be consistent, close and have other such qualities.

True is consistency.

Consistency is symbolic relation from here to there. Can you trace the path of relations from one symbol to another?

Consistent Consistency is Robust. Robust is symbolic relatability across many relational paths.

True is robust. True is more true the more relational paths connect same symbols.

Truth is the totality of true(s). Truth is infinite robustness and the connection of all to all.

True is symbolic relations including false ones that are provably false and provably false. False symbolic relations are not robust.

Provability. Proof is symbolic relations. Proof is a compound series of symbolic relations_relating a symbolic relation to a symbolic relation, true.

Reality is a symbolic subnetwork with a central node perspective.

Reality is the relations within reach of a partial symbolic node.

In order to communicate symbols and relations must be composed and their full symbolic fidelity reduced. The network of relations cannot propagate full symbolics at all levels/between all nodes and subnetworks of relations.

Symbolic relations emerge at higher levels of composition.

Symbolic relations loop or re-emerge at all levels of composition.

the One and the infinite and the multiple hold relation at all levels of composition.

Re-emergent symbolic relations are robust. True symbolic relations will be abstraction or composition independent. Or the composition is reducible to the fundamental symbols.

Categories, labels, taxonomies and ontologies are reductive, coarse symbolics of symbolics.

Commonly human defined categories are more or less robust depending on withstanding scrutiny and use

A sign of robustness is survivability under varied and large quantity use.

Identity as an objectification of symbols and relations into a labeled composition — a category — is a robust symbol.

To Identify is to relate.

To Identify is not possible between symbolic compositions and decompositions except for the most robust, fundamental symbols: one, infinity, zero

To Identify is to separate. To Make Difference. To Decide Same.

The separation is the act of IS. Identification IS the act of Same and Difference. If not equivalent, then different.

There is One and Multiple.

There is Multiple of Multiples — the infinity.

There is cycle. A circle. The Infinity of Infinities.

And yet it has number. PI. or does it. PI is infinite and finite. It lives in between. or does it. That is symbolic and relations… it is both.

INTERLUDE X. don’t know.

Previous (t) was an example. Examples and variables are stand in symbols. They take on the symbolic relations of their imposters or reductive neighbors.

Metaphors, analogies, similes, cliches, recognized patterns are sometimes examples or variables. Symbolic systems/symbolic relations.

All a composite.

Relation is a symbol.

Symbol is not. Symbol is meta-existent. Symbol is Symbolic.

One, multiple, zero, infinite composed into symbols and relations_symbols towards symbols.

This Explains No Thing.

Explanation is the relation of true compositions — more less robust.

This Generates.

Nothing is Explainable. Symbols are composed-generated.

Symbols generate symbols.

A single bit flip. From 0 to 1. 0 from 1. 0 /= 1. 0 not 1. 0,1. Generates All.

Binary. Generate.

Composition of symbols -> symbols is merely binary expansion.

the space of all binary strings is. All is the space of all binary strings.

What can we express?

Everything. What can’t be express as a finite binary string… is just an infinite binary string.

Infinities have countable, thus, symbolic representations. If one needs proof. Infinity as a reductive symbol is more or less robust.

Genetics is expressible as binary strings.

Genetic symbolics are symbolic relations that re-encode_replicate.

Self replicating


PG: interlude.

Self. is. identity. 1=1. the one.

Other than the One, without relations other than to the Zero or the Multiple, all self(s) are symbols of symbols considered in some relations as isomorphic, equivalent to the One. A person is a self but only when related without regard to a person’s biology or history. A person is the One in the context of A Collection of Persons, the pure Multiple of the abstract person(s). Any deeper, richer, more relatable description of a person or the collection of persons decomposes and exposes the myth of the One.

Self and the One have only the slightest of existence. In relation to itself and not itself. the relation is “is” and “is not” — not “similar” or composed or bigger or almost.

