This sentence alone gives away the whole point. Saving Big Macs is not something intelligence would do. It’s exactly what collections of humans do. Almost no one wants actual intelligence aka complex awareness. Our society is organized around making money as the route to well being not awareness and empathy as the route to well being.

The underlying assumption of modern capitalism is the best route to sharing consequences is via economic competition.

Not all societies in history and most of nature is not organized in this way nor organized in any particular you way.

Over the long future of evolution and geological change I doubt we will see nature and the computers built upon nature using abstract economic market competition as an organizing principle. The abstractions will fade as awareness increases.

Awareness is best typified by the symbiotic relationships of ecosystems that have managed to stand hundreds of millions of years and greatly varied contingencies. Humanity has not even come close to showing such resilience. It has shown a rapid increase in quantity of individuals and a corresponding imbalance of ecosystems. It has reduced the overall dynamism of its environment and optimized the variability of an individual. It is impossible to tell if this works long term. the evidence doesn’t look great so far.

We need to try alternatives.

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I be doing stuff. and other stuff. More stuff. I believe in infinite regression of doing stuff.

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