What They Won’t Tell You About Artificial Intelligence Will Not Blow Your Mind

There’s no ai or virtual reality doomsday. My point has never been that line of thinking. The arrow of time has never flowed nicely and then had doomsday events, not in that dramatic way. Things are in contingency and constantly adjusting. Ai and vr were here a long time ago. There won’t be a moment when we say ah ha here it is. My point is that NOTHING escapes contingencies. The more we put our computers in contingency the more “intelligent” we will label them. And that added contingency will come with lots of mess too — more contingencies we don’t understand and didn’t expect.

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There’s nothing at all that indicates to me that the future of humans and their extensions will be much different from their pasts.

Even when we escape the planet we will find things to be roughly equivalent to what’s happened here on earth. The evolution of forms the formation of language and gender. Bizarre notions of timing and simultaneity etc etc.

This is the value of a theory of evolution and contingency and mathematics. They work everywhere and up and down the measurement scales.

Whatever artificial intelligence people thinking they are working on isn’t intelligence. There is no theory of intelligence. Never will be one.

Last decade was dominos, this one papa johns. Next time some other pizza. It’s still pizza.

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I be doing stuff. and other stuff. More stuff. http://www.worksonbecoming.com/about/ I believe in infinite regression of doing stuff.

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