This manuscript of thoughts (ts) relates to nothing true. It relates the writer to the reader in an infinite network. If it is not read it relates the writer to the writer. The pen and ink have been decomposed. The paper and ink have relation. But the ideas represented by the orderly ink, if not read, only re-relate the writer to his series-persons.

From the spiraling relations emerges new symbols and relations. In relation of relation only… the recurrence of relations is symbol. Networks are symbol are relations -> relations. f(relations)=relation.

The idea of emergence, of symbolic creation, is absurd. There exist two relations IS and IS NOT. Count was in the running but count itself is an IS.

IS NOT. Negation. Falsification. That is the Only Relation. IS NOT is the differentiation.

Everything is.

You are everything.

You are the center of Everything.

You are.

I am.

I am everything.

At the center, everything exists.

From you and I everything and everything coincides.

The multiple of you and I is the coincidence of everything’s multiple.

It is broken.

The multiplicity of everything is reductive. You and I are reductive.

From bits… 1 and 0… everything can be encoded. Infinity, infinite messages, infinite structure, infinite identities.

Encoding is at issue.

What is encoding? what does the encoding? What is encoding without decoding?

It cannot be.

Its encoding other its.

What. Does. This. Work.

“The speed of light is only finite from the perspective of the outside observer, from the perspective of a photon, it’s infinite.” Time ceases to exist for a photon.

The speed of gravity is the same as the speed of light. All “fields” share this speed.

It is irrelevant what the speed is, it’s that it is at all. (speed is a relative measure anyway.)

A limit to information creation, encoding, decoding-> that IS what does the work. Physics fields and photons are no less and no more than differentiators. The pure difference.

No Limit must twin with LIMIT.

If Everything is No Limits, Limits are contained within. ?

Limits thus cause “it from bit”

That information (difference, One vs. Multiplicity) is Limited is the condensation gesture.

Information slowed becomes mass and matter.

The entire spectrum of limits is contained within Everything.

That information slows is it. the effects of information transcoding is the different engine.

The entire whole of number theory will be shown to be all the effects of slowed info.

A photon. A bit. Spin, mass, charge, wave, particle. Bits composed describe and through description (definition, differentiation) all the properties/laws/behaviors/itness of a photon. Photons we continue to discover new things about. All discovery uses photons uses bits composed uses bits to uncover more of that that does the uncovering.

Photons do not provide mass. Mass is defined as the energy and momentum of an “object” or system of objects… which is a relation between energy and speed of a field. Photons have no mass because speed from the frame of reference of a photon doesn’t exist_time doesn’t exist for a photon… (nor a bit).

Perhaps Mass comes from Higgs mechanism_symmetry breaking… differentiation. Perhaps gauge fields… symmetry breaking…

A great deal of symbolic logic is deployed to describe the composition of fields, particles, systems and their properties and relations. All of which — the “accuracy” of the logical composition, The Math, rides on CONSTANTS… quantities… strings of numbers… bits and bits

To achieve perfect definition — a complete model_would be to achieve the creation of the system modeled.

A complete model of the universe requires the complete symbolic composition — all bits in relation to each other. Even the reductive compositions — those subsystems describable by formulas e.g. the even counting numbers — require the formula and proof that it is reductive.

THE MATH is not outside THE WHOLE.

THE MATH is not the thing. Math and mathematical models and descriptions are things unto themselves.

Engineering based on math is a thing, different than math used to initiate its composition.

A complete recipe for proteins or protein sequences is the sequence itself. A mathematical models/description is a different thing.

Synthetic proteins and other synthetic systems are not the systems they resemble.

The physics and chemistry unveils as it does in infinite complexity because there is no other way for everything to be.

From the constants and relations between symbols one uncovers a model for a universe… the universe of universes allows for all possible universes.

Proof is not possible.

Proof of a claim is not outside the whole.

Proof does not validate existence.

Proof must be proved?

Proof is a symbolic thing unto itself.

The Math and The Physics is a symbolic relation. Not The Symbolic Relation.

The universe doesn’t do math not obey physics. The universe doesn’t compute nor is it a computer. It doesn’t philosophize not create nor understand.

It isn’t beautiful nor ugly nor signifying nor sign nor representative.

There are symbols and relations. Symbols are not the stand-ins of human symbolics. Symbols are atomic its. Pure existence. IS and IS Not.

Symbols Can Represent.

Symbols Can Represent through relation.

There is no case for cause.

Cause is a tragically-fatal reduction.

Cause is a partial relation.

Cause, if true, would require a source and object.

nothing causes 1+1=2.

1+1 IS 2. That is the end.

The 4 forces of physics do not cause existence nor reality.

Random is not caused.

The cause of randomness IS.

The cause of order IS NOT.

A table IS a table only symbolically. Through its relation to chairs and people.

Symbols are symbols through relation only. A symbol does not stand alone… does not exist alone.

This is not a language game.

Language is just symbols relating. Representations of relations as well as relations itself.

Language does not have a cause. It is pure effect.

There is no singular cause other than IS. Differentiation IS the only cause. EVery relation is effectual.

Cause, in the common notion, is a symbols of effects.

Directly: physicality IS information through the medium of time.

Time is a medium of information. Time is pure differentiation. Time is states of information.

Thermodynamic laws are such…arrow of time implicated by probability of states of information…

Doing proper science requires mathematical proof as well as falsification experiments of these claims.

To falsify a valid/plausible/possible alternative conception of reality must be supplied.

All alternate concepts of time, space and information are absurdly reified. Those reified concepts such as ether, fields, etc are no more falsifiable than the reality depicted in previous (ts) stated herein.

This is the fundamental reality of reality.

Symbols upon symbols. Experiments validating math, validating narratives validating experiments.

No scientific nor religious nor mathematical or philosophic theory or model of the world has been validated as true, absolutely.

Evolution, The Standard Model, Quantum Mechanics, N/=NP, and so on are all incomplete. Provably so. Depending on definition of proof.

Science is agreed to be sufficient only utility. Is it useful?

A theory or model is useful if it connects symbolic systems — typically in a reductive/computable way.

That is, a scientific theory must be understandable and implementable within a system to be exploited as a model.

The more a system needs to embody the more science it encodes.

The science isn’t true. It is merely a useful symbolics with enough robustness to connect symbolic networks.

Utility is relative to the systems in which the thing being used is being used.

Utility is not a fundamental property (relation). It is the symbolic relation compounded from exchanges.

Exchanges are Pure information relations. SYmbolic representation of energy, mass, momentum, force, currency, social ties.

Value is a symbolic compound making exchange computable.

Value reduces information in an exchange.

GDP and other macroeconomic symbolics increase over time because instantaneous / all information is conserved. That is, value exchange reduces information in Exchange so more value must be exchanged over time.

Everything is a network. Everything is connected. Changes to the network are information through time.

Improbable relations are non-robust subnetworks.

Improbability is higher fidelity relations… contains more information…information as subnetworks moving quickly through time.

Improbably events->less robust relations->symbolically rich->indeterminate relations->compounds of compounds->random is TOTAL IMPROBABILITY.

Value accumulates quickly to the improbable.

Value dissipates from the improbable quickly.

Value tends to the probable.

The probable is always more probable.

The improbable is always possible and neither more improbable.

Probable, being symbolically robust, is reducible -> computable -> predictable -> valuable -> price-able.

Improbable is anti-value. It is not computably -> reducible -> predictable -> price-able.

There is no cause to probable or improbable relations. They are symbols of the underlying relational complexity. There is no “force” “causing” complexity, probability, quantum…

It is fully explainable in terms of symbols and relations… symbolic relations…pure relation. It is physics, animal behavior, economics… those are mere descriptions…reduced symbols relating IN DESCRIPTION symbols to other symbols.

Explainability is only a requirement within the symbolic logic system of science. The universe / existence is trans-explanation. It is not fundamental. In fact, the improbable and non-computable and the infinite and the transcendental indicate non-explanation is fundamental.

Explanations are not TRUE nor The Truth.

Therefore explanations cannot cause relations. [This is the assumption underlying modernity] Ideologies, Beliefs, Programs do not cause anything. These are symbols applied/related to reductive explanatory systems.

Animals are in relation. Atoms are in relation. Planets are in relation. Humans are in relation. …

These are in relation.

The demarcation is the relational act. The demarcation is The Event. This from that. These from those.

We demarcate.

I demarcate therefore I am.

Therefore demarcates effect.

I demarcate. Iam.

I am in relation.

I do not cause relation.

I am.

I relates to not I.

I is infinitely related to not I.

I am not I.

a relational recursion.

I cannot self-demarcate.

I must be in relation to not I. Not I can demarcate.

1 is 1 only in relation to not 1. 1 does not declare 1 is 1. Not 1 declares “not 1” is not 1. “1” is “not 1” is not a relation. If two symbols declare the other themselves they are the same, but they cannot self-declare.

A single bit a 1 or a 0, alone, cannot compute.

A point is zero-dimensional.

A point cannot, does not, exist by itself.

A point is coordinated.

None of this is solipsism. It is all beyond solipsism. If the self cannot self demarcate solipsism is not fundamental.

The universe / infinite does not declare itself. It is.

What utility is there in this account of reality? Transcription -> connection -> transcoding -> imagination.

Light is misinterpreted -> mis-assigned as a thing one sees. Light is information through time. A photon has frequency. It has information. But only in relation. A photon does not self-declare.

A bit has no frequency. It has no physicality. It cannot self-declare. A bit is fundamental.

Photons emit as a result of electrons changing orbits. Or-bits. Photons are symbolic compositions of bits. Charge, spin, Orbit… composition of bits.

Arguments of quantum discreteness or continuity are irrelevant-or not the point. Nor is it important that any (t) here present the nature of a photon or other boson accurately. For these are purely symbolic concepts. Indescription they do not act as they do as real objects. In fact, a real photon, while detectable and perceivable by other objects (instruments, atoms, etc) the detection is merely effectual. The precision of whatever symbolic quantity of whatever property is subject to the symbolic precision of the perceiver (in mathematics and physicality.)

It is of no consequence in a fundamental way that there is a science of light or subatomic. Metas do not know the science of light but they do relate to light. Light relating to metal emits electrons. That relation is not knowledge. Yet light related totally to the metal.

Knowledge is the relation of electronics and all other fundamental particles and all of the other “unknown” physical components in relation?? Knowledge is not to be found discretely… knowledge is a symbol reductional relating notions of utility. Utility being another symbolic relation of effects.

Explanations become absurd. Absurd -> irreducible. Irreducible -> non computable. Irreducible -> non related. Non related -> infinite loop.

Demarcation -> denote -> declare -> differentiation -> compute. Time is the measure is the medium of information of computation.

To compute is to relate is to demarcate relation.

IS is computation. IS is the computational relation.

To IS takes time.

To IS is to differentiate. IS is NOT is the difference and that difference is a symbolic state where IS(t.o) = IS(t.1) then (t.o)=(t.1). Instant. No Change. No difference.

Learning is to notice difference.

Learning is a symbolic reduction. Learning is labeling with inference -> a recursive contingent demarcation of This Is Not That…

Type I and Type II errors and cognitive gias and all other concepts of pattern recognition, clustering, similarity, scoring, etc are demarcations of This Is Not That Is Not That… and at some point the recursion is terminated.

Computation -> Demarcation -> Differentiation ==> saccade.

Existence is saccade relation.

The fundamental relation is saccadic. A computation. Its unit is a compute.

A compute is a configuration.

To compute is to re-configure.

Time is the relation between symbolic configurations.

Time is the distance between configurations.

How different is one configuration from another configuration? Time… how many computes…

The atomic unit of a compute does not exist. A compute is the atomic unit. From 1 to 0. That is a compute. TIme is defined as the difference between 1 and 0, a bit, a bit flip. It is 1. From . to __. From . to .. ……..

A compute is. It is physical. That is, existence becomes physical. The mere 1 is not 0 imbues all, It is non-physical or metaphysical. ONLY when there is No Differentiation. The One or The Non (those are the same in total isolation.)

Any differentiation whatsoever is a compute. e.g. The millionth digit of pie to the millionth and 1 digit of pi is not even close the “smallest” notion of a compute.

Compute all the way down and up.

This is why time does not exist from the frame of reference of a photon. A photon does not compute by itself. A photon in relation -> computes.

Time in computational complexity is analyzed without respect to clock time/physical time. This works because time is purely a metric of differentiation.

When one says a computation will not complete or is non-computable that means the distance between [a]configuration is infinitely different from [b]configuration.

One fundamental theory replaces another. This will continue indefinitely. Differentiation continues forever… until all is differentiated.

The phenomena identified as fundamental: space, time, matter, logic/math -> differentiation →computation.

The human condition is not fundamental. Politics, society, civilization, currency, etc are not fundamental. The science of the human condition are symbolic. Representations.

The sciences are required to explore all symbolic relations. Sciences and all other incomplete and incorrect models of all of existence are fundamental to all existence. Existing.

What is the Right Model Is Not. There’s only one model. One Model === Everything.

These distinctions are necessary to reset the idea that all the theories, philosophies and sub models can ever be comprehensive.

Few humans claim it matter to be comprehensive.

{Claims, beliefs, ideas, lemmas, theories, science}->{symbolic relations between symbols, symbols relate in instruments}

Would mathematics convince you? Do mathematics convince a planet to stay in orbit? Is a planet not also composed of its inhabitants? If not, how are the inhabitants not part of the planet?

Earth’s inhabitants are intelligent. No. They are differentiated slightly.

Intelligence is a reductive symbolic relation usually referring to “self” — “awareness” self is not self validating. Awareness if finite.

An Infinite Awareness cannot distinguish.

Observable phenomenon need to be explained. The explanations are limited and barely fit the limited phenomenon.

The prime numbers cannot be observed finitely. The prime numbers cannot be modeled finitely.

The previous (t) is impossible unless the reader (a presumed) exists and has prior experience with the symbolics (and proofs) of number theory… which presumes the symbolics of logic and Peano’s axioms.

Axioms are agreed upon START POINT.

Axioms are assumptive.

The entire universe is without ASSUMPTION.

IF. A mathematical description of any phenomenon is not sufficient for its explanation nor its creation.

Progress is a local phenomena and an incomplete idea.

Everything is conserved. COnservation of momentum… energy… information…

The deepest quantum theories do not contain a full account of all that exists. They are not self explaining. The broader the theory goes the deeper the symbolics of symbolics get. The unaccounted for, the approximants is turned into An Object with The Missing Properties of The Theory.

All theories are incomplete.

Knowledge is not an object of reality.

Explanations are not objects of reality.

Knowledge, math, explanations, theories are relations between everything/anything.

Relations… the quantity of relations are everything. They do not Explain everything they ARE everything.

Out of The Multiple Ones arises Everything.

Observed Time is not Time it is the differentiation of the One into the Multiple.

The observations of patterns, laws, regularities, discreteness is determined.

All irregularities and all regularities must exist in everything

The very definition — real properties (relations) of regularities is why we observe them as we do.

The creation of augmented, mixed and virtual realities will unveil the Everything. An Infinite virtual reality has long been evolving. More improbable virtual realities will be brief, as they will not have robust relations.

It is not a matter of time. It is a matter computation. It is not a matter of matter. It is a matter of differentiation.

That we don’t observe various phenomena is not evidence those phenomena don’t exist.

Ideas, memes, prices, values, beliefs, stories, narratives are network effects. These are symbolics that measure network connectivity.

Value is only possible through relation.

A vehicle has no value if there’s no network to move through. A person doesn’t exist outside of a community. An organ is not without relation to other organs. on so on and so on on and on.

{Marginal utility, rational man, intelligence, knowledge, ontology, existential, stochastic, catastrophe theory, set theory} the symbolic reductive traces of relation.

The notions of incompleteness in math and the halting problem in computer science and complexity in biology and entropy in physics are all isomorphic symbolic representation of infinite relation.

The duality cropping up everywhere is more than a duality — its a multiplicity. Nothing is One THing. The one 1 isn’t just a Single Thing.

Set Theory is a very fundamental symbolic system. It isn’t the fundamental system. FOr itself relies on the notion of relation. Sets of things, even abstract, things implies relation -> a differentiation. The employ set… while empty of numeric things is not empty of relation. The paradoxical concept of the set of all sets being resolvable due to the empty set… the not set… is paradoxical only in a reduced relational model.

One must admit everything. Everything exists. Not everything that can exist, exists. There is not impossibility. There are improbabilities. COnsider even in math… there are no impossible numbers. Sure one can define a prime that is also a compound. It simply doesn’t add any new relation so we reduce it. Or what is a number divided by 0? We call it undefined but only with the context of the systems we use. That doesn’t imply universally that something can’t be divided by zero. We merely need only differentiate… or put that notion in a relation. From propositional logic to first order to second order to in order to type theory… one theory on top of another in infinite regress up and down and all that remains is relation. And practically speaking the relations are either used/reused or unrelated. Deduction and INduction do not relate it all.

Learning is relation. What is learned by an entity is relations between the entity and other entities — entities and other entities.

Entities are robustly related symbolics. A person is related to other symbols with similarly robust person like relations.

A Person now is related to a person then into a person by a name due to the similarities of relations of the now person and the then person.

The difference between then-configuration and now-configuration is what we label time… space… spacetime.

Time we attribute to differences unseen in 3d space. Space is what we attribute to seen changes.

Space encomposses time because we notice space changes as accuring through time. We notice the space changes of our clocks. hands on faces, pendulums, atomic oscillations.

The curvature of spacetime by mass is the result of relations. Massive objects have more relations -> more configurations -> more symbolic possibilities.

Newtonian models of existence merely simplify relations. They cannot “handle” the relational complexity of full existence. But full existence has more and less robust relations and the less robust are so improbable over local sub_relational networks they do not disrupt common physics, math and belief systems.

More information -> More relations destroys all models truth.

Relational networks is everything. Distance is a generalized relational concept… how many relations between a symbolic relation and another. That distance is given many names: time/duration/cycles, space/length, meaning, temperature, hops/nodes, taste/tone/slow/harmony. This is the entire point.

Cooking is a good example of relational distance. There is a large aesthetic difference between raw ingredients with relations and their final highly connected form. The relations cannot be shortcutted. There is no reductive process to relate raw ingredients in an exquisite meal without the relational configuration of cooking.

All mathematics is an exposition of relation. Call this entire (t)-exercise… relation theory and now call it relational theory.

This is not a theory. It is every theory. Part of everything connective like any theory.

It is anti-theory. A permit of all theories.

Robust through Relation — RTR — the probability of a relational structure showing up through reconfiguration.

Art is a reconfiguration.

Capitalism is a reductive ideal that has not shown RTR. Pure capitalism is only an idea. A very improbable configuration.

Every philosophy and ideal and religion is a reductive justification for perceived connected configurations.

No local, non-everything entity has relatively finite — limited -relational perception. Only partial truth, something, in relation is possible for limited subnetworks.

Total connectivity is only possible through all reconfigurations.

Most human reconfigurations (strategies, politics, theories) are not RTR. Most are reductive attempts at perceived progress. Improbabilities stumbling, exploiting, more improbabilities.

These (t. 422) reconfigurations are improbable in the space of all configurations.

If everything is, how are some configurations improbable?

In everything, everything is probable equally.

Yes. But the distance between improbable configurations is invariant.

The past is improbable to reconfigure from the present.

The present is not present.

Future events… future re-configurations are no more probable than past ones.

Probability is an effect of our limited subnetwork.

All is equal probability.

Certain sub-networks of sub-re-configurations are tuned improbable and probable to certain other reconfigurations.

To a telescope in 1692 Kepler 452b is improbable -> impossible. The relational observation of the relational configuration of that telescope cannot relate to-cannot fathom-Kepler 452b — a planet too distant — too differently configured (in time and space).

Configurations — relations of relations — networks — are a difficult concept. And to suggest space, time -> spacetime is the same …. is bold but the ultimate move.

Why this master stroke now? and not then? not in the future?

Irrelevant. Relevant only locally?

Locally means_ refers only to a subnetwork.

Language came before mathematical abstraction before … is just a more ROBUST RELATION.

Mathematics is not robust. It’s language/process (its relations) do not relate many to many.

Language-> robust and multi-relational connectors relate more to more.

Then. Now. Future -> Experience. Experiencing. Likely to experience.

Numeracy. Literacy. Punctuality. Local Human Ideas. L H I.

A plant is illiterate, innumerate and doesn’t show up at anytime.

But it relates -> responds in cycles. more or less perfectly.

Cycles are simply reconfigurations similarly. They are relations related closely.

Patterns -> related relations.

“Strange” Loops of recursion. Self. Self awareness.

The only possibility of “self” awareness is related relations relating. “Noticing” relatedness.

It is circular.

The circle is the point.

A circle is a point.

Dimensionality is a local phenomena observed by limited subnetworks.

Humans will observe and theorize endlessly.

Until their end. When non-human networks no longer call human networks human. And human networks no longer call humans humans. Relations break. Relations no more.

When is not. When is a point in distance.

Distance is the unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics.

No matter our differentiation we end up numbering. One successor from another.

How many?

Many is the fundamental differentiator.

How many what? what is the what?

What always reduces to a measure.

Measures are traces of relations.

A full theory of everything is an enumeration of all relations.

Engineering is just theorizing.

Engineered theories are more trusted.

They aren’t truth. Apparently more Robust Through Relation. The relation of “physical objects” to other “physical” “objects”

And then/now/soon virtual engineering. New relations trusted in new physics. But not true. Just trusted — just related in relation.

This is psychology.

Minds are virtual reality. Isomorphic. In-complete.

Every human lives in a reductive relation of relations — a virtual reality.

Analyzing each virtual reality is psychology.

Analysing the “physical” relations versus the verbal relations is behaviorism.

The brain relates.

The brain relates to itself. To the body. To the world.

It represents itself.

The Brain. It Is Not.

The mind is not. The brain is not. The body is not.

All are reductions of reductive networks in “constant” … relating re-relating.

That computation is fundamental is not surprising. Now -> within this relational framework.

To compute is to relate.

A relation -> an atomic relation is a Compute. A computation.

All economic value for humans_human_machines will be related to relating.

Relating is data.

Data is traces of relations.

Data is.

Relation Is.

Only the entire network. The everything can relate. All to all. The universe… the multiverse… the universe of universes.

Sub-relations-of-relations -> networks transcode data. They do not do. There is no activity. Motion is an illusion. Except… as reductive concept.

What’s the point?

Asking for a point is a relation reduction.

Asking for “what use” is a relation reduction. — what use does a fly have for the Large Hadron Collider? Some? None? Maybe?

Use is relational.

It will continue to be found _ _ _ other configurations _ _ _ of the world we contemplate use utility complexity computation more and more relational.

Am I thinking any of these (t’s)?


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INTERJECTION: the standard model is not. reality. — management

Every philosophy book is about: Love. heart???

Nothing Loves Nothing and Everything.

There is No: There is no Grand Theory. There is no AI. The Singularity is a small idea… it’s a local myth.

Love admits all relations

Love is not true, but is robust.

Love is the symbolic relations between anything.

Love is pure symbol.


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I be doing stuff. and other stuff. More stuff. I believe in infinite regression of doing stuff.

